Thursday, April 19, 2012

Three Things

These were taken with my loaner camera.
Canon still hasn't acknowledged receipt of my Beloved Camera.
This does not make me happy, but I am giving them the benefit of the doubt
for about ten more seconds before I blow a gasket.

All we had to do was blink and now it's Thursday again. On Thursdays I like to spew off three random things and encourage you to do so too. Let's go.

1. Last night's track meet was postponed until tonight due to the weather. This is merely a deferral of yesterday's logistical challenges to another day otherwise known as today. I can't be at the track meet and simultaneously pick up my daughter from lacrosse practice an hour away.  I can't express how grateful I am to have parents close by who fill in the oh-so-many gaps caused by my inability to clone myself. All I can say is thank you. Thank you, thank you, for always being there.

2. Take a look at that picture above from Garden Creek Road near Onemo. First, notice the sign warning of a Squiggly Turn up ahead. Not just a sharp turn to the right (which the road seems to suggest). Oh no. A squiggly turn that hooks right before hooking back left before hooking right again. It's important to anticipate and prepare for Squiggly Turns when negotiating your way through a swamp on either side Mathews County's narrow roads with shoulders consisting of nothing more than fiddler crabs marsh grass. Now take a look at the skid marks in the road hooking sharply to the left, in absolute defiance of the sign warning about all turns, in any direction, including those to the right or left. Or right. Again.

(Who here is dizzy from all the sharp turns to the right and left and right again?  Chesapeake Bay Woman, put your hand down.)

3. Welcome to Mathews County, where a sign makes CBW dizzy with too many quick turns provides a token warning. Yet going in the opposite direction or coloring outside the lines is not just OK, it's almost expected

What's happening in your world?

I really think the sign should give more warning about the sharp right turn
rather than confusing matters and worrying with any turns after this one.
But maybe I'm over-analyzing road signs. Again.


Meg McCormick said...

Ah, the beloved S-curve. We had many of those in the country where I grew up. Which was the US, not a foreign country as the first sentence might imply. "Country" as in "no traffic signals in my entire county" and "only 72 kids in my graduating high school class" and "my pick-up truck had a gun rack" Country.

Last night I went shopping for "cocktail attire" for the first time in many years. I came away with a Little Black Dress (as if anything I ever wear can be called "little") PLUS the ironclad undergarments to make the dress look fabulous. Want to guess which was more expensive??

I recall that in the 1980s, our school ran buses to meets and things so that the parents didn't have to shuttle them to neighboring counties, unless they wanted to come watch. Sounds like that would be a help in your case - you are indeed fortunate to have helpers who are willing to assist with taxi duty (and lucky to have kids who enjoy participating in sports).

Deltaville Jamie said...

Midge's game last night was not postponed though it should have been. She is now having some issues with her foot that may or may not be because of the excessive moisture due to the rain she was running around in for 4 hours.

I can't wait until I leave work tomorrow because then I will be loading the car and heading south. I am predicting that the weekend will be extremely enjoyable and entirely too short.

I think Terro should make traps and bait for irritating people.

Daryl Edelstein said...

I am yawning ... is it the weekend yet?

Rose went to the vet .. she's healthy but insane .. seriously

Toonman went to the PCP and he's good, she, the PCP, is leaving the practice and he's very sad .. however he has hopes for his new PCP .. Dr Roy Cohen .. Toonman plans on quizzing him about his dopelganger Roy Cohen Esq

Me? Aside from being tired .. not much

Anonymous said...

Morning all!

What's new and what 3 thoughts do I have to share?

1. Well, I have a massive case of poison ivy and can't figure out how I got it. So today's blog reply is being sponsored by Itchy and Scratchy. Pass the calamine lotion, please...

2. This week I've been making reservations for our trip and was surprised to discover every single place to stay in Mathews has been booked! Wow, glad to hear it (even though it means we have to stay in a Hampton Inn 17 miles away and not the cute inn). For some reason I thought Mathews would be my undiscovered secret and the Williamsburg portion of the trip would be the hard part. Guess not.

3. Later today I have to decide which kayak tour we want to take. Apparently the weekend we'll be there is the height of horseshoe crab mating and there are moonlit tours just to watch them do their thing. Can't decide if that would be a totally cool and different thing to see... or boring? It's just two shells lying on top of each other right? It's not you can see anything else or like you can look for happy grins on their little horseshoe crab faces. We can paddle out to a lighthouse or down a variety of inlets in search of bald eagle babies. Decisions, decisions. May just pick the one that lets me sleep late.... Interesting that you have to go on a tour these days. The days of rentals are long gone, apparently. Not sure if it's an insurance issue or if their worried I might use their kayaks to do something illegal. Hmmmm....


Windsmurf said...

1. Meg McC - I know what you mean on traffic signals, there was one in our town, but it only flashed. And there were 26 kids in my high school graduating class - and ours was the high school that serviced all of the surrounding towns! The school did bus all of the players to games so parents only had to pick them up at the schools after the games. My sister and I usually just walked. Some of those mights were cold and spooky.

2. CBW you are fortunate to have friends and family to help on the Taxi needs, particularly since you work so far away.

3. Great Dane rescue puppy update - Bella is doing great, growing and playful. The Vet thinks she will be on the small side for a Great Dane, shouldn't be more than 120 lbs. There was an interview with the owners of the largest GD, over 7' from end to end and 40+" at the shoulder - it was good to know that even though Bella looks exactly like that dog (George I think his name is) she won't grow that large.

Have a good weekend all.

Kay L. Davies said...

Three things:
1. There were about 50 of us in my high school graduating class, and more pickups than cars in the gravel parking lot. My mother drove us and the neighbor kids to school because the bus didn't come up our road, and she'd roar into the parking lot 1 minute late every morning, spewing gravel as she deposited us at the front step where the vice-principal stood looking at his watch. We'd pick up our late slips and go to class, but Mom never got a late slip.
2. I spent most of my life, until recently, in British Columbia, which consists of one mountain range after another, full of slow-to-30 signs and S-curves, with rock walls on one side and canyons on the other. Some of the turns are so tight you can see yourself coming and going.
3. I am friends on Facebook with Giant George, the world's largest Great Dane, and he (or his staff) posts some interesting things.

No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, but we were traveling, and I came home sick with one of the chronic conditions that make me call myself an "unfittie" so I haven't been posting or commenting much.

growing wild on waverly lane said...

1. I come from the neighboring county of Gloucester, where we had 60 members of our graduating class. There were only about 8,000 population then, which is about what Mathews remains. We had no stop lights then but now they do.

2. The Ware lacrosse teams look in good shape for Saturday's games.

3. Can't wait to see CB sisters all together this weekend.

Country Girl said...

All's quiet on the western front, aside from the fact that I'm constantly told I can't do anything right.
Sometimes I want to be a bird and fly far far away.