Wednesday, May 8, 2013


These pictures, taken from Aaron's Beach, date back to 2009.

That was back in the days when we actually saw the sun, and it wasn't raining 
and freezing cold even in the month of May.

Although I've been a little busy lately and unable to take many new pictures, 
even if I had the time the weather has just been so uncooperative.  
I think it's time to put Mother Nature in time out for being 
so obstinate about relinquishing winter.

Enough is enough with this weather.

...said the person with Seasonal Affective Disorder and a severe Vitamin D deficiency--even though she takes megadoses of supplements every day.  

(Or whenever she remembers to, whichever is less frequent.)

There really are cormorants in this picture, you just need a telescope to see them.
This particular shot wasn't really about cormorants anyway.  It actually had
more to do with my fascination  with the "V" those poles are making in this and the first two shots.
(Have I mentioned how easily entertained I am?)

This was taken last week on yet another gloomy, dreary, overcast day.

Click here for more info  on cormorants, including the fun fact that they sometimes make deep, pig-like grunts and are often confused with the common loon.


It's quite possible the Chesapeake Bay Family may also have a cormorant clinging firmly to a branch of the family tree, right next to Lucille Ball and Wayne Newton.


deborah said...

love to watch birds, especially water birds! Our weather was warm for about 3 hours one day, now its blah and rainy again. We do need some nice weather so we can quit taking the megadoses of Vitamin D:)

Kay L. Davies said...

Ah, cormorants! We saw very few birds in Italy (not counting pigeons in Venice) and the ones we did see were cormorants.
Those of us who live with wildlife nearby are luckier than we know. Dick and Lindy saw three young deer on their walk tonight.
And the three young deer saw Dick and Lindy, and probably went home to talk about the sighting.

Daryl said...

unot that i read it, but didnt these cormorants have the lead in The Old Man and The Sea?

Dghawk said...

Great pictures. What's sunshine?