Tuesday, May 14, 2013

North River

These are a few more shots of the North River taken Saturday evening from the front yard back yard lovely grounds at Kingston Plantation. 

The weekend was a flurry of activity, starting with Daughter's soccer game Friday night. (They lost.  We don't want to discuss it.) Saturday's fundraiser was great fun.  Mother's Day involved a lot of work for me but also a lot of seafood fun.  If I get around to it, I'll post a few pictures from that Food Fest.

For now, there's not a whole lot to report other than surviving the work week and traveling to King William Wednesday night for Daughter's soccer game.  There are only a couple more games left in the season.

It's difficult to believe we're midway through May already.  If time goes by any faster, I'll be reporting directly from the Mathews Convalescent Center, which hopefully has really good food and top-notch entertainment.

I am counting on it.


Anonymous said...

Nice Pic's but as I all was tell you ,you need to slow down and enjoy your life a little ..... its passing you by!!!

Mental P Mama said...

Let's get a double apartment at the convalescent center. Okay?

Country Girl said...

I want some good food and top notch entertainment. Shuffleboard, anyone?

Mrs F with 4 said...

So peaceful, tranquil and...oh, I forget the other word. Can we get a SUITE at the convalescent home? Or maybe, we could just start our own. Cooperative Convalescents?

I can't believe it is mid-May, either. In the last week we have had boiling hot days of 32C, and now...snow again? What? Even the mosquitoes are confused! It has been a month for broken bones around here...scaphoid (son); tailbone (that would be me...); toes (um, me again? I fell off my flip flops..)

Still...pool is opened, hot tub, too. Boat in the water tomorrow. Not in the pool water, obviously; children are counting down to the end of school, as am I. Packed lunches, school buses, homework...history for ten whole weeks.

It's going to be good!