Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ode to Tangier

Cute little houses everywhere

Drying clothes and underwear in clean, fresh air

Citizens with strong beliefs

Waterside epicurean relief

Boats that most write off as dead

Crabs underwater, crabs how they shed overhead

(Nowhere left to place the dead.)

Boats point like arrows, dumped from their quiver

Boats on the water, boats that deliver

Boats in the yard,
Buckets on the posts

Homes just like Mathews,
Homes filled with ghosts

Floodwaters rising

Watermen barely thriving

Cute little houses everywhere

What's not to love about Tangier?

In an effort to get this blog back on track (where that track is headed, CBW's not sure nobody's really sure), and in honor of Thursday, let's share three things.  Shall we?  

1.  The above ode to Dr. Seuss Tangier Island was written in about five minutes last night after a long day at work.

2.  I need to spend some time taking new pictures here in the county this weekend.

3.   Chesapeake Bay Daughter got her braces off last week.  For the first time in two years, she can eat corn on the cob! (We get excited over seemingly small things such as this.  It's one of the benefits of living in a place like Tangier Mathews.  You make your own fun.)

Now it's your turn to please share three things.  Whatever you want.  Anything at all. If you can't think of anything, tell me three places you hope to visit in your lifetime.  Hopefully Tangier Island in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay is on that list.


Anonymous said...

CBW *** I am always aware that you write these posts after a long day of work, commuting, etc....I am in awe, since my brain function nearly flatlines late in the day.
1. Machu Pichu with an oxygen tank
2. Ibiza and San Sebastia'n, Espana
3. Floro, Norway (grandfather birth place)
Can we list more ? Last year I would have said library in Timbuktu..but it fell to Taliban forces..
4. The Grange, and Stonehenge, Gr. Britain
5. 3 way tie--Angkor Wat, Pyramids in Cairo, and Mayan Pyramids, Gua.

deborah said...

love the pictures and the ode!
Perfect for the Isle of Tangiers -

1. somewhere I don't have to rush to and rush home from - even the dreaded grocery store would work for me:)
2. Mathews and Tangier Island
3. NYC

Three cheers to CBW daughter and corn on the cob!

Daryl said...

and there's a water tower with a crab!

3 things ..

I am so glad its Thursday

I am so glad its not raining

I am so glad tomorrow is Fridaycation

Anonymous said...

Now that CBW's home,
she tickles us with a delightful poem.
I've really enjoyed the shots of Tangier.
Can't wait to see where she goes next year.


Mental P Mama said...

1. You're a poet, and I know it.
2. Come see me in Tennessee.
3. Lots of places to dine, and I have wine.


Windsmurf said...

1. I remind myself everyday that at least I have a decently paying job even if it is extremely unsatisfying. I'm trying to be grateful.
2. Yesterday I was paid in full for a long-overdue debt that I never expected to see at all - yeah! now I can pay off some bills I incurred because of that unpaid debt.
3. Places to visit - a. I want to go to multiple places around and on the Chesapeake Bay like Chrisfield, Tangier, Smith Island, St. Michaels, Mathews before I retire with an eye to moving someplace quiet and peaceful along the Bay. b. I want to visit Australia for about a month after I retire. c. I want to visit Ireland for a several week visit and see where my family came from. d. (I know, I already said three places)I want to drive around the US visiting as many places as possible from Key West to Alaska and Cabo to Caribou (Maine).

Fighting Mermaid said...

Beautiful Pix.
Congratulations on getting out of braces. Noah has a year to go. I can't wait.
Hoping to do some kayaking this weekend. That's what I am living for at the moment.
For a giggle: fb wont let me just hide my husbands posts. :(

Country Girl said...

I can't write anything remotely poetic so that fact that you did that in five minutes after a long day at Drudgeville - it just amazes me.
Congrats to your daughter!

Dghawk said...

Loved the ode! Very appropriate.

As to the places I would like to see, well, it might be easier to list those that I don't. But I have always been facinated with Tangier Island.

Congrats to CB daughter being able to eat corn on the cob. I can't imagine a summer without it!

thomas said...

Poetic is good, with great images it's wonderful.

Meg McCormick said...

1. Love the ode!
2. I seem to have turned the corner with my latest bout with typhoid, I mean my summer "cold" (some sort of respiratory infection). I only woke up coughing ONCE last night!
3. Tonight we're heading up to my aunt's cabin on the ridge above the farm that was my grandma's. I absolutely love going back to where I grew up. It grounds me. My kids don't love it - they don't have the ties like I do - but I make them go anyway. i can't wait to see my aunts & uncles and cousins!