Monday, August 26, 2013


A rogue rose grows in my back yard.
(I do nothing to encourage it, yet it thrives.)

The weather here in Mathews this weekend was nothing short of spectacular.

Bright sunshine, cool breezes and low humidity.

Zinnias next door at my parents' house.

This weekend Son arrived home safely from visiting Middle Sis in Atlanta.

Last night my mother had us over for a Sunday night seafood fest, and Son told us about all their adventures, which included a tour of Georgia Tech, a ferris wheel ride, Stone Mountain, and the Mall of Georgia.

(When you grow up in Rural, USA, an hour away from everything except 7-11, which is always within a stone's throw civilization, the Mall of Georgia quickly shoots to the top of the list of  things to do when you finally do venture out.)

During dinner, when I heard him describing the layout of Atlanta as not being "on the grid system" like New York, I felt a strange sort of pride.

I know he can navigate the seas of life without fear, with a healthy curiosity and confidence, but with his small-town roots intact.

Thanks to Middle Sis for providing a home away from home during this important journey of his.

Happy Monday. Welcome to the last week of August.  Already.


Kay L. Davies said...

And what a beautiful place your son had to come home to, CBW. I hope your wonderful weather continues.

Annie said...

There's not a lot of flora more colorful than zinnias. Very nice, and the rose too.

Sounds like CB Son is getting around. Good to have family around too.

The last week in August. Gosh, already! That means the US Open must be on this week. Something to watch on tv in the middle of the night, I hope, if I am awake, of course! Haven't seen much tennis for a while.

Meg McCormick said...

Is his last first day of school NEXT week? Ours was this morning. I sent a senior and a sophomore out the door. Feeling awfully melancholy this morning.

Middle Sis said...

Oh, we had a blast! Did he also tell you that we went to see "We are the Millers?" That was funny, too. Miss him already!! He can come back anytime. And did CB daughter like her hoodie?

Middle Sis!

Daryl said...

benign neglect .. thats what i call it when a plant thrives despite me

CBSon is an awesome young man and will do well no matter what grid he lands on/in

Country Girl said...

Welcome home, Sam!

Pretty flowers at your place. Heck, your place is just plain pretty all the time.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful rogue rose looked very happy there....little slice of heaven. Your son is becoming a remarkable young man. Happy Female Equality Day to you, sisters, CB Mom and CB daughter. (So much lost ground to regain...sigh)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Kay - It's going back to 90 degrees tomorrow, but I am hopeful it will cool off again by the end of September for your visit.

Annie-The zinnias are gorgeous. I wouldn't even know any of the tennis players, it's been a long time since I watched.

Meg-He started community college/Governor's School this morning but the high school starts next week. (Gulp.) Very melancholy.

Middle Sis -THANK YOU! Yes, she loved the hoodie. We really appreciate everything you did.

Daryl - I love your gardening vocabulary. I need signs with Benign Neglect in all the beds around my house. (Those would be weed beds.)

CG - Yours is as well. Love your bird photos of late.

LLC- Happy Female Equality Day! I had no idea.

Thank you for reading and commenting, it is greatly appreciated.