Wednesday, April 25, 2012


These first two shots of a field of buttercups at James Store hill in Gloucester were taken with my loaner camera.*  

Buttercups are an aggravation in my yard where they flourish; but they're pretty when they're flourishing like a sea of yellow in someone else's soybean field on the side of busy Route 14.

The buttercup below (with the white shirt and green headband at the "draw" of the lacrosse game) is my daughter.

I only know it's called the draw because I asked her this evening. Otherwise I would have called it The Opening Move. Or The Kickoff. (Not that there's any kicking involved.) The rules of lacrosse are essentially lost on me, however one thing I do know is there's lots and lots and lots and lots of running involved. Unless you're the goalie. Then, all you have to worry about is the pressure of the entire game resting on your tiny shoulders. That's all.

She's in the throes of lacrosse season now and the team is doing very well. Saturday there's an all day tournament at Ware Academy where she'll play four games.

One game of lacrosse is enough to wear anyone out, but four? On a warm Saturday? A team of eighth graders? And a daughter who gives every game her all? I'm already declaring exhaustion and Game One has not yet been watched played.

My buttercup of a daughter is just about as incredible in lacrosse as she is in basketball.
Watching her play brings me a great deal of joy.
Her coach (in shorts) in the background played for William and Mary.

In other news pretty much unrelated to buttercups, my mother has written a post about the Chesapeake Bay Sisters, who convened over the weekend and laughed heartily at the latest misadventures of Baby and Middle Sister. (Click here for that post along with some very unfortunate photos that display some of the worst 1970s-era clothing that ever was.)

* Canon sent my beloved camera back last night. However, due to a crazy schedule I've not had a chance to test it out and won't until the weekend. But at least it's home where it belongs, and this makes me very happy.


deborah said...

The buttercups are so bright and cheery!
I don't understand Lacrosse either, is that the one where they use a basket on a stick? (lol!) No matter, as long as your daughter enjoys it!

Wonderful news that you got your beloved camera back - here's hoping she is just like new now!

Hope you are having a great week and get a chance to try your camera out soon-

Anonymous said...

Your fearless daughter is awesome (given the family propensity for injury, as described in your mom's post) and you are justly proud.

Re Wild on Waverly comment--you were lucky to be a kid during those 70's fashion years...I was a teen then. My mom bought us matching vinyl (pleather) miniskirts. VINYL. MINIs.

Anonymous said...

P.S.. any photos of you in white go- go boots would be uproariously appreciated on this blog.

Annie said...

Just as well you really enjoy watching your children's sports,since they are so good at them!

And, gosh, now I know why I fall down all the must be because I live in Australia. Your mother's story about your sister sounded like me tripping over a concrete block in a car park..broke a bone in my foot!
Fell over the dog twice, hurt my knee! The same knee I hurt while running down the road with said dog as a puppy, in the water rushing down the gutter!

At the moment we are praying for a young mum of three small children who has gone missing in the neighboring suburb...missing since last Thursday. A huge police search underway. Right in the lovely green leafy suburb where I go to play tennis. Very sad.

Jenifer said...

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Maria_NJ said...

So happy to hear that the beloved camera is back and that it was able to be fixed...

the sea of yellow is a very pretty site...

Deltaville Jamie said...

I saw a similar field of yellow this past weekend going to and from one of the beaches though I don't remember which one (Bethel, Aaron's or Haven take your pick). I don't know that it was buttercups, but it was gorgeous. I didn't get a picture because I was holding hands with someone and that was more important.
Hope the camera works better than ever!

Daryl Edelstein said...

well its good news they could fix it ... hooray ...

Windsmurf said...

Beautiful buttercups, the field variety and your daughter.

Glad your camera is back home and ready to roll.

I also do not understand the rules of Lacross but it is fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Four games a Lacrosse? I remember the days when I'd do crazy things like that. And then go out to Denny's afterwards because somehow I still had a little energy.

By the way, yesterday I read that Mathews County made the Top Ten list of healthiest counties. Guess we can see why.

So on to the subject of groovy 1970s fashions: Yes! Yes! We want to see the white go go boots! The pleather! The vests with the really long fringe! Hey, maybe even the super shiny polyester "silk" shirts with photos printed on it. Heh heh I remember having a whole closetful of shirts like that. Looked great with my leisure suit.

OK confessio time... for all that I laugh at those clothes I kinda miss them. Guilty pleasure, I know, but they were so hilariously bizarre they were great. And the hairstyles! I miss that goofiness. The 70s--what a groovy time.


Anonymous said...

ps. welcome home to the camera. Does your camera have a name? Because I kind of feel like saying welcome home . Can you believe it after reading all week about your camera I feel almost as attached to it as you are.


Dghawk said...

I'm so glad you got your camera back! Be sure to let us know if it works. Or better yet, show us with some of your wonderful pictures!

Hooray for CB Daughter! Wish I had some of her energy.

Aahhh, the 70's. Yes, I remember them well. I was in my 20's and had a blast! Loved the fashion. I loved the bell bottoms. The bigger the better. Only problem was that I had to make mine because most of them in the stores were too short for my long legs. And there's nothing worse than high water bell bottoms with the boots, or platform shoes!

Country Girl said...

I am glad that your 'precious', no I mean your 'beloved' is home where she belongs. Excellent!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Deborah - Yes! a basket on a stick, that's a perfect description.

LLC-Thankfully Daughter doesn't appear to have the Falling Down gene--or rather it's not manifested itself yet.

(The go go boots were crazy.)

Annie- I am so sorry to hear about your knee but also about the missing mother. The pain of both is palpable to me.

Jenifer-Your blog is very nice.

Maria- Hopefully the camera still works, I've not had time to try it just yet.

DJ-On the way to Aarons there is a taller yellow flower set back from the road a bit and it's gorgeous.

Daryl-Indeed it is.

Windsmurf- Thank you.

Betsy, evidently (I only found out today) the four games are shorter than usual, which makes sense. 70s fashion is probably considered an oxymoron, but no matter, I did enjoy the vests and the bell bottoms. The go go boots were something else. That I wore them to church seems wrong for some reason...

p.s. We need to hold a contest to Name That Camera.

Dghawk - High waters are The WORST!
Oh, how I empathize. (I also have a long torso which creates additional problems.)

CG-thanks, we shall see.

The week has been long and the day has been longer. I'll toss up a photo and a post when I am able.

In the meantime, thank you all for commenting.