Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Small Boat Shed

These are some scenes from the small boat shed at the

This was probably my favorite part of the museum.

This boat was my favorite for lots of reasons.

I liked the rugged red paint, which is different.

And of course I loved the imperfections.

(This references the boat above.)

Yes, a person could easily while away hours in this museum, especially if that person's name is Chesapeake Bay Woman.

I highly recommend a visit to St. Michaels, Maryland, and the museum if you get the chance.

I also highly recommend not blinking your eyes if you ever have a baby.  Before you know it, you will have blinked three times and that baby will be an 18-year-old young man entering his senior year in high school.

Happy birthday to Chesapeake Bay Son, who continues to astonish me with his accomplishments, his abilities, his compassion and his zest for life.

I love you, CB Son.


Kay L. Davies said...

I'm looking forward to meeting your handsome and accomplished son, and yourownself, too, as well as your daughter and your mother, etc. ...
but I'll have to pass up on the Maritime Museum. Suffice it to say I'd have chosen the red double-ender as my favorite also, warts and all.

Country Girl said...

I am lucky to have had the pleasure of meeting your son and actually being in NYC with all of you last Christmas. Happy Birthday to him.

And thanks for this little tour of the museum. Maybe we can meet there some time in the future . . .

Daryl said...

happy birthday to CB Son ... and i am loving all those photos .. my fav is definitely the imperfection with the sign peeking through

foolery said...

Blogger ate my comment. It was brilliant, I assure you. This isn't: red boat GOOD, holes in bottom of boat BAD. Love the photos.

Happy birthday CB Son! Looking forward to seeing all of you again next month -- now a ridiculous squealing sound is in order but I don't make those. Love to you all!

Meg McCormick said...

Happy birthday CB Son!! My oldest will be a senior. Tomorrow morning he is to pose in his cap and gown for his senior yearbook portrait. You are right - I shouldn't have blinked.

Anonymous said...

Love the old boats yet sad they have to be in a museum, as the waterman's life becomes a thing of the past.
A most happy birthday to CB son; I know he means everything to his family.

Sooska said...

There is a nice Chesapeake Museum in Havre de Grace , the Bay headwaters town NE of Baltimore. It is small but comprehensive. Cute town.