Friday, May 31, 2013


Last Sunday, my friend Alda's son Henry took me on a golf cart tour of their Cobbs Creek neighborhood that included this stunning structure.

Henry was kind enough to accommodate my obsession with old, solid buildings and their rugged yet rusted roofs.

He also did not bat an eye when I insisted on stopping long enough to get a picture of this gap.

There is a boat in the background of this shot.  Really.

I was so focused on the building that I almost overlooked everything going on
in the background, which included a boat.

Henry wanted to make sure I got these last two pictures of the water.

While I was focused on the Piankatank River, he suggested the best
shot would include something else.

These trees.

He was right.


Have a great weekend.


Annie said...

Looks great. The water and the trees.
Glad you didn't exhale too loudly and blow that building over!

Officially homeless here. Good feeling. Wondering where I will "land". First official application for a rental house at the beach looks like it might have been rejected. ;-(
Funny to be renting when I have never rented before.

Mental P Mama said...

As gorgeous as always....

Daryl said...

ahhh ... the perfect shot is always through something else

Meg McCormick said...

I need to be near water, and soon.

Anonymous said...

I could just wade in that water, children, wade in the water...