Monday, May 13, 2013


Saturday evening I attended a fundraiser at Kingston Plantation.

This was the view from the back yard.
(Around here, when the back yard fronts the water, it's called the front yard.
So, technically, this was the view from the front yard.
No matter which yard is referenced, the view was spectacular.
Who here is exhausted even though we've not even begun the blog post?  CBW put your hand down.)

I might be the only human on the planet entertained by the juxtaposition of curvy driveways
and the vertical lines of fence posts, brick walls and trees.


There was music.

There was food.

There were good friends.

My Across-the-Creek Neighbors

Miss Gaylia of Sutton and Kline fame.

Aren't these two elegant?

Miss Ann, who owns Kingston

Miss Ann and Brenda M.

Proceeds from this event went to the Mathews Family YMCA.

What a great evening.


Annie said...

Looked like a great night, cbw.
Loved that last photo of the bridge, as well as the first few too...well, they were all good anyway!

Meg McCormick said...

I love me some old dudes with a banjo! And also, smoked meat. And a party under a tent at a plantation. Bet it was fun!!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm that food is making me hungry. Looks like a fun event! Betsy