Thursday, August 22, 2013

Three Things

Once again we greet the day called Thursday, and on this blog that means we share three things.

I'll go first.

1.  Son is currently in Dacula, GA, visiting Middle Sister. (That's Dacula, not Dracula.  I don't know why they insist on dropping that letter, but every time I see, write or say that word I want to insert the "r" back where it belongs.  Dracula. Except it's Dacula.  This circular, superfluous commentary is now coming to a close. Please remain seated until CBW's brain comes to a full and complete stop.)

1b.  Anyway.  They spent yesterday touring Georgia Tech and downtown Atlanta, which is not far from where Middle Sister lives in Dracula Dacula.  I am so grateful they're able to spend some time together. We don't get to see her often since she's so far away, but her being there gives him the opportunity to spend quality time exploring yet another city as he contemplates his future.

2.Yesterday I ran five miles for the first time this calendar year in months, and it didn't feel awful, surprisingly.  My route took me from Wayland Baptist Church to Onemo and back, and I absolutely loved the peace and quiet of those back roads even as I gasped for breath.

3. This week my father fixed a broken headlight and parking light on my car. He also fixed my tractor, which was out of commission (technically it was a tire issue), and made sure my grass was cut these past couple of weeks--no easy feat. When you're a working mother who spends most of her time away from home due to all the associated and conflicting demands, these gestures are priceless.  I really appreciate all he does for me and am very grateful to have him around and feeling well enough to do all that he does.  (Hi, CB Mother!  I also appreciate everything you do, like taking Daughter to and from cross country practice and fixing us wonderful dinners and taking care of our dog and cat. Thank you!)

Now it's your turn to share three things.  Or four things.  Whatever you want.  Whatever's on your mind.

Soybean field in Moon, VA.


Anonymous said...

I love all your water photographs that you post,and I stop a moment to take in each one and sigh...yet the light and tones in today's 2 pastoral photos have the same serene effect. ...ahhh---
Even though that contrasts with the hectic pace that runs through your life these days. Good for you for running again!

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. I'm fairly certain Dacula was Dracula's lesser known half-wit brother.

2. I've been thinking for the last couple of months that some sharp fanged animal has been taking large bites out of my tomatoes. Turns out it's just some stupid chickens. Or not stupid since they had me thinking a chupacabra was eating my veggies.

3. I found a bottle of Holy Water in the spice cabinet so the logical thing to do was put it in my purse. It's still in my purse. I don't know why either. (though, when you chase after the paranormal you can never be too careful.)

3b. This is not as odd as the can of Holy Water we had in the fridge. It was in a coffee can. It eventually rusted.

4. I had no intention of discussing Dracula, his brother Dacula, chupacabras or Holy Water.

Country Girl said...

1. Bravo for your parents, your middle sis, and your whole family.

2. Summer is on the wane and changes are in the air. It's mostly a good thing.

3. I miss you and your laughter.

Charlie said...

1. You have an incredible ability to photograph (and see) the beauty in seemingly mundane, everyday things. Anybody can take a breathtaking photograph of the Grand Canyon or the Eifel Tower; very few can make a soybean field into a work of art.
2. Chesapeake Bay Son is a talented young man who will excel wherever he decides to go, although
3. You've got to love a college whose mascot is a 1930 Model A Ford. Go Yellow Jackets. Go Ramblin' Wreck.

Kay L. Davies said...

1. I dare anyone except a long-time resident of the place to look at the word "Dacula" without adding an R.
2. A month from now I'll be leaving there to come back here. How time flies, it almost seems as if the trip is over before it has begun.
3. I miss my parents.
4. I'm really curious about the can of Holy Water Jamie had in a coffee can in the fridge.
Hi to your mom from me (this isn't #5, this is by way of a Yours Truly).