Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This building is on the road going down to Wayland Baptist Church,

which is where I sometimes park my car to go jogging.

By the way, I'd better start getting serious about the jogging. Baby Sis,  Mental P Mama, and I are signed up for a half-marathon (13-ish miles) in November.   Ann Marie is doing the full marathon! That's like more than  26 a thousand miles!  Since roller skating is an unacceptable means of participating (I checked), I really need to get serious about this running business.


After a recent four-mile jog, I stopped here to snap a few shots, even though I've taken this building's portrait many, many times before.

These days I'm way more paranoid than usual a little paranoid about buildings being torn down, since several of my favorites recently succumbed to a bulldozer.

As a matter of fact, a farmhouse right across Route 14 from this particular structure was razed shortly before I took these pictures.

Sherlock Holmes I figured out what was happening when, over the course of a week or so, I noticed the preparations, which included the removal of all the windows; trimming and removal of nearby trees; and the telltale sign:  a bulldozer precariously close to the house.

So, although I've previously posted pictures very similar of this very structure, I'm not ashamed to share more.

Because you just never know when this place will be gone for good.


p.s. Please hold your applause while CBW trots to the stage to accept her award for "Blog Post Containing the Most Fragmented Sentences and/or Sentences Beginning with Conjunctions/Prepositions/Strikethroughs and/or Words Passed Off as Sentences, Such as Anyway."  


Daryl Edelstein said...

I am in love with that barn .. those windows .. running, not at all .. but you could organize a cheering squad for your team ... I'd cheer .. I bet Meg & Laurie would write an appropos cheer .. just sayin'

Meg McCormick said...

@Daryl, I am much better suited to cheering than to running. You remember that about me! The barn is lovely... glad you've captured it from all angles in case the bulldozers come.

deborah said...

I can cheer you on and I'm open to any inappropriate cheer that can be thunk up:/

Windsmurf said...

As always, beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them. I don't think I have ever seen window panes quite like some of these - only 3 long panes where you would normally see 6 somewhat more square shaped panes.

Anonymous said...

Wow, never thought I'd know the winner of the award for "Blog Post Containing the Most Fragmented Sentences and/or Sentences Beginning with Conjunctions/Prepositions/Strikethroughs and/or Words Passed Off as Sentences."

I feel honored. :)


thomas said...

The red paint and rusted roof make a interesting image , very nice.

Waterman JP said...

Great pictures! Hey did you know right down the road from Wayland Baptist Church is a place called the washing machine?I will show you sometime.

You are an incredible lady and running the half-marathon will be a piece of cake for you.

Anonymous said...

CBWGrammar is always acceptable, and strikeouts are particularly entertaining.
I have to remind myself not to fall in love with the beautifully derelict buildings you photograph... their days are numbered, in so may cases. (I guess if your county had a higher population, very few would be let standing, due to insurance liability worries.)
The last, standing, late-19th century house on my son's street went up for sale, and its needing a renovation, I had feared it would be razed and the lot sold for a new build. Happily, it was remodeled and is on the market right now--que sorprendido !

Anonymous said...

ps-- I meant strikeTHROUGHS, not strikeouts, LOL. There do not appear to be any strikeouts going on in CBWLand, heh heh.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

LLC-You're hilarious. Muchisimas gracias.

Thanks to all of you, btw, for commenting and to anyone who reads.
It means a great deal. Currently I'm squeezing the blog into my day when I have two (or fewer) minutes to spare and absolutely no time to any time you spend here is greatly appreciated.

Happy Friday Eve!