Thursday, April 5, 2012

Three Things

On Thursdays I give myself and anyone reading permission to spout off three random things, even though most everything written here on any given day is a volcanic eruption of random thoughts. Thursdays are different. The randomness is encouraged, allowed, supported, and expected.

I'll go first.

1. Photographs from the organizers of Saturday's 10K race came in an email last night--available, of course, for purchase. Why in the world I'd want a picture of myself struggling across the finish line after running 6.2 miles in the rain while wearing a crab hat is well beyond my comprehension. I'd have to be insane to actually pay money for such a monstrosity. No. Thank you very much.

2. The dogwoods are bursting with blooms this week. My drive to and from work on the Colonial Parkway, a leisurely, highly-enforced 45 mph drive which overlooks the York River, is made even more pleasant by these beautiful white blooms sprinkled throughout.

3. Depending on how much my camera costs to be repaired, I may have to buy a new one. Initial reports back from Canon indicate that I have an older/outdated model that may not be worth repairing. (What Canon doesn't understand is that everything I own is outdated. Cell phone? Circa Car Phone Era. Have to tap out text messages like Morse Code. No keyboard, just a number pad. I can only function with outdated stuff. Everything else is too confusing. By the way, the camera they call "old" is only 5 years old. Even if a camera's age is measured in dog years, that's still young. But of course the chances of a camera's technological life and a dog's life being measured equally are, well, OK FINE. My camera is old.)

Until I acquire a new or (likely) refurbished camera, you can expect one of two things on this blog: a month or more of pictures from my crabbing adventure and/or recycled photos from the past 4-5 years.

Now it's your turn to share three things no matter how ludicrous outdated random they may seem.  I love to hear from you, even if you only have one thing to say. We really have no rules here.


deborah said...

So sorry to hear about your camera - I had hopes it could easily be repaired...a camera for you is a must, we all so enjoy your photos!

Summer plans were made by the doctor for us this week - hubby must have one of his Parotid glands removed since a tumor was found in it during one of his MRIs...I didn't even know we had Parotid glands...anyway, I'm thankful that it was found and can be removed!

The dogwoods and redbuds are blooming here pretty right now!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Happy Easter!

Annie said...

Oh, that makes me homesick for the US and NYC springtime! I loved the dogwoods! Autumn is pretty good here though ..loving the cooler weather, after our hot summer.

Have my sister here with! Lots of family time over Easter. More fun. Granddaughter's first birthday. She is already walking. So fun to see them so often now.

Congrats on the long race..well are amazing. And your Mum too! Hope you have a great Easter break. And that the camera situation resolves itself very soon for you. We do enjoy your photos and posts too!

Ann Marie said...

lets see here are my three..
1. Do I need to stop by Friday for a how to with the spare camera?

2. I am stopping by Friday for a glass of wine and to pick up my 10K shirt... I want to WEAR my 10K shirt.. cause I completed a 10K.

3. Anyone interested in seeing the photos I know where they are... and she looks amazing!!! don't let her tell you otherwise.

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. I had hopes to purchase a new camera I've been drooling over for some time now. I ended up spending the money I had saved so far on kayaks. I'm not too upset.

2. I met someone almost 3 weeks ago and he's pretty freaking fabulous. I might have mentioned this already, but it's big enough to mention more than once anyway.

3. I'd love to see the 10K pics.

growing wild on waverly lane said...

1. Nothing is supposed to last (camera) or remain state of the art for more than 50 seconds. Big companies need you to have to replace your purchase almost immediately. That way they can fold more golden parachutes for their CEO's. Go 99%.

2. I don't know how I feel about Spring; I should like it, but I don't. Maybe I left my soul on Monument Avenue, where I died and don't know it.

3. I don't have another one, except I ate pancakes for breakfast at 2am.

Anonymous said...

1. I live in northern Virginia, about 14 miles east of Leesburg (about an hour west of DC). Have also lived all over the country, mostly in Redondo Beach, CA. Since you once lived in DC, someday I'd love to read your thought on the differences between Mathews and DC.

2. We discovered the Gloucester area quite by accident. We're looking for a place to retire, and were looking mostly at beach towns. We love beaches and are avid kayakers but everyplace we've looked at is too expensive, or is uninsurable, or is is tourist town and everything shuts down and the town empties out off season. How is it I never knew about your peninsula before this? How is it it hasn't been discovered by all the other people like us who are looking for the same thing? You'd think it would have as many 55+ communities as Williamsburg. Not that I'm complaining.

3. Curious how bad the mosquitos are there and if flooding happens all the time. Are the bugs about the same as in DC area?

4. Since those were mostly questions I'll add one extra comment--loved your remark about the dogwoods. Sounds like the drive to Williamsburg isn't that bad. Ooops, that almost became another question, my bad.

Anonymous said...

Oh, speaking about my bad the above post was from Betsy. Still getting the hang of this.....

Daryl Edelstein said...

Dont give up .. you never know

Windsmurf said...

1. I hate FEDEX, I arranged to have someone at my house all day yesterday because they were supposed to deliver a large package and you guessed it, no show. Today there was a gap in coverage of about 15 minutes and sure enough that is when they showed up and left the sticky tag on the door. Now I've got to try to cover tomorrow too.AARRRGHHHHH!
2. Finally got the lawn mowed last night, it was a foot high in places, but the lawn mower was dead.
3. It should be a nice long weekend, hope everyone gets to enjoy the Holiday with friends and family.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Deborah - You and he have had a trying several months. Hope you both enjoy the weekend, Happy Easter.

Annie-So glad you're able to spend quality time with your sister and extended family. Can't believe it's autumn where you are when everything is popping with color here. As always, it's great to hear from you.

AM-Confession: I have no idea how to use your camera even though you showed me. The answer is yes. Please.

DJ- I'll send you a rough copy of the finish line photo. You will laugh. You're welcome.

G-WOW- So sorry you couldn't sleep. The moon was full-ish last night, so there is an excuse. I think we have to build upon the Monument Avenue Experience. Really. Let's do it.

Betsy- I could write ten blog posts in answer to your questions. Please remind me - the one about the differences between DC and Mathews is a great topic. The short answer is they are polar opposites. However, I also have opinions about Gloucester to share. Just remind me - thank you!

DE-I'm sending it off to Canon anyway for an estimate. We shall see.

ws - I hate the Murphy's Law of Fed Ex/UPS. But at least you got your grass cut. The smell of freshly cut grass on a spring evening is fantastic. (Unless you're waiting on a Fed Ex package that only arrives while you step out for a minute)

Happy Thursday, aka Little Friday.

Maria_NJ said...

Janice I bought the same camera that you told me you had (stole it on e-Bay!) cause I thought your pictures were so lovely...and last week I dropped it after taking picture of the new Revel casino. I caught it before it actually hit the ground but it took a good jolt...So the next morning nothing, I was in panic mood and called the company, they said to send it in for repair, that model would cost a flat rate of $100...but that they have the loyalty program where you can trade it in, I am assuming that that is what you are talking about, but wanted to let you know just in case...ummm camera wasn't broken, it needed new batteries, but it always told me when the batteries were low and this time it didn't...I love that camera! I hope you resolve your camera issues... I have been looking on e-bay for the one that Kate uses the Nikon D-80 and still they are really high, even on there, but one of theses days I am going to snag one of them too!!

I just want to jump in that bushel of crabs, but I know that would not be wise...