Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This was taken over the winter.

Once upon a time, in a field along Route 14 in Gloucester,

next to a silo bearing a sign advertising a pumpkin farm,

there lived a beautiful, stately tree.

Here's the silo.

Mathews residents traveling to Gloucester usually pass this tree and silo.

(Some Mathews residents make far more trips to and through Gloucester than they care to, for work or other necessities. Some days CBW feels she holds the world's record for number of trips to Gloucester in a single day. But this is not about that. It's about a stately tree in the middle of a field.)

Somehow the tree made the journey a little more tolerable. Like an old friend. Always there to greet you.

One day recently Chesapeake Bay Woman, returning home from an arduous day at work, glanced towards the silo and the tree as she normally does and was mortified to see the tree knocked over on its side.

No longer standing. No longer stately.

She screamed. Really.

She was very, very shocked and distraught.

Here's the tree lying on its side. There was a bulldozer nearby, so
I assume they intentionally knocked it over. But of course I don't know that for sure.

Soon afterwards, they chopped it up and hauled it away.

Just like that the tree was gone forever.

The field looks so empty there now. It's not the same.

In addition to this tree, another Chesapeake Bay Woman Favorite--the barn below on the right of Route 198 just beyond the Farm Bureau Insurance place at Soles/Dutton--was recently torn down.

This also pains me. Immensely.

Gone forever.

Click here for a previous post outlining my not so irrational fears about this beautiful structure.

The bizarre person with unusually strong emotional connections to trees and inanimate objects such as barns and old houses will simply say The End.

Nothing lasts forever. We shouldn't take anything for granted, not even trees or barns. The End.

p.s. The owner of Sandpiper Reef in Hallieford recently matted and framed some of my photos, one of which is of the barn above. Say hello (to her and the picture of the barn) the next time you're there for happy hour, dinner or live entertainment.


Ann Marie said...


Deltaville Jamie said...

When the dead tree at Aaron's Beach goes, I will cry. I will probably be down right depressed. Don't even get me started on disappearing old structures.

Daryl Edelstein said...

Well that just stinks

deborah said...

Why would someone want to cut down that lovely tree? or tear down that terrific barn? So glad you have wonderful photos of each as a way of preserving them...

Waterman JP said...

It seems as though the silo has lost a best friend. So true ,we should never take anything for granted,not even for a second.

LindaP said...

I've never even seen that tree (or barn) IRL and it saddens me to know they are gone forever. It would be different if they had succumbed to 'natural' causes but it makes me feel really, really sad that they were torn down:(

Mental P Mama said...

That makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is a bummer. Poor innocent barn & tree, what did you do to offend someone? Betsy

Fighting Mermaid said...

I'm still sad about the tree. I guess you shouldn't fall in love with someone else's tree. :( When we go by where it once stood now, Noah says "It's not like Africa anymore." Funny how that tree made us both think of some often published photo of a lone tree in the Serengeti. I'm getting depressed now. :(

Sooska said...

WOW! The BARN is gone? That is the go-to barn I photograph ever trip in all weather, all times of day, all seasons of the year. DAMN. The times they are a-changin'. I hate when that happens.

Sooska said...

WOW! The BARN is gone? That is the go-to barn I photograph ever trip in all weather, all times of day, all seasons of the year. DAMN. The times they are a-changin'. I hate when that happens.

Dghawk said...

OHHHH NOOOO!!!!! That is just wrong! So totally wrong! I suppose in someone's mind it's "progress", or "getting rid of an eyesore". But to me it is just completely, unequivicably WRONG!!!!!!!

Maria_NJ said...

it just make you realize that nothing last forever...time goes on.