Monday, August 12, 2013

Maritime Museum

Once upon a time, Chesapeake Bay Woman was introduced to 

And it was love at first sight.

A two-hour boat ride brought CBW to this quaint harbor,
where she saw familiar sights that reminded her of Mathews County.

Not all of the sights of St. Michaels were like Mathews though.

There were a few things we wouldn't necessarily see here, such as a bustling
marina that put boaters steps away from the same restaurants available to 
the pedestrians walking around town.

This is the cutest tugboat face I've ever seen. Of course I've not seen that many in my life, but still.

Bustling marina notwithstanding, the museum proper felt like home.

I'll share more photos from my favorite part of the museum, the Small Boat Shed, next.

How was your weekend?


Kay L. Davies said...

So beautiful, CBW, even the yachts. And I love love love the tugboat. When I tried to buy the Ocean Belle in the early 1970s, to convert her to a live-aboard, I imagined she would look like this when restored.
The bank manager wouldn't lend me the $20,000 unless I intended to keep her as a working tug. What? I had a job, but needed a house. Duh.
Sigh again.
Hi to your Mom. Tell her I'm getting excited.

Country Girl said...

A two-hour tour? Sorry, but am humming the Gilligan's Island theme song here. Love your photos from St. Michael's and looking forward to more.
Quiet weekend here - back to work. Ugh.

Annie said...

After the fright of a possible 8 week premmie baby being born Friday night, (false alarm fortunately) and minding small children while Mum and Dad visited hospital in the big city, things calmed down, and a quiet day was had by all on Saturday.
Sunday found me accompanying 5 year old grandson to the University Open Day, visiting daughter helping out and showing one of her projects to potential students, some giant spiders spinning spider web silk. Some very fast racing cars in the physics department, very impressive for a 5 year old, or a 65 year old.
A climb into the back of the paramedic training van was also exciting for a small boy, some looks into some very strange mirrors, that almost freaked out this grandma, not to mention trying out all the early childhood activities, building giant lego blocks, and fishing with magnets for little magnetized sea creature toys seemed to make a spark on his fun meter too!

Not a bad weekend, after minding a little girl with Hand Foot and Mouth disease last week!

Meg McCormick said...

Love St. Michaels! My weekend consisted of one brooding teen, lots of family laughs around a campfire, two family reunions, and the shocking discovery that the nearest "State Store" (that's PA-speak for the liquor/wine store, as all are state-controlled) CLOSED two weeks ago, which meant the nearest bottle of wine could be purchased in one of two stores about 20 miles in either direction from where we stayed. WTF, Pennsylvania. (We bravely bought beer, but still.)

Tracey9AD said...

I've been there and LOVED it, as well as the town of St. Michaels too. <3

Daryl said...

even with overcast skies those are some beautiful scenes

Dghawk said...

Cool! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I'm still battling the algae bloom from you-know-where in the pool. I'm thinking of giving up and just wait till next year and drain the whole thing and start over.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Kay, you have quite the life story, I am impressed you would consider living aboard a boat. It's a dream of mine, except that dream also includes an independently wealthy captain who also likes to cook and clean and knows how to repair everything that I will eventually break. Hey, as long as we're dreaming, might as well go for it..I'll tell my mother hello.

CG-Yes, a two-hour tour!

Annie-You've had your fair share of excitement. I'm glad to hear the alarm was a false one.

Meg - This was the first time I'd ever been, and I loved St. Michaels. Note to self: BYOW if traveling to visit Meg in PA.

Tracey-It was awesome.

Dary-Thanks. Yes, it was overcast most of the day but that was probably a blessing in disguise since the sun combined with the existing humidity would have been oppressive.

DGH-Sympathies on the algae bloom. Unfortunately I am not much good at these things but hope you're able to get it under control. Or start over, as you say.