Monday, June 25, 2012

Town Point Landing

Yesterday I drove to the public landing below the Court House (otherwise known on maps and signs as Town Point Landing)to go for a brief jog.

The heat wasn't oppressive, but the sun was just high enough to make a prolonged jog feel like prolonged agony. No sense in overexerting one's self unnecessarily, that's what I always say.

After some brutally hot days last week, this weekend's moderate temperatures were a welcome relief.

The pleasant weather and little bit of idle time gave me the courage inspired me to tinker with my camera, which as of last week abruptly informed me it quit without even the common courtesy of two weeks notice. It just up and quit. Just like that.

If I didn't love that camera so much, I'd call it insolent.

Before giving up and declaring my camera officially fired dead, I tried new batteries.

No fewer than three different sets, to be exact.


While most people would have given up after the first failed attempt, most people do not have loose batteries rolling around in the bottom of their camera bag, some of which may have been tossed there after dying in the middle of something; others of which are perfectly new, never used. Commingling unabashedly with the dead ones.

(CBW is one of the most scatterbrained unorganized people you'll ever meet, unlike some people she knows who keep spreadsheets detailing the last time they received a hair cut, how much it cost, and how long said hair cut lasted before having to go for another one. CBW only wishes she were making this up. She will go to her grave mystified by such people. However, these same people would never dream of having dead batteries anywhere near fresh batteries, much less rolling around loose having parties together in the bottom of a camera bag. So there's that. )


For now the camera is working. We shall see.

In other news, only a few long short weeks stand between CBW and the annual Griswold family vacation, which is the one precious week a year that a very comfortable distance is created between her and aggravation major responsibilities.

Hopefully you have something fun and/or different to look forward to in the coming weeks that will create a break from your normal routine.


deborah said...

Ummm...when was my last haircut? Seriously, I'm the battery commingling-type and I'm so glad you were able to get your beloved camera going again. Selfish there, love your photos:)
I will sigh a big deep sigh of relief as soon as hubby has his surgery and recovery. Not looking forward to it, that's (unfortunately) what is in our near future - but that's okay!
I can live vicariously through others vacations this year:)
Will be waiting to hear of your adventures:/ You need the break!
You rock!, I so admire your determination to jog through the heat and bug infestations!!

Mental P Mama said...

I can totally see you rooting around for batteries. Totally.

Windsmurf said...

I am definately in the batteries rolling around in the everything drawer, both live and not so alive, camp. What fun is there in having everything totally organized?

I love the Avon area of the Outer Banks. My husband and I used to go there every Memorial Day week to go windsurfing. We would go down a day early and camp at the Frisco Woods campground, Windsurf on Saturday mornings and then move up to Avon in the afternoon to check in to the rented house. Then an evening eating and socializing at The Froggy Dog restaurant. I'm not sure if any of those places still exists anywhere but in my memories. Enjoy your vacation, I'll be envying you - in a good way.

Anonymous said...

I think I need new batteries, too.


Deltaville Jamie said...

If I remember correctly, I believe I mentioned battery licking a while back. Not surprising is that at the bottom of both of my camera bags is a stash of batteries. No idea what's dead or not. Does finding a good battery in the pile make it a Zombie battery? You know, because it's undead? Can't wait for the weekend.

Maria_NJ said...

CBW I hate when I feel like I have to give advice because I hate to come off as a know it all you know that you are not supposed to mix old and new batteries especially in high-tech devices like you beloved camera...this is the only brand of batteries that I use in my camera and they are really good...
you need to use Lithium batteries for the best performance and they should all be replaced when need be...I'll shut up now...m

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thanks, Deborah!

MPM-Absolutely. You should see me trying to find a pen in my purse. Nightmare.

Windsmurf-The Froggy Dog is still there (at least as of last summer) although I've never been there. I'll have to check it out this year and report back.

Betsy-You need a return trip to Mathews, that'll help you recharge...

DJ-"Zombie Batteries" sounds like the title of a very interesting book/movie with so many possible story lines and so much potential. I also think it would make a great name for a band. (Not that I have a band available for naming...)

Maria-Thank you, I definitely need to hear this because honestly I've just been snatching "whatever" batteries off the display rack and paying no attention to the lithium part or not--which probably explains why it's been misbehaving. I'll pay closer attention when I buy the next batch, which will be before I use that camera again, for sure.

Thanks for reading/commenting/contributing, everyone, I truly appreciate it.

Country Girl said...

What Mama said.

And I have Maine coming up in July.