Thursday, June 7, 2012

Three Things

Near Freeport Landing in Gloucester.

On this blog, Thursdays are usually reserved for the sharing of three or four things.

1. Last night I heard from three separate sources that an emu has been spotted in Mathews.

2. Last night I purchased tickets to a summer concert in Virginia Beach for my daughter and son.

3. Last night I purchased two tickets to Bora Bora and am excited to report these glad tidings from my over-water bungalow  which comes not only with room service but a bank account that encourages reckless napping abandon.

4.Only one of the above statements is untrue, FYI.

Now it's your turn to share three things, even if it's just a wish.

This alarmingly brief blog post is brought to you by (1), (2), a stressful week, and the utter and complete impossibility of (3) above.

A close-up of the window above.


Anonymous said...

Please let the emu comment be true--oh, and the one about the summer concert. Bora Bora's nice but too but a long flight for a place that's a bit of a snore-a snore-a. Then again I may be prejudiced since I hate long plane flights. (Plus, since it's you who'd be going there I know you'd find a way to stir up excitement...)


ps. I'll drop back in with my three things. My mind's a blank right now. Must be the thought of a secret emu... who can think of three things with a secret emu running about?

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. I heard it was an ostrich.

2. I think it's amusing that I hear Mathews gossip all the way up here in northern Maryland/Southern Pennsylvania.

3. Last count there's 50-ish people coming to my house Saturday for my daughter's graduation party.

4. I'm in for Bora-Bora though Fiji has an underwater hotel that sounds intriguing. So does Istanbul. Istanbul does not scream "Great underwater hotel" to me, but it has 7 stars.

growing wild on waverly lane said...

Husband and I were going to the store and I SAW IT in Sue Garrett's field. It is no gossip, it's a real UFO. I hope it doesn't run into Rt 198 and be a dead UFO.

2. That UFO is heading for my garden, if things go as usual, to graze on my beautiful green beans. Stay tuned.

3. I can't own another pet and the vet doesn't work on Emu/Ostriches. Stop sending them my way, Universe.

Daryl Edelstein said...

LOVE that window ...

Jamie, my friend Reena is actually in Istanbul .. hop over to her blog and see pix

Me, I wish I was just not working, on vacation .. lazing at home .. I am going to Santa Fe in 14 sleeps ..

Hayley said...

I have seen the EMU!

Waterman JP said...

I love the chicken wire in the window frame and the weathered boards.

CBW,I personally wouldn't say that
3 is a complete impossibility. Bora Bora would be nice and it would be a long flight.Think of it this way A=Alaskan Cruise,B=Bora,Bora (Tahiti),G=Grand Canyon and Glacier National Park, and T=Tangier Island and so on.

Meg McCormick said...

At least you post regularly on your blog. I've lost all inspiration, and the things I want to write about, I can't because I'm afraid I'll offend someone, or get fired. Or maybe both.

School is wrapping up here - 8th grader done tomorrow (school trip to Six Flags Monday), 10th grader has his last exam Monday, and the 1st grader finishes Tuesday. Then I can spend the next 10 weeks not stalking their grades online. Bliss.

We're having our annual neighborhood last day of school crab feast on Tuesday evening! Cannot WAIT to crack into some #1 males.

Country Girl said...

There's a family near where I work that has an emu 'ranch'. Several years ago, a bunch of them escaped. In fact, they must have had bad fencing, because they seemed to escape a lot. Those suckers spit, too. So when you said there was a loose emu, I thought it was no big deal. Ha!
Damn about Bora Bora. I could so see you there . . .

AnnieL said...
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Joyce Anne said...

I actually saw that ostrich. (I think it was an ostrich, not an emu, because it was so tall,) It ran across Buckley Hall Road on Friday, June 20, and almost got hit by a UPS truck. I couldn't believe my eyes. I suspect the truck driver couldn't either and maybe that it why it took him so long to hit the brakes!