Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Harcum, Etc.

Like yesterday's pictures, these were taken on the ride home from Shackelfords last Friday.  The first two are of an old gas station/store at Harcum.

I love this building.

And the one below, just down the road.

My mother (click here for her birthday tribute to Chesapeake Bay Son if you haven't already seen it) lived in a house just to the right of the red building below when she was a girl.

Taking pictures from a moving vehicle is absolutely ridiculous
Extenuating circumstances prevented me

from getting a picture of the house, but I did manage to get the red building.

With any luck she'll tell us about it in the comments here or on a blog post of her own. 

Or both.

I remember her talking about crossing the road to visit someone who lived on top of the hill on the other side. Also that her uncle (Harry?) lived in the farmhouse to the left. As usual, I can provide no facts or details, just potentially inaccurate random snippets drawn from a memory that long ago informed me it was quitting, without so much as two weeks' notice.

In other news, we survived the first trip to the hospital in Norfolk yesterday, all 150 miles of it, for my son's pre-surgery allergy test.  While there we also learned that the earliest he can have the surgery (assuming the allergy test comes back OK) is the first of September unless there's a cancellation.  So he'll be missing quite a bit of the first part of school, it appears, given the several-week recovery period associated with this procedure.

Aside from that, all is quiet on the Mathews front.


Except for the fact that next weekend both Baby Sister and Middle Sister will be in town--so nothing will be quiet then. (Apologies in advance, Queens Creek residents and beloved neighbors.)

We're very much looking forward to having everyone together.  I'm pretty certain a rematch of Pin the Tail on the Donkey will be involved.  This time cheating will not be tolerated.

What's going on with you?


Anonymous said...

XO fingers crossed for CB son.
Happy to know that all you girls will be together...crab hats and 'no cheating' rules in effect ? lol

deborah said...

Love the double screen doors and coke signs on the building in the 3rd photo...I can imagine a coke cooler on the porch full of ice cold drinks...
Praying for a successful surgery and quick recovery period so CBSon can get on with his active life - the recovery will be as hard on you as for him, tough to watch your loved one in pain. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

Waterman JP said...

I believe that little white store at Harcum was often referred to as Hazel's store.

Praying for you guys. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

I bet i can guess who will be the loudest during your sisters visit.

Waterman JP said...

Correction,I made a mistake the gas station/store in the first two pictures was often referred to as Hazels store. Great pics once again.

Anonymous said...

My grandparents lived in Dutton so we made frequent trips to E.C. Sutton and Son when I was a kid. They had the coldest bottled Cokes around! Great memories! I'm sorry you have to face all of this going on with your son. I'm sure he will make out ok. It will be just as hard on you. Will be thinking about you'll.

Daryl said...

since CBSon is no slouch academically I am sure a few weeks at home wont hurt

growing wild on waverly lane said...

When we lived there I was under four years old. Just saying.

Memory #1: I ate a bit of a bar of soap by climbing up on a chair in the kitchen.

Memory #2: I climbed under the gate and went upstairs and ate a bit of toothpaste in the upstairs bath.

Memory #3: I dared across the busy road to visit Miss Edna Soles, with whom I was fascinated because she was old and happy and she had pretty glass and china items in her house.

Memory #3: I had to deal with Daddy swinging a belt because I had dared to cross the busy road. I hid in the hydrangeas and lost him.

Anonymous said...

No cheating allowed for Pin The Tail on the Donkey? Uh oh, you gets better watch out then because you might get pinned! Betsy

Country Girl said...

Thinking of you ~ xoxo

Miss you, too.

~Ashley~ said...

This makes me miss Mathews just a bit. I had to move last September and have been absent from blogspot for quite some time. Hope all is well with you all! My family is having a very tough time right now with lots of things which is why I've been away, maybe I'll get back to visiting Mathews one day. Check out my blog if you have a moment, I have tried to update it a bit.

Mental P Mama said...

Hmmmmm. I feel like a drive this weekend....