Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gwynn's Island Bridge

After a feeble attempt at exercise last evening, I decided to drive over to Gwynn's Island to snap a few shots, knowing full well I risked being marooned stuck on the island indefinitely.

Sunday, Sheriff Mark Barrick called county residents via the emergency notification system to inform us that the bridge was stuck open and was therefore closed to vehicular traffic.  No traveling onto or off of the island. Stuck. Nobody knew when it would be fixed.  Thanks to Facebook, I learned that within several hours it had been pulled closed by some boats.

(Note:  This Facebook intel has not been confirmed, but one thing I can confirm is the bridge is now open to vehicular traffic. Also, who here is confused about the fact that an open bridge can be closed to vehicular traffic? Of that by closing the bridge it can be open to traffic? Well, an open bridge is open to marine traffic, also known as boats.  If you're ready to jump off said bridge right now due to CBW's incessant rambling, you're likely not the only one.)


As I drove across last evening, I could just see it.

While I was off snapping mindless photos, marveling at the sunset and scanning the skies to see what was being highlighted best, the bridge would open to let a boat pass through and stay stuck open again.

Then what?

I'd either have to swim home (not really an option) or ask Son to retrieve me in the canoe. He'd do it, perhaps, but he'd probably come up with a "better" way that wouldn't involve him paddling a canoe all the way out of Queens Creek and around to Milford Haven just to retrieve his mother and turn around and do all that paddling again.  That better way no doubt would involve what I labeled as my worst case scenario:   I figured I'd sleep in my car in the Sea Breeze parking lot, because surely that bridge would stay stuck open all night long causing me to miss work in the morning.

But wait.

How would I explain my absence from work in the morning?

CBW's brain not only keeps her vastly entertained, it allows her to create unnecessary nightmares contingency plans for survival as well as all new sources of worry, such as how long it would take her employer to call local law enforcement to verify her statements.

But this is where CBW wins!

Because when they called,  local law enforcement would sing the same song as CBW.

"The bridge is stuck open. The End."

CBW:  "Hello?  I'm sorry, I can't come to work today.  I drove over to Gwynn's Island, and the bridge got stuck open, and I'm trapped here.  No. Really.  You can't make this stuff up."

Work:  "Wait.  Where is Gwynn's Island and how does a bridge get stuck open? What do you mean there's no way off the island?  Are you sure there isn't something bigger going on here such as the size of your nose growing with all these lies, Pinocchio?"

CBW:  "Just call the sheriff.  He'll tell you."

Work:  "Note for the file:  I've never heard anything like this before. Let's keep a close eye on this one."

See the heron? I didn't notice him until after I took the picture.

Needless to say, the bridge did not malfunction last night,
and I didn't have to worry about sleeping in my car 
or what to tell my place of employment.


I drove home, loaded these pictures and spent way longer than anticipated sharing my inner thoughts on the whole prospect of the Gwynn's Island bridge malfunctioning.

It malfunctioned on Sunday.  It's working now.

The End.


Deltaville Jamie said...

I would pay money to drive to Gwynn's Island (alone- or at least without my stressors) and have the bridge get stuck open indefinitely. I'd just camp on the beach or something.

Daryl said...

i know that bridge, its the one place in the area you can get cellphone connectivity ... xo

Anonymous said...

You did say "thankfully" that you did not get stuck on the island nor have to miss work...but I believe you were secretly disappointed.
1. What a grand tale(--along with so many others) to tell your grandchildren: "The night I was stranded on Gwynn's Island"...
2. "the dog ate my homework" might have worked only in school, but what a chance to test out "the bridge stranded me on Gwynn's Island so I couldn't make it to work " excuse. So much better than a washed-out bridge for originality.
3. I have a feeling that a file is already being kept on you, LOL.
I am listening to the O'Jays singing "Backstabbers" ('What they do?')on headphones. I used to work in a camera store in the early 70's with 4 young salesclerks, and when we had no customers we used to crank up the radio whenever this song came on, grabbing lens brushes to use a microphones and perform the song with all the choreography. Good times....

Anonymous said...

OOOps (that was me, LLC above)