Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Some Questions

This is the evening sun highlighting the dock belonging to my neighbor across the creek.

That cute little shed on the left has always caught my eye.  The former owner of this property (who ran a charter boat operation) used it for all kinds of exciting things--like cleaning fish.

Perched on a pole to the right of the dock this particular evening was Mr. Heron, who spent the better part of a half hour primping and preening at the end of his long day.


In other news, after the storm the other night, the temperatures dropped drastically.  Yesterday was absolutely stunning even if I did waste it spend the majority of the day trapped in my office toiling away.


In honor of the middle of the week, and since I have nothing interesting to report to liven things up a bit, how about I ask you some questions?

1.  What's your favorite day of the week and why?
2.  If that cute little shed above were yours, what would you use it for?
3. This heron spent at least half an hour fixing himself up.  If you were trying to spruce up (say for work or a night out), how much time do you require?

Thanks for playing along and have a great day.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

My answers...

1. My favorite day of the week is Friday, esp. Friday night. Usually the school/work week is over and on Saturdays I can sleep late. Usually.

2. I'd use that shed as a place to hang out near the water. I'd clear all the stuff from underneath the overhang and put some chairs there. Maybe put an icebox and a sound system inside. Actually this would never happen due to the clearing out part. I've been saying I need to clean out my garage for, oh, six years. So this is all just a dream.

3. Getting ready for work in the morning takes approximately 5-10 minutes, mostly because I take my shower and figure out what I'm going to wear the night before. (When you get up at 5:30 and have to drive an hour, everything that's done the night before helps.) If I were going some place special, which btw, I never do, I'd take another 5 minutes.

Meg McCormick said...

1. Probably Friday night - though I'm a big fan of Saturday, and also Sunday (especially Sunday afternoon naps).

2. If that cute little shed above were yours, what would you use it for? - I'd make it a party pavilion! I'd string up twinkle lights, set up a tiki bar and bust out a bunch of red solo cups. Because I'm klassy like that.

3. If you were trying to spruce up (say for work or a night out), how much time do you require? For work? Depends on if I go curly or blow-dry my hair straight - I could probably get out the door in 30 minutes. It takes a while to spackle on all the makeup that keeps me looking like I was born in the '80s. For going out? Depends on when I last shaved. MY LEGS. Not my face. My legs. In neither case am I likely to spend much time deliberating on a wardrobe choice... but that's usually evident.

Daryl Edelstein said...

1. I believe that in the summer (July/August) my favorite day is Friday because I take it off! During the rest of the year I prefer Saturday to the other days, its my beautification/errand day and I get a lot of exercise walking hither and yon.

2. I would make that cute shed into Toonman's editing room/office so that I could reclaim the living room

3. I know exactly how long it takes .. with a shower it takes about 30 minutes for me to wash/dry/primp/go .. however w/o a shower I can be primped and ready to rock in under 15 minutes .. when you get older, less is more .. ;)

Anonymous said...

The shed looks like a good place for my secret Queens Creek rendezvous with Pierce Brosnan... we will meet there, then slip onto a waiting yacht.

Our friend Mr. Heron will distract any paparazzi who might be onto our trail.

How much time do I need to preen my tailfeathers for all this? Hmmm, depends on if Pierce is willing to help. If he brushes my hair and offers to bathe me with scented oils, it might take all afternoon.


deborah said...

1. My favorite day is Saturday.

2. In that perfect world I don't live in, I would turn that little shed into a potting shed and use the porch for swings and rockers and pretty hanging baskets...but I'm afraid it would look like my shed looks now - so full of junk I'm afraid to open the doors:/

3. Five minutes if I'm in a hurry, going somewhere nice takes about 15 minutes.

Windsmurf said...

1. Friday if you are talking workweek days because I have every other one off; Saturday otherwise because I can sleep late and then take care of all of the other stuff so I can relax on Sundays.

2. I think it would make a nice little place to sit and watch the sun set, but I am sure I would eventually fill it up with all the things the find their way to a final resting place before being actually thrown in the trash.

3. After reading everyone else's responses, I am embarrased to admit that it takes me and hour and a half on workday mornings - half an hour hitting the snooze alarm, shower and wash hair, dry hair, decide on clothes for the day, iron clothes for the day, dress, take the dogs out, chase down the cat who escapes at least once a week, trowel on the war paint, tame or at least subdue the hair, feed the dogs and cat, and finally out the door. On weekends, it is more like 20 minutes unless I am going someplace special (I'm not sure how long that might take as I almost never go anyplace special). If I am just hanging out at home or in the yard, 5 minutes tops.

TSannie said...

1. Friday for sure!

2. Right there with you on that clean-out thingy some folks actually manage to accomplish.

3. 20 minutes w/shower, 5-10 minutes if I showered the night before.

Ann Marie said...

1. What's your favorite day of the week and why? Friday .. Def Friday! It means that after about 4 hours of work I am hitting the beach! Did I mention I live at the beach?

2. If that cute little shed above were yours, what would you use it for? Hmm the shed. what would I do. I would store my kayak and my paddle board and a wet bar. I would have a hammock and a diving board.
Not that it is deep enough there for a diving board but I would put it there.

3. This heron spent at least half an hour fixing himself up. If you were trying to spruce up (say for work or a night out), how much time do you require? Work.. requires 0 time as I don't see people for work. Lately getting ready to go out requires 5 minute shower time. PS I have not BRUSHED my hair since it was chopped off.. it is totally wash and go and I don't wear make up so there ya have it.

Annie said...

1.favorite day of week...friday of much to look forward to..

2.cute little shed...the boat looks pretty good to me..what else when there is so much creek and water so close...

3. the heron took far longer than I would...just let me know when you are leaving and I can be there!


Kay L. Davies said...

1. My favorite day of the week is Thursday because, on Thursday evenings, if I'm feeling well enough, I get to go out. A whole three blocks from home, sure, but out is out, rather than watching TV with my husband who tends to record baseball games and watch them at his convenience, zipping through them at a mad rate so I never get to see who did what, and with the dog, who lies on her ottoman between our recliners and snores.
2. If that cute little shed were mine, I'd sit on its porch and watch the world go by.
3. Like the heron, I take about half an hour for the whole shower, dress, put a clip in my hair routine. My husband insists it takes me longer, but that's only if I've lost (a) my glasses (b) my purse (c) my keys (which he often uses) or my shoes.