Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Friday Evening Drive

Trumpet Creeper

On a Friday evening that was supposed to be uneventful, my friend Waterman JP stopped by and asked if I wanted to ride down to a super secret spot where he goes oystering. Always up for an adventure, particularly when it entails oysters a place I've never been, I said yes.

This super secret oyster place is so secret, I am not allowed to reveal its name or location, but to get there you drive below the Blah Blah and before you get to Yadda Yadda you turn left and drive to a place he calls the Blahblah Blah.

(Step right up, folks!  In the center ring we have the most ridiculous sentence ever written by a person who, in spite of herself, wrote a book not long ago--a book that was actually published!)

This might be the most graceful cedar tree I've ever met.

But back to shellfish.

Waterman JP tells me that he breads and freezes the spectacular oysters he retrieves from this super secret place, which means even in the summer/warmer months he can indulge in the delicacy whenever he wants.

(There's an old saying that says you should never eat fresh oysters in a month without an "r" in it, which tends to rule out the summer months. Whether there's truth to that or not, I have no idea. But it's usually a good idea not to tempt fate when your name is Chesapeake Bay Woman, who once got so sick off crabs that she was begging to die. Luckily nobody was listening. Is anyone still reading?)

My father whips up The Best Batch of fried oysters I've ever had anywhere. The secret is in the breading (of fresh, local oysters) and he has that process down pat.

Waterman JP, however, says he can whip up a mean batch of fried oysters himself.

I'm thinking there needs to be a taste test. Soon. And I'll be the judge.

In the mean time, thanks, JP, for another educational and entertaining evening.

Now. When are you gonna fry me up a batch of oysters?


Daryl Edelstein said...

he's good looking, he can cook and he knows secret places to go oystering? Well ..

Maria_NJ said...

I know this sounds kind of interesting, to say the least, but I had an old GF who used to make fried oysters and made this kind of dip for them that had cream cheese in it, they were to die for. I don't see her anymore and can't remember what was in the dip but I remember it being wonderful...

so did you get oysters, did you dig them out with your feet, details please...

deborah said...

ditto what Daryl said:)

Dghawk said...

Hummmm....... Me thinks there is the beginning of a recurrent theme going on here. Go for it!

Waterman JP said...

CBW,it was a pleasure having you accompany me on the ride to this super secret spot.I'm so glad a supposed to be uneventful evening turned into something that fit you to a T.

The old saying that you mentioned about the months with an "r" in them is correct.I heard that from my father when I was a young boy way way back in the day.When I reference back in the day,the oysters were so big that it only took on average 13 to 15 oysters to fill a quart jar and somewhere around 50ish to have a gallon can full of this delicacy.I prefer the the smaller ones a much better taste in my oponion

CBW I know you would make an excellent judge of taste.

I will fry you up a batch of oysters anytime you wish.All you gotta do is holla!

And a BIG THANK YOU to Daryl and Debra for the compliments

Anonymous said...

CBW, maybe you should start working on that novel about Beachland. I am getting an inspiration for the cover of the book.
You can map out the biceps--I mean the concepts, and the plot can be full of intrigue, imagery and pectorals--oops, I meant to say pictorials. I think I will sign off now, while I am ahead.
(I love Maria, she wants all the details of oyster hunt techniques, LOL)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Daryl/Deborah/DGHawk/LLC & Maria - Between your questions/comments and the biceps--I mean concepts-- we might have ourselves a novel, or at least a Lifetime movie.

Waterman JP - We have work to do and an audience to please. (And that audience demands more pecs. I mean pics. No, pecs. LLC specifically said pectorals...) As far as the oyster judging, I'm ready any time. Thanks again for a wonderful evening.

Waterman JP said...

CBW,thanks to you and all those ladies you have listed above as our audience.If you ladies keep mixing it up with the words ie.biceps-concepts,etc. Then maybe there is a possibility of something coming out of this. Pretty much all I can say is keep the film a rolling CBW.

And thank you for a wonderful evening. Life is Good-er

Waterman JP said...

Btw,the oysters will soon be coming to a table nearest you and very soon