Tuesday, May 7, 2013


2011 Soccer 

These pictures of Daughter are from seasons past.

2011 - 2012 Basketball

Spring 2012 Lacrosse

Her sport du jour is MHS JV soccer. Friday night's game against Middlesex was a tie, 2-2. Last night, Mathews won against West Point 2-1.

All four of the goals in the past two games were made by the same little girl who ferociously--and very naturally--charged after the ball at the age of three while everyone else including her wonderful brother was chasing butterflies.

At the risk of bragging, I just have to say out loud, once again, that this girl is something else, and I am thrilled and honored to be her parent.

Below are a few of my previous bragging sessions.

2011 Fall Sports

2011 CB Daughter 

2012 Lacrosse 

p.s. Son is absolutely wonderful too. He just found out he's been accepted to a NASA program that will take him to Langley Air Force Base over the summer.

My cup runneth over.

p.s.s.t. The Chesapeake Bay Family just found out we may be/likely are related to Lucille Ball, thanks to a reader who visits my mother's blog.

When the cup runneth over, it pours. Or when it rains, it runneth over.

Or something.


Annie said...

wow..well done cb daughter and son..amazing.

fancy being related to Lucille Ball, that could explain a few things...why this blog is so interesting and entertaining!

deborah said...

athleticism runs in your family:)
Congrats to your daughter on her fantastic sports abilities!
Related to Lucille Ball is just too cool!
How exciting for your son! That will definitely be an interesting adventure for him-

On my side, today is moving day for my son and his fiancee - a bittersweet day for me. Happy that he had purchased a house but I'm going to miss them...

Anonymous said...

A chip off the old block!!!But never a doubt in my mind!!! MM you were something in your high school years yourself!!! MM

Deltaville Jamie said...

Wow, Wayne Newton AND Lucille Ball? How did you get so lucky? Congrats to CBD

Daryl said...

i am SO thrilled for CBSon ... he can find his way around nyc i have no doubt he will be a star in this fabulous program

and CBDaughter ... a gorgeous young woman with so many talents .. not the least of which is her lack of fear of heights ;)

Meg McCormick said...

Lucille Ball? Fascinating!
Your daughter comes naturally by her tenaciousness and athletic prowess. Both your kiddos are blessings.

Mental P Mama said...

Blessings everywhere! xoxoxoxo