Wednesday, May 29, 2013


45 on Ridge Road

11 at the Mouth of Queens Creek
(Cow Point)

Zero Near Aaron's Beach

Compass Numbers

Boat Registration Numbers

Road Numbers

Address Numbers

20 Near Windsor
(You may have to click on the image to enlarge.)

45 on Gwynns Island

Although numbers and I tend to bicker and fuss as a general rule, there are rare times when we get along-- provided they aren't part of an algebraic equation or a word problem involving trains leaving stations. Math and I were never good friends, but sometimes numbers--as long as they're not being pushy and trying to take over and confuse things--are OK.

Seven, for example, has always been my favorite number, dating back to high school when I'd write it inside my socks for track meets or basketball games.

(This was back in the day when people wore socks instead of footies. Back in this same day, student athletes would trot across the high school parking lot to the pay phone, dial their home phone number without inserting the required dime or quarter, and then hang up when their mother answered. This was the signal to the mother that practice was over. Kids? Is it any wonder your grandparents struggle with concepts like texting and your very own mother does too? would still have dial-up internet if not for your intervention?)

Click here for a 2008 post  that references the number seven a few times.

Click here and here for my mother's answers to the same questions.

This hodgepodge of a blog post that claimed to be about numbers and wound up referencing pay phones, footies, and the year 2008 is now coming to a merciful close.


Anonymous said...

You are so right my friend, Mom made me keep a quarter in my shoe at all times, for pay phone use!! I would used to play pool at Frenchie's in the court house...But what she did not know did not hurt her!! Some how (between Me and you ) I think She knew!! Funny they all ways knew! How did they do that?? LOL MM

Deltaville Jamie said...

I remember my grandmother buying me a little Hello Kitty address book and then giving me 2 dimes to keep in the front pocket in case I needed to make a couple of calls. 13 is my favorite number. And 26.

Daryl said...

love this post ... tho i personally am quite enumerate numerically challenged (ten fingers, ten toes to count on and then i am trouble) i find photos of numbers quite fascinating ... a friend of mine is collecting photos of numbers to make her little grandson a book!

Mental P Mama said...

Why did we have to learn about those trains heading toward each other at different speeds? Really? Have we ever had to figure out anything remotely like this in life? I just need to know how many glasses are in a case of Malbec.

deborah said...

keeping a dime in my shoe was back when we had to remember phone numbers!