Friday, May 3, 2013


Yesterday after spending two days hours on the tractor cutting grass, 

I stopped to admire the azaleas outside my front door.

One or two winged visitors joined me in admiring the blooms.

It was also nice to see the sun shining so brightly after forty days and forty nights

what has seemed like a week of cloudy, dreary weather.


This weekend will be busy but fun for me.

I hope yours is full of brilliant colors and sunshine.


Anonymous said...

My Great Grandfathers home place (which I was graced with your elegant Photography Skills,a while back) has one of the Larges Azalea bush"s in Mathews..I believe it was brought here from South Carolina in the back of my grandfathers car!!! Of course I will check with miss Pokie on that !! It is still blooming! They are in the middle of remolding the house , but I"m fighting tooth and nail for them to leave it alone!! And I'm a big boy!!Maybe I can win this ONE!! Come over anytime an take a look at the new/old home place You Know you are part of the family and the welcome mat is at your feet any time!!MM

Anonymous said...

The pictures remind me of a story my mother used to tell... When she was a little girl she had a teacher she didn't like very much. One day she said to the teacher, "You remind me of a flower." The teacher replied with a self-centered smile, "Oh, what kind of flower is that?" My mother deadpanned, "A blooming idiot."

What's up bro?


big hair envy said...

Beautiful photos! Can't wait for our play date tomorrow night:) Viva Quatro de Mayo! (You can thank CK for that one...I must give credit where it's due.)

Dghawk said...

Your azaleas are beautiful! All the azaleas I've seen this year are full of blossoms. I planted 3 azaleas when I moved into this house. Got up the next morning and they were GONE! Someting (probably deer) ate them down to the ground. I didn't try to re-plant.

Mental P Mama said...

Ahhhhh. Your property is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

My goodness,you must have cut every blade of grass on Waverly Lane. I know all to well the grass cutting thing. I spent at least six hours on the tractor and two hours weeding eating. However, I didn't need the flashlight attachment this time.

The blooms are beautiful.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

MM-I drove over to the island yesterday and can't believe what they've done to your great grandfather's home. I should do a before and after comparison, what a difference. (Didn't get any pics of the house yesterday but intend to go back.)

FC- I can absolutely see Pookie saying that. Absolutely.

BHE-Cuatro de Mayo was fantastic, thank you so much.

DGH-I'm surprised my azaleas have survived, since I'm a very negligent gardener.

MPM-You're too funny.

Anon-You ought to patent that flashlight attachment. Very innovative.