Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hookemfair Road

Today once again we reach into the depths of the barrel

of photos CBW decided

were too tired the first time around.

Less than great; barely good.

In her opinion.

Independent of what she thought at the time several weeks ago, Mother Nature's ability to wave a magic wand and quickly change scenes like these from mediocre to bursting with color is even more reason why she wouldn't post them.  

These shots are outdated as far as she's Nature is concerned. 

Plain and simple.  

The trees are sprouting leaves now. 

Everything shown here is old news.


However, since she is indeed scraping the bottom of a barrel, CBW has to confess that in comparison to what remains at the bottom of said barrel, these are not that bad. Not great.  Just not bad. 

And that's what we strive for here.  Just not bad.

These dated scenes are to the right of the American Legion Hall, home of the World Famous Breakfast, near the intersection of Route 198 and Hookemfair Road.

Yes, Hookemfair.  As opposed to Hookemwrong. Or Hookemunfair.( -ly?)

The World Famous Breakfast is not my label.  The American Legion sign says in plain black letters that the breakfast is world famous; therefore it must be. Nobody's putting up a fuss, contesting the honor.  We just accept it as fact that the American Legion Hall serves a world famous breakfast once a month  even if we don't ever taste it and even if we're prepared to conjure up a breakfast that just might be a tad stronger of a contender in the "world famous" category.


Around these parts they say this past March was the warmest (or second warmest or next-to-the-warmest or World- Famous Warmest even!) on record. Everything did its thing way sooner than usual.

What is Mother Nature up to in your neck of the woods? What changes have you noticed in the past several weeks?  Also, do you have a place which professes to serve a world-famous breakfast?  Or is Mathews it as far as world-famous breakfasts go?


Kay L. Davies said...

We had lovely warm, sunny weather with no rain, and certainly no snow. An abundance of flowers, trees and animals, plus a choice of an elegant sit-down breakfast with delicately cooked gourmet food, or an international buffet to delight an adventurous morning appetite, with no identifiable Legionnaires.
Dick enjoyed a hu-u-uge waterslide, and I got ampered at the spa.
Glad to be home again, however, and our happiness is in the shape of a golden retriever.

Kay L. Davies said...

pampered at the spa

growing wild on waverly lane said...

My cilantro lived through the so-called winter as did the spinach, chard, and lettuce. I even had a petunia live until Husband got it with the weed whacker.

We did not have snow or winter.
That field caught my eye too, full of yellow wildflowers. It was beautiful.

Daryl Edelstein said...

its been spring here since right after the trick snow storm on Halloween ... April has brought her showers so May likely will bring more flowers and pollen .. achhooooo

World famous breakfasts? here .. not sure but Nathan's claims theirs are World Famous Hotdogs

Ann Marie said...

only thing world famous in my neck of the woods.. wait I don't live in a neck of the woods anymore I live on a sand bar. Oh nevermind.

Changes... only changes made around here have been me


Deltaville Jamie said...

I wonder about the American Legion's World Famous Breakfast every time I drive past it. In fact I usually say out loud "Do they REALLY have a world famous breakfast?" every time I drive by, every time. Which also leads me to believe that I'm developing my grandmother's habit of reading signs non-stop (yes, continuously) during a drive.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm hungry for a world famous breakfast. Alas, I shall have to be content with my mere bowl of cereal. Oh well, maybe it's just as well. We don't know what that breakfast is world famous for, after all, and as Lindsey Lohan proves you get more fame for being bad than for being good.

So I sit here, a cereal killer, munching away on my cheerios and pondering the garden. We had roses opening before the daffodils were finished this year. That was a first. Also, had my first several mosquito bites in March. Eeek!!!

Cereal is now polished off. Time to ponder how to do a rain dance. I'd like to wash all this pollen down the drain, please. Sadly I dance like Elaine on Seinfeld and am afraid what sort of rain storm that might conjure up.


Windsmurf said...

Our winter was pretty much non-existent and March was one of the warmest on record. However, April is being rather cold and no April showers. I planted some cool weather veggies (swiss Chard, lettuces, cabbage) and they now need to be watered. May's flowers may be hacking up dust balls if April's showers don't kick in soon.

No world famous breakfasts here, though the Elk's club does do Breakfasts every Sunday, they don't lay claim to being world famous. My breakfast today consisted of the last of the deviled eggs from Easter.

Well, back to work.

Country Girl said...

Is your camera out of commission? I haven't been online lately so don't have the scoop. Around here, things are in bloom, grass is growing, daffs on the wane. Azaleas in full force and the lilac is looking good. I miss you.

Fighting Mermaid said...

Sometimes there are pumpkins on my front porch on Valentine's Day. :o)
Beautiful photos even if spring raced well ahead of you! :o)

Annie said...

mother nature has brought a bit of an early cold snap to our beautiful autumn days here in Australia. there are some quite delightful trees flowering including cassias, others of which have to remain nameless at this moment, also a wonderful Cooktown orchid at my front gate ...the floral emblem of my home state Queensland.