Thursday, April 12, 2012

Three Things

Click the image to see the fine print on this sign.

Today is Thursday, which on this blog is dedicated to sharing three things. 

1.  The sign above, at the end of the dock at the Sea Breeze on Gwynn's Island, defines no wake as "the slowest possible speed required to maintain steerage and headway."  That definition also applies to my general pace most any given day of the week--particularly when jogging. Or driving down the Colonial Parkway.

2.  This picture represents one of the very first taken using a camera on loan from Ann Marie. Today I will send my precious BFF camera off to Canon in the hopes they can repair it.  (We shall see, I'm not optimistic.)  Thanks for the loaner, Ann Marie!

3. My son is hosting another gathering at the house Friday evening.  In preparation, he purchased black lights and neon paint for the basement, which is already rigged up with Christmas lights and a disco ball.  For purposes of self-preservation and the delusion illusion of sanity, I refuse to think about what might possibly go on down there besides skateboarding and ripsticking.  (Click here if you are not acquainted with the ripstick, which naturally I've called a dipstick since I first heard the word.)  Only six teenagers will be here--at least according to today's version of The Plan. Of course I'll be checking on them periodically. There's actually no reason to suspect anything untoward will be going on.

But still...a peaceful, relaxing Friday night does not appear to be in my future.  (All things considered, I'd much rather they be here than elsewhere. I'll catch up on sleep and rest my first night in the nursing home, which is liable to be before I turn 48 50.)

Now it's your turn.  Please share your thoughts, three if you feel like it, more if you want.  Or less. We're easygoing here.

If you can't think of anything, perhaps you could tell me which camera to get if Canon asks for an arm and a leg to fix my existing Power Shot S5IS.  Keep in mind I do not read instruction manuals and know nothing about photography or operating a camera that isn't in Auto or Sports mode. I really love my little Canon and don't suffer change well.

Or perhaps you could tell me something to take my mind off teenagers in a dimly lit basement with loud music and more loud music.  Serenity now.


deborah said...

The 'No Wake' is perfect for me, too...don't want to rock or speed up the boat around here..we are basically on hold until the middle of May. Hubby has his next appt. then to see if he can get this neck brace off so that he can have surgery. Insert scream here-

I do hope your camera can be repaired for a reasonable sum. My son prefers Canon and I like Nikon. Lot of help there, huh? I'm just glad that you have the use of a camera, love your photos!

Be thankful your son still wants to have his friends come to his house! Actually less stress than worrying about them elsewhere.

Spring weather is here...freezing temps at night warming up to 50 in the afternoon. Spoiled from such moderate temps the last few weeks!

Have a wonderful Thursday and a great weekend!

growing wild on waverly lane said...

1. In decorating his lair, Grandson has put pillows in the small basement window facing his grandparents. Interesting. (not that anybody is spying, where are my binoculars)

2. I haven't created a wake since 1984, George Orwell picked a good year for the dissolution of humanity.

3. It's Spring, time for Spring Cleaning! Hoo-ray, I'm the luckiest charwoman in the world.

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. I love that sign. And this morning it suits me perfectly because I'm extremely sluggish today.

2. I'm heading to the 'Ville for not one weekend but 2 glorious weekends in a row. Okay, the second weekend I'll be working in the yard planting grass seed and trying to clean up more tornado damage. But the first weekend, well, trust me when I say it's going to be spectacular.

3. Midge has a very nice camera my parents got her. I don't remember the brand but that's easy enough to check. I believe it was right around $200, just under 200 if I remember correctly.

Meg McCormick said...

1. Hmmmm, it is a co-ed gathering? PRobably a little bit of spin the bottle or two minutes in the closet - do the kids still do this???

(By the way, how's the driving going??)

2. and 3. My refrigerator and my range. The right two burners don't work and they are one integrated unit, so it's $250 to replace them or buy a new one (I can't cook for a family of 5 on two burners!). The freezer is cool but not cold and the fridge is less than cold. So, all food is now stored in the downstairs "beer" fridge and the deep freezer, both of which we are very lucky to have. So, I guess I'll be spending money I haven't earned yet on new kitchen appliances I wasn't ready to buy.

Serenity now indeed!

Daryl Edelstein said...

okay .. cameras .. personally I am stuck as well .. I need to replace my point&shoot but havent been able to decide with what.

If you want another Canon, I'd look at their website, read the customer reviews on the models that catch your eye

What brand did Re lend you? See how you like it, maybe buying the same model if you do

Meanwhile I am toting my BIG camera and my iPhone on weekends and get-aways ... because I cant make up my mind!!!!!

Ann Marie said...

1. I don't even know what brand of camera I loaned her! and she keeps saying loan like she has to give it back in an expected time. (personally thinks she can keep it if she likes it and she does not need to worry about what next until that one dies)

2. I ran 6 or so miles today.. faster than I ever have... I feel like my legs are marshmallows now. Who knew picking your feet up higher made you go faster!

3. in less than 2 weeks i am running a half marathon .. for no good reason. Just because I am.

Annie said...

Gosh, is it Thursday again..thay week went very quickly,

have been enjoying the company of my sisters and a brother in law ..sadly because of the passing of a last beloved uncle...and his funeral yesterday.
All squeezed in between a first birthday (yes, she is one and walking already), a wedding and a 40th birthday. whew. i must be getting old. can;t cope very well with so many social engagements in just one week.

TSannie said...

1. I just got a Canon PowerShot SX150. It's under 200 and is excellent!
It uses 2 double a batteries and the only draw back to that is it rapidly chews through their life span.

2. Wish you were up here with us tonight.

3. Here's to surviving your Friday the 13th! Wine helps.

Anonymous said...

Good thing the party's tonight and not Friday the 13th, right?

Glad you've got a new camera to play with and looks like you're already taking good shots with it.

I've been thinking it might be fun to take a little trip down your way and send you some of my photos. Then you could comment on a few. It might be interesting to see how your town looks to a visitor. At any rate might be something to have in reserve for the next time you're between cameras (although I hope it never happens again). --Betsy

Windsmurf said...

1. Things continue to suck at the job, age discrimination really rampant here - they really provoke me any more than they already have and I'll stay until I'm 90. If I have to suffer then so will they! They can wheel me in and prop me up over my computer and I'll drool into the keyboard all day!
2. Hope the teen party is uneventful, better they are home than somewhere away from Momma Bear's protection.
3. It is supposed to be in the 70-80's this weekend - yeah!

Rodney said...

Black lights, etc, did not think they made those anymore or lava lamps, oh to bring those days back, black light posters...

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

deborah-I hope everything goes well with your husband, what an ordeal for your family.

WOW-I noticed the pillows. He says it's to block out the light. That it also blocks anything a set of binoculars might spy seems to be an added, unspoken benefit.

DJ-Enjoy your time in the Ville, I have no doubt there will be fireworks in April.

Meg-Yes, co-ed. 2 males; 4 females. Dear God. I can't think about this right now.

Daryl-It's a Kodak but I really love my Canon so much..your advice to check their website is a good one. Your i-phone shots here lately have been fantastic. No need to lug around a heavy camera when you can produce shots like those from a palm-sized i-contraption.

AM-Good for you on the running. I've not done more than 3 or 4 since the 10K. Can't wait to hear how the half-marathon goes.

Annie-So sorry for your loss. (and the grandbaby is one already? Where has the time gone?)That is indeed quite an eventful week.

TSA-Wish I were there also. I need to get with LaLa to see about another trip north by train.

Betsy-I'm happy to show you around if you do come for a visit. I can explain the differences between Gloucester and Mathews much better in person by actually showing you than by writing about it. There is a huge difference, it just depends on what you're looking for. If getting away from everything--and I do mean everything--is your goal, Mathews is where you want to be. If being closer to Starbucks, Wal-Mart, and shopping malls is your goal, then Gloucester is fine. But again it all depends on what you want.

Winds-I am sorry about the work shituation, that's not good. Hope things get better for you there. Yes, I very much look forward to the warmth this weekend. Hope you're able to enjoy it too.

Rodney-Lava lamps are back in vogue too, although they haven't made their way to my basement...yet. Everything is cyclical, it seems.

Thank you all for writing.