Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Coming and Going

Here are some shots of a baby boat following its mother 

into and out of the harbor at St. Michaels.

Of course, very few people except me call them 

baby boats or mother boats for that matter.

But the one thing about not writing for anyone other than yourself

is the creative license to call things whatever you feel like calling them.

Today, I see a baby boat.

Most people with any sense call them dinghies. 

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.




That's one funny word, you have to admit.

Baby boat sounds cute and slightly more dignified, in my opinion.

(Dignified may be a stretch.)


When I first loaded these pictures and slapped on a title (which I often do before I have any idea what I'm going to write-- if you care to call this writing, and I don't because it's just meandering thoughts), I was thinking about how I sat and watched this particular boating family come in and out of the harbor and how here lately it feels as if all I've done all summer is come and go, between commuting to work and all the various trips and activities.  

If these are my biggest problems, life is good.  

But I sure am looking forward to a few consecutive days where the car never leaves the yard.  

Also, I need a new car new tires.

Have a dinghy of a day!


Annie said...

Funny, I read that third last sentence as "looking forward to a few consecutive days when the car never leaves the port" oops. silly me.

Reminds me of the story of a captain, on retiring, and on his last trip, looking at a little piece of folded paper in his pocket, and his mate asks him, does he mind asking what was written on the piece of paper he consulted every time he came and went in and out of the harbors. To which the captain replied..

"Port, left. Starboard, right"

I hope I got that right,(I did google it to make sure of my facts) and I hope that I didn't read that joke here on your blog, pretty sure I heard it on the radio a week or so ago!!

Cute boat ...dinghy is indeed a funny word, but not quite as strange as "tinny" ..is what they are so often referred to over here ...in Australia...very affectionately of course, (and I guess they have to be made out of metal)?

Gosh, apologies for the grammar in some of those sentences...I just don't know how to fix it up without making more of a mess!!! And it is only 4pm. hmmm.

Deltaville Jamie said...

The funniest sign I've ever seen was a sale ad at West Marine for "Hard Dinghies" Dinghy and Squatch are 2 of my favorite words.

Anonymous said...

Here are some things to yell next time you are lucky enough to spot a dinghy. " Hey there, I see your DINGHY! Does your WIFE know you're toting that big dinghy around? Uh oh, I've seen THAT dinghy before. Hello, need some help gettin' your dinghy in? Hey, you really shouldn't take your dinghy out around these parts.. bad beavers up the creek, they'll tear'er up!"

Daryl said...

there are some words that are a delight to repeat .. dinghy is one .. kokopeli is another ... cocorico is another ... try it ... go ahead