Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pelicans, Pound Nets and Sunsets

Son, Daughter and I stayed here for two nights after 
spending the two previous nights in my friend Iris's beach house in Delaware.

Most of the pictures I took in Delaware were from the iPhone.

At the moment, I am too tired to deal with transferring them.

Anyway, we enjoyed the visit with Iris and her family immensely.

The two nights we spent in Kiptopeke were very relaxing.

And the sunsets? 


We started the drive back to Mathews Monday morning.  The trip takes us over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, which drops us off in the Virginia Beach vicinity. Son had the great idea to extend the vacation by just a few hours by stopping in Virginia Beach.

Who was I to say no to more beach time which would also delay our return to reality?

We parked the car, dragged our beach chairs out one more time and enjoyed the most beautiful weather.

Then we drove home.

Some of us are in denial that there is work tomorrow.  But some of us can't complain about having the opportunity to get away again so soon after our North Carolina vacation.

No, some of us have nothing to complain about at all.

I hope your weekend was great and that your week is too.


Annie said...

Sounds absolutely delightful. Denial is sometimes a great place to be.

One of those sunset photos is spectacular CBW. So glad you could get away so soon again. That's definitely what summer is for!

Are you able to transfer your photos via Bluetooth? I have found it very easy onto my little laptop, and believe me if I can do it all by myself, and not get lost along the way it can't be all that hard. Mind you my sister the technophile couldn't, so I am not sure what that says. But the iphone may be slightly different to the android that I have anyway, maybe. Your son or daughter would be able to show you in no time at all I am sure. It could be a problem if you took heaps of photos, (as I do sometimes)...then it may be easier and quicker to do it another more traditional way. But I find I can sit in front of tv and do them one by one each night (or day) no trouble via bluetooth. Of course it could be a problem if you don't watch tv!! ;-) Wish my ordinary camera had bluetooth..well, if it were working, of course, which it isn't at the moment. ;-(
Hope you have a grand week, all of you!!

Many thanks to your Mum for the title of my next book! Hah.

Kay L. Davies said...

Fabulous photos, CBW. I love birds on posts (had one on my blog yesterday) and those sunsets! WOW!
I'm certainly taking my camera when I head out to the east coast.
Luv, K

Deltaville Jamie said...

LOVE the photos. YOu know, Blogger has an app for iPhones. I use the app to upload my photos from the phone to the blog, then when I get at a computer I type the blog. Get CBSon to help you, it's actually very very easy (and the app is free). Plus, when I'm away without a computer, I can post quick things if I feel like it.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie, I love that place called Denial. And yes, great title to the book!

Kay - Definitely bring your camera, there's lots to photograph here.

DJ-I will get Son to help. I know how to transfer from iPhone to the laptop but am just too lazy to do it. The app sounds like the way to go. Especially if it's free...