Thursday, June 28, 2012

Three Things

Sailboats on Queens Creek

On Thursdays if I have energy enough to post, I usually share three (or sometimes more) thoughts which tend to be unrelated. And I encourage you to do the same. The more off the wall the better. Just let your mind roam freely and share whatever happens to be passing through.

Here are my three things:

1. Remember when I went crabbing a while back? (Click here or here  or here if you don't.) Most of the pictures from that trip are posted on my Facebook account. The publisher of Chesapeake Style magazine saw them and asked if she could use one for a future cover. Of course she could! Click here for the on-line version or grab a copy at the newspaper stand of one of our local merchants.

2. Last night when I arrived home from work, there were multiple surprises awaiting me. I absolutely love surprises, live for them even--especially when they don't involve ant infestations or lawn mowers that spontaneously decide not to start when the grass is knee high. One was a package filled with goodies that included two bags of very exceptional coffee. The other involved work being done that I could never complete myself. I am exceptionally fortunate to have very kind, very generous friends. THANK YOU. Just thank you.

3. Friday the temperature is predicted to be close to 100 degrees. I hope to be in the air conditioned Mathews Memorial Library,  the Chesapeake Room in particular, researching something for the person mentioned last week who is piecing together a family puzzle dating to the 1600s. Fascinating stuff. Plus it gives me a valid reason to spend hours rummaging through the microfilm and books at that library, which believe it or not I love . (I am a cheap date very easily entertained. Public libraries are like amusement parks to me.)

That's all I have to report from this neck of the woods. Please feel free to share three, four, six or more thoughts relating to what's going on in your world.  Whatever you want, anything at all.

Sailboats on Queens Creek.  Still.
Just closer up this time.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on scoring that cover photo ! Love the 'Crabmageddon Defensive' pose of the crab pictured.
So nice that you had some good surprises this week!

Annie said...

1. Being very lazy. It has been raining, so have been reading.

2. Have enjoyed time with the kids at the beach. It is so much easier to drive for a short distance than take a plane for 24 hours once or twice a year!

3. Heating up some vegetable soup I made last night...did I mention it has been wet, and cold, being winter...most unusual to have a bit of a prolonged cold spell here...where are our lovely warm days...coming back soon on the weekend I hope!

Have a great w'e CBW. Great to have more photos published..good on you.

Anonymous said...

1. I recently purchased your book and the photos are just fantastic. Brings back so many memories.

2. This is my one year anniversary and life could not be better!

3. We are going to have a block party or rather a street party in our neighborhood for the 4th should be wild.

Ann Marie said...

1. It is Thursday which is only a short way away from my favorite ever day Friday!

2. It is going to be a scorcher here this weekend too, but considering the library here does not hold many secrets I feel drawn to (other than what happened to the Lost Colony and we all already know that the Zombies got 'em) I think I will just head to the beach.

3. Head to the beach is the answer to all things here. Need a break? Head to the beach. Need to go on a walk? Head to the beach. Dog needs to run? Head to the beach. Need to clean the house? Head to the beach!

4. Tonight at midnight I go see my first ever midnight movie. Even as a child I did not go see movies at midnight.. NOTHING was that important to go see. Magic Mike is. PS I have no idea what the movie is even about.

5. I have not picked up my camera in AGES. Maybe I will this afternoon if the waves are good and go take some shots of Drake playing in the surf. He likes it.. he FINALLY LIKES IT.

6. I love that I know you deal better with surprise than plan! and I love that we are both on that wave.

7 I am over my limit.

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. Congrats on the photo. Pretty soon you'll be famous and we'll just be the "little people".

2. Headed down to the 'Ville tomorrow afternoon sometime- whenever I can leave work meaning sometime after the boss leaves work.

3. I'm not really excited about this trip. Things happened, plans had to change and certain people aren't going so I'm moody about it all. So I'm hoping to manage to take a million photos to try and make up for it.

4. There's always the hot guys at the baseball game Saturday night.

deborah said...

1. Congrats! on your cover photo - you get more famous every day! You deserve every moment of it!

2. Supposed to be over 100 degrees with outrageous humidity here today...guess who's going to stay in the a/c house? ha! The weather has been so nice, I've been spending a lot of time outside enjoying the breeze and low humidity.

3. Enjoy your day at the library! That is one of my favorite places, too.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Daryl Edelstein said...

its going to be a hot muggy weekend here .. it will be much like it is there in July ... I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder now for about a month .. it aint gettin' any better .. last nite it grounded me ... I missed a great dinner at Robert with Mama and the Bird ... so sad

Anonymous said...

Love your comment about libraries. I feel the same way. An air conditioned weekend doing research like that sounds idyllic. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

1. I gave my two weeks notice at work and want to swing from trees on my lunch break like the FREE baboon that I am.
2. I got nothing else!

Baby Sis

Kay L. Davies said...

Thing 1, of 3 — I'm very, very sleepy. I've only been up a couple of hours and I need to lie down again.
Thing 2, of 3 — I'm going out this evening, so it's very important that I not be too tired to go. I'm taking my first-ever chocolate chip cookie cake. I baked a separate, very small one for taste-testing, and it's delicious. Crunchy like a cookie but 9" x 13" in my new 9x13 cake pan with handles and a lid.
Thing 3, of 3 — If the dog wakes me up in half an hour, wanting her lunch, I might yell at her. Well, no, not yell, but I might growl.

Meg McCormick said...

-1-, I'm in the middle of winding down the last 2 days of work before -2- we head to the beach next week. -3- if you could send those magical surprise work-doers my way, I kinda need them to pack my entire family for our week in the sun, kthxbye.

Mental P Mama said...

1. W00t!!!

That is all.

Dghawk said...

1. Congrats on the cover photo! Great shot!

2. After working 12 10 hour days, I don't have to work this weekend! Yea!

3. It's going to be a scorcher this weekend, but I don't care. The pool is waiting!