Friday, June 22, 2012


Sunrise on Queens Creek

These were taken in quick succession a few weeks ago. It's amazing how quickly the sky changes when the sun is rising or setting. Sometimes in the 30 seconds it takes to locate my camera and dash outside, what I intended to capture has vanished.

Speaking of my camera, I am loath to report that mine is acting up again, and that's an understatement.  For the time being I'm in denial that anything serious can possibly be wrong, especially since only recently I sent it and $100 to Canon to repair another major problem.

The stages of CBW coping with an issue as large as this are as follows:

1. Denial
2. More denial.
3. Crying Whining.
4. Paralysis (Or an inability to address the problem even if no longer denying one exists.)
5. More Whining.
6. Frustration. And lots of kettle-cooked potato chips.
7. Something Needs To Happen (Because potato chips denial and whining aren't working. This is not to be confused with acceptance. CBW considers a broken camera an absolutely unacceptable part of her life.)

Currently I'm only in Stage 2. I've convinced myself that if the batteries (which I just changed last week) are replaced, the camera will be just fine.

At some point after reaching Stage 7 (which could takes weeks), I will send the camera back to Canon--again. However, I refuse to spend another $100 for them to fix it.

It might be time for Plan B, which entails high-powered rifles because I do not do well with change and just want my old camera to work properly retiring my favorite camera forever.

Please pass the kettle chips tissues.

Regardless of all this whining, I intend to make the best of the weekend, which is upon us once again. Have a great one, and thanks for stopping by.


Ann Marie said...

You have a back up! I know it is by far from favorite but it is a back up.. a back up that needs to move to NC by the end of August because.. drum roll please.... DRAKE IS TAKING A PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS! How cool is that!!! He might be able to teach us stuff, or better yet I might be able to learn stuff by doing his homework (giggle)

So lets start talking about your new favorite camera. What are you looking for in a new one??

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

I'm passing tissues AND kettle chips! LOTS of kettle chips! Also, I'm pointing my good luck stone in your direction while chanting "get well CBW Camera."

Meanwhile--today's photos are worthy of a calendar!


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

AM-Since I never knew how to work anything but Auto and Sports mode on my existing camera, it's hard to say what I'd like in a new one. I would probably prefer just whatever is the next step up from what I had and stick with Canon since I hate change so much. Regarding the loaner, if I don't see you before July I can drop it off on my way to Avon. That trip canNOT get here soon enough, btw.

Betsy- Thanks! I need all the good luck I can get. If you have a stone that takes care of grass cutting in 100-degree heat, point that one in this direction too...

Happy Friday.

Deltaville Jamie said...

I think the Universe is trying to tell you to upgrade your camera. I bet you find something you like even better. We're headed south next weekend for the big Heritage Day celebration over in Deltaville. Craft vendors, crab races, parade (which will showcase every fire truck in 2 counties and all the shriners from the commonwealth of VA on every motorized vehicle known to man except a Barbie car), a baseball game in the historic 1940's era ballpark and fireworks. In case anyone was interested.

Maria_NJ said...

horrible, I know how much you love that know I asked you what kind of camera you were shooting with and I have the same one, I love it too...I snagged mine on e-Bay...its a trust thing but you can find really good ones there...good luck and CBW, step away from the kettle

Footrina Bella said...

Hi CBW! I just found your blog yesterday by accident while I was looking for more information on the Gwynn's Island Festival, which my Mom wants me to take her and Dad to tomorrow, and I fell in love with it. So much so, that I might have spent a bit too much time reading it than doing work. yikes.

As for the camera, if and when you decide to jump in for a new done, check this site. Trusted by many a photog. Last year I got my Canon Rebel from them, which I love. kind of the entry level of the DSLRS. =)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

DJ-Hopefully I'll get to see you at some point next weekend. Maybe i'll head over to the 'ville, I haven't seen a baseball game there in a while.

Maria-A bag of BBQ k.chips was screaming at me this morning when I went in to get some coffee...I backed away slowly.

F. Bella - Welcome to the craziness that is my blog and thanks for commenting. The GI (not to be confused with gastrointestinal, although there is lots of fried food there) Festival is a grand time, hope you're able to make it. Music, food, arts and crafts,etc. (I thought it was next weekend though?) Thanks very much for the link,I'll check it out. I do want to stick with Canon in spite of the recent issues.

Deltaville Jamie said...

CBW- I won't be down long- in late Friday and home mid Sunday but hoping to catch the game.

And can I just say I am lusting after the Canon Rebel T2i- LUSTING. If Santa brings me one, well I can't really say since this is a PG blog

Footrina Bella said...

Dang! You are right about the date. ha. I will have to tell my Mom. I swear, I looked at the same festival page yesterday and it said the 23rd. Thanks for the heads up, or else we would have been scratching our heads tomorrow morning. ha.

Fighting Mermaid said...

Hoping your camera gets well soon. Mine started acting up again as well. I am in the pretending I don't own it anymore stage. I've been using the camera on my phone. Not happy about that. Do not even remotely consider a Nikon d40.

deborah said...

Glorious photos!
So sorry you are having camera issues...she takes such wondrous pictures I can't see why see doesn't want to work properly. Darn, I do hope you have enough Kettle Chips to make it thru this emergency!
You go girl! 6 miles in this heat? You are my hero!

Country Girl said...


Warerman JP said...

A morning cup of coffee good for you.
Sorry about the camera issues but, everything has a way of working itself out.I believe your choice of sticking with a Canon is a good one.

Dghawk said...

Oh No! Not again! I'm sure you will be fine whatever you chose to do. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I have to work both Sat.& Sun., and anyway the chemicals are REALLY messed up in the pool and it's still green! Between work and the rain, I might have it ready in time to close it down.