Friday, May 10, 2013


This quaint building is directly across from the one in yesterday's post.

It's one of the landmarks that make up downtown Bohannon,Virginia.

Business isn't exactly booming in downtown Bohannon, but that suits us just fine.

If we want a Starbucks or a Walmutant or a 
McDonald's --and many of us don't, ever-- we drive to Gloucester for all that.

Still, if anyone feels like opening up a Thai or Vietnamese restaurant, there is at least one commercial building in Bohannon that appears to be available.  It might be a fixer upper, but it'd sure be one of a kind.

I hope your weekend is one of a kind. 


Daryl said...

i love old buildings with great old signage ...

Country Girl said...

Kinda like Bohannon is.

Anonymous said...

Yes to Thai restaurants, NO to Wal-mutancy. (There's been a documentary floating around with interviews of many town residents, biz owners and community leaders who recount how Wal Muck went in, seducing a town with promises of employment, only to shut down entire towns and ruin their economies.)
I think some wine is calling, I seem to have found myself atop a soapbox..
An early Happy Momma's Day to you and CB Mom.

Dghawk said...

What a neat little building. I bet at one time it even had one of those old gas pumps that you hand pumped the gas into a globe on the top and then you put it tn your car.

Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

New life for the building is happening! If you got some new ideas on what type service Bohannon need please post!