Monday, June 18, 2012

Roadside Scenes

These were taken last week

from the road that winds its way from the Court House

to Haven Beach.


The Chesapeake Bay Family's Father's Day celebration was fun and quirky even by our standards and a little unconventional. Cuz where's the fun in conventional?

An evening filled with good food and lots of laughs culminated with a family outing on the Gator (a contraption featured in yesterday's post).

We visited neighbors, picked a few blackberries, and all in all had a splendid time.

How did you spend the day?


deborah said...

I want to walk down that road with you! Just beautiful and lush...
We were able to get out to the grocery store yesterday and got caught in a downpour of a rain (hubby still doesn't walk very well and was riding a scooter) so we were drenched, laughing the whole time.
Then up late watching son #2 put the grill together, hubby's Father's Day present. My what sentences, but we had a nice day!
So glad you did too!

TSannie said...

Big old cookout. It was wonderful!

Daryl Edelstein said...

We mostly ignored the 'card holiday' as Toonman calls it .. tho he got a fabulous card/gift from his younger daughter .. his cat children didnt get him anything .. but he was permitted to watch golf all weekend til he watched basketball .. me? I beautified and went to brunch twice .. life is fattening but good

Waterman JP said...

I worked a partial shift of overtime for a co-worker so he could spend time with his son.Then I went home and spend some time with my daughter.Later in the evening i went to visit a dear friend and can honestly say this could argueably be the best evening I have ever had in my 48 years of life. So all in all it was a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

Father's Day is great, it's the only Sunday of the summer when nobody mows the lawn! We slept late, went kayaking, hit golf balls, and generally did whatever the man of the house wanted to do.


Country Girl said...

I picked some blackberries, too. Put them in my pancake batter and ate it all up. * burp *

Dghawk said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend was had by all! And a beautiful weekend it was. Went to a Civil War re-enactment at the winery Saturday. Very interesting and entertaining. Got sunburned, though.

A BIG belated Happy Father's Day to CB Dad.