Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This cornfield lives on the road leading to the public landing referenced yesterday.  The trees, fields, lawns, gardens, marshes--everything around here seems to be glowing an emerald green lately.

This is my favorite time of year, especially since we've suffered only a few really bad days of horrible, oppressive heat and humidity.

Speaking of oppressive heat and humidity, which sometimes spawn storms, last night as I left work in Williamsburg a fierce thunderstorm bulldozed its way through. I'm pretty sure I haven't seen rain and winds like that since one of the last hurricanes, although it didn't last very long.

Driving home along the Colonial Parkway, I saw white caps on the York River that rivaled scenes from that show Deadliest Catch. The schooner tied up at the Yorktown waterfront was being tossed about like a cork. We won't talk about the extremely ferocious winds whipping as I crossed the dreaded Coleman Bridge.

Once I arrived in Mathews, though, it was almost as if nothing happened. Evidently the worst passed to our south.

This post, which started with the color green and a public landing before morphing into white caps and hurricanes schooners at Yorktown, is now forcing itself to a merciful close.

Thank you for stopping by.

p.s. If you live in the Richmond-Hampton Roads area, did the thunderstorm impact you at all? 


Waterman JP said...

Beautiful pictures!I am glad you survived all that bad weather unscathed on your way home from work. It really sounds as if it was an experience that you won't soon soon forget.

Waterman JP said...

Hey CBW,in the fourth pic of the brick gateway entrance isn't that where Dr. Bowles lived? He was my family doctor from birth until the time he retired.

Country Girl said...
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Country Girl said...

Lovely photos. We had a really bad storm like that rip through here Friday night. After that, the temps broke and it's been beautiful since.

Daryl Edelstein said...

Back from my get-away and struggling to catch up .. when I arrived home on Friday night it was to stories about the horrid heat ... the storm stories were just getting going .. I was lucky my flight was landing in Newark vs LaGuardia or JFK .. a lot of those flights were diverted or cancelled

Deltaville Jamie said...

I heard there were tornado warnings in Richmond from that storm system, glad you made it through unscathed. Looks like I'll be bringing oppressive heat along with me this weekend. Yay.

Anonymous said...

Hi CBW- Writing in from Richmond here in the near west end. Our power was out from 2:50 pm yest until 4 am today. Dominion Power guys were hustling(there were some called in to help from Mathews)! We had a huge evergreen that fell across power lines and shredded some power poles that affected our neighborhood. I drove around for a bit right before dark and it looked like the aftermath of Irene. A LOT of large trees just snapped in half. The big news story is a house on monumentave. They had just finished year long renovations from a fire that almost burnt the house to the ground. The owner is extremely frustrated now and threatening to sue the city b/c he had petitioned to remove this tree that fell b/c it was unstable. They would not let him do it, even with his own money. I really feel for the guy, but I don't think he's going to get anywhere w/his case due to VA law.

deborah said...

Wonderful photos! So glad you made it home safely...we need some rain, but not a storm like that one!
Supposed to reach 100 degrees later in the week, is that in your forecast too?

Meg McCormick said...

We got nothing in Maryland. Glad you made out OK. Too bad about the guy on Monument Ave in Richmond!! I'd be MAD.

Anonymous said...

I heard the Coleman Bridge is have hour long backups today. Oh man! That's no fun at all.


Dghawk said...

I'm glad you made it home safely yesterday. Since I'm north of I-64, this part of New Kent got puite a bit of wind and rain, but not like Richmond's west end. The main part of the storm more or less followed the Chickahominy. One of the girls I work with that lives in Highland Springs lost her power and as of noon today it still wasn't back on.

Loved the pictures, btw.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

JP-Not sure since I never knew where Dr. Bowles lived, however it's close to where Dr. L. used to live.

Anonymous from West End/RCH-I probably know those Mathews Dominion Power guys, they're a good bunch. Sorry to hear of all the issues with the Monument Ave. situation.

Deborah-Yep. I think we're looking at 100 by Friday, unfortunately.

Betsy-Any Coleman backups were cleared by the time I went across today, but I know there have been several lengthy delays here the past couple of days.

Everyone - Thank you for reading and a special thanks for commenting.