Wednesday, May 1, 2013


These were taken from the end of Reeves Road near the Coast Guard station at Milford Haven.

I was so busy admiring the scenery 

that I almost overlooked some activity at a nearby boat house.

How these creatures construct something like this on such a sharp angle is well beyond my comprehension. That the nest is strong enough to hold the parents as well as babies is even more incredible.

But more than anything? That pile of sticks disguised as a nest reminds me that I still have tons of yard work to do. A similar pile of yard debris has been patiently waiting for me to burn it for about three weeks now.


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Osprey,

In spite of the fact that I may have just likened your nest to a pile of yard debris, please know that I am genuinely impressed with your construction skills. I apologize for any confusion I may have inadvertently caused. It's just that your nest kinda sorta does resemble my stick pile. I doubt you'd want your children growing up in my yard, though. Too many cats on the ground there. Plus, you don't even build nests on the ground. So there, your nest and my pile of debris are in fact vastly different and should never be confused. Again. Ever. But of course you already knew that.

I'll stop now.

You're welcome.


p.s. The month of May is here already?


deborah said...

Yeppers, its May!
So proud here, as of yesterday, my youngest son is a homeowner! We will miss having him and his fiancee here, but he is making steps in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

I was noticing (in the distance) the "Hole In The Wall" , I wonder how many small islands will be there this year for summer fun? I guess we will have to check that out soon!

Deltaville Jamie said...

That nest has been there for a couple of years now which makes it even more impressive. I got some good osprey pics out at Belle Isle State Park in Lancaster I'll eventually get around to blogging. When things calm down a bit. If they ever do. This weekend I am doing yard work. I'm tilling up a new garden section for my sister Friday, shopping for veggies for my garden saturday and tilling up my aunt's garden on Sunday. Also, my fiance's land lady asked us to till her small garden area maybe thursday. I might have to start charging.

Mental P Mama said...

Wait. It's May?

Daryl said...

may .... the lovely month of may .. and its finally warming up here ...

Dghawk said...

I bet it's fun trying to get that boat out when there are chicks in the nest. With Mom & Dad Osprey divebombing, I hope they have hard hats.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! It is good to know that if one has a pile of sticks loitering in the yard, we can simply claim that it is an osprey nest..and it will be removed "once the ospreys depart".
If someone knowledgeable retorts that ospreys do not build nests on the ground...we'll reply that the bird obviously has "issues".