Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Family Tree

Sometimes I am utterly amazed at what's placed in my path courtesy of this blog.

This family Bible is a perfect example.

Many, many months ago, Mathews Mark (remember Mark?) asked me to come by to look at a bunch of things from his grandfather's attic. This Bible and the names inside were of particular interest to me.

Although I intended to research the family listed, my paying job and lawn mowing responsibilities family commitments got in the way.

The Bible sat in the back of my car for weeks.  It's still there.

Then one day I received an email from someone who stumbled across the blog while researching a project otherwise known as a biography of the Peyton family of Mathews.

One of several other family names she's interested in is Marchant.

Guess where this Bible, sitting (temporarily) in the back of my car, is from? The note above says the home of one Dr. Melvin Marchant.

Guess how many Marchants are listed in this Bible?

Lots and lots.

And then some.

(What are the chances? I find myself randomly in possession of a Bible loaded with Marchant family history, and I dawdle before returning it. Then an email from someone researching the Marchant family appears. Eerie, almost. Time to buy a lottery ticket.)

Tomorrow I am meeting the person conducting all this genealogical research.

In addition to the Peytons and Marchants, she's interested in any info on the following families:


I know a very little bit about some of these families and feel confident I can point her in the right direction.

But if you have any info you'd like to share, please leave a comment or send an email to

As always, thank you for reading, contributing and tolerating and indulging me.


deborah said...

Enjoy your visit! The Bible is an exciting find with all of the information held in the family tree - it should be most helpful to the person searching out their family history.
Take care, it's going to be a scorcher today...

Deltaville Jamie said...

Well, there was a Bob Longest that lived in Dville down the road from our place. He had the most gorgeous gardens. He isn't there anymore (neither is the original house- tornado) and that's all I know about him.

Are you ready for Bora Bora? Cuz, Baby, I'm ready to blow this popsicle stand. Also, if you see two teen girls looking lost in Mathews, it's most likely Midge and her friend who are spending senior week unsupervised in Middlesex and Mathews counties.

And there are no coincidences in my opinion. You had the Bible still in order for that woman to get the info from it.

TSannie said...

That's wonderful!
Reconnecting long gone ancestors with those living today.

Maria_NJ said...

I always say ..."nothing happens by chance" is destiny. That is really something. It was meant to land in your lap and then the person who got in touch with you.

going to the beach today, very humid already. Just got back from taking the baby Zuzu for a walk. I'm making spring rolls for dinner, want to come over for some?

Mental P Mama said...

Let me know if you find any Ives or Phillips in your tree!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a very cool thing to have.


Anonymous said...

Thank YOU for tolerating the 8th grade-snickery in the previous posts.

I am a bit giddy today, because my best friend, who has spent 34 yrs. as a single mom, reunited with a guy she knew from friends-in-common;(now they have become more than friends.) They left for Hawaii today for a 10 day trip. Sooo happy for them.
Life does begin after 40--and sometimes after 60 !
Can't wait to see what research comes out of the bible records.

Meg McCormick said...

It *is* a small world after all.