Tuesday, May 21, 2013


This baling operation started late last week in the field directly across from
Spring Hill Baptist Church in Cobbs Creek.

I pulled into the church parking lot to admire the goings-on.


In other news, Verizon finally got so tired of me using my vintage 2007  ancient flip phone, they sent me an offer on an iPhone I could not refuse. (They practically gave it to me.)  It arrived yesterday with instructions claiming there were only three simple steps! to activate the phone.  I couldn't get beyond Step One, which talks about backing up my Contacts list.

As if it's just that easy.

Chesapeake Bay Woman (who tends to refer to herself in the third person when talking about things she wishes to distance herself from) can't operate a single device in her household (or at work) without breaking or disabling it.  Yet she's supposed to just be all Step One, this is super simple! Let's just quickly back up our Contacts list?



No problem.

Chesapeake Bay Son, who rolls his eyes every time I try to do anything remotely technical I tap out a Morse-code-like text on the old flip phone, will be around tonight to help me get all this straight.  He's my in-house tech support, poor thing.  Recently I had to call him to ask how to use the DVD player. I was able to get audio but no video.

 "Mom," he says, "on that TV we don't use the DVD player. Take the DVD out of there and use the Xbox."

As if I know the first thing about an Xbox.

And he thinks I'm going to be able to use an iPhone?


Anonymous said...

Hard work bailing hay!.... I have one of those tech supports also he will be home June 1!!...Do you have to listen to how dumb we are ,and how they just don't know how we made it as far as we have, before He fix's the stuff for ya? I just remind mine of the fist fights i was in....LOL MM

Deltaville Jamie said...

If my mother can use an iPhone, you can use an iPhone. Of course, the Brat Child was the one who showed her how to work the iPhone (seriously. I'm not making that up). I always thought those round bales looked like giant grazing animals.

Annie said...

Fancy baling hay already! Seems early after your winter!
Hopefully you will get used to the phone, I am still learning about mine. And no, I don't happen to have a contacts list, I use my inbox as my contact list, I also drive my kids crazy!

growing wild on waverly lane said...

That tech support fellow of yours has always been a little uppity. When he was about three he was lecturing adults at a nature preserve on the species. Some got a little embarrassed at being corrected by a tyke.

Meg McCormick said...

OH NO, this means I am actually the last person on earth who still doesn't have an iPhone!! I can't wait till my work android contract expires in September - I'm going to ask for a phone allowance, use my personal #, and go iPhone.

On the contacts, if you haven't set up Backup Assistant with Verizon, the back-up will be hard - but honestly, go thru your contacts ,write down the numbers you still need, then just enter them in your phone. Or use gmail contacts, which will sync automatically to the phone. It's easy; download the app.

Someone who was also born in the 1960s and provides technical support to her husband, who is (almost) as baffled by his new iphone as you are.

Anonymous said...

CBW,my husband switched to an iphone a couple of years ago and understands SOME of its features. I can remember being horrified to discover that the phone came with NO manual, written instructions or anything...as if he had joined a secret club of iphoners who automatically knew everything about the phone by osmosis. I also recall accompanying him to purchase the phone at a venue full of energetic techno-sales persons who asked to see what sort of phone I had. You might remember that I live in Silicon Valley...I showed them my old, perfectly functioning, non-iphone/no-frills model, and 3 of the tech geeks broke out into uproarious laughter. My grandkids do not understand why I would even own a phone that has a bad camera and no other xtras.
Just so you know, my 7 yr. old grand daughter has mastered iphones and ipads since she was 5...since she moved to WA, she keeps in touch with her 7 yr. old friend who lives here...not by letters or email..they text each other every day. Good gravy.
I love your agrarian photos...a corner of non industrial paradise.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

MM- I am reminded daily of my technical inadequacies. Son does his best to explain things gently, but...

DJ -Hopefully I can get a tutorial from your son this weekend. Please stop by if you can.

Annie - Inbox as Contacts list is sounding good to me.

Wow - That's my boy. (And I remember that visit to Huntley Meadows in Alexandria., one of my favorite parks when we lived up that way.)

Meg- It's important to keep things in perspective. For example, I still have a mouse attached to my flaptop (aka laptop).

LLC - Thank you for articulating everything I couldn't. Really, thank you.