Thursday, April 26, 2012

From 2009

These are from 2009.

All but the last were taken from Gwynns Island; the last was from Bethel Beach.

Things are Crazy Hectic here but hopefully I'll have a chance to take/post new pictures soon.

Thanks for tolerating this otherwise lackluster post stopping by.


Kay L. Davies said...

Oh yes, very lacklustre indeed, you silly woman. No need to apologize. We all have days like that, or weeks, or months, or years.
I love all the photos.

Anonymous said...

Recycled photos are great by me. Recycling's hip, you know. So is taking time to breathe, so enjoy! Hey, take an extra breath just for fun. We'll still be here.

Someday when you feel like posting again I really hope you'll write a post about the Coleman Bridge. Your last comment really intrigued me. What makes it scary? Should we consider taking the extra 15 minutes to take the long route through West Point and see more of Gloucester? Is the toll booth guy at least kinda cute? Bridge stories, we want bridge stories! (...but, after you've had some time to breathe.... although then again a breath-starved bridge story could be entertaining.. no no what am I thinking, breathe, THEN blog.)


Daryl Edelstein said...

I recognized that swing and the tall grass .. aha .. Gwynn's is a magical place

Meg McCormick said...

Pretty! Love the swing photo. Yearning for proximity to a large body of water... till I get there, your photos are helping.

Karen Deborah said...

beautiful pics and howdy girl

Country Girl said...

You know what? I believe I remember these. There may be a chance that I'm posting vintage (ha - 2009 is vintage) photos tonight too. We'll see.