Thursday, August 1, 2013

Three Things

Welcome to Thursday, where I try to share no more than at least three things and encourage you to do so too.

I'll begin.

1.  A few weeks ago, if you'd told me there would be another Blog Fest (click here) in Mathews--this year--I'd have thought you were crazy.  If you said Not only will there be a 2013 Blog Fest, but new bloggers will join us too, I'd say no way.  Get out of town.

Kay from Canada is researching travel options and Sheryl from here is coming, in addition to many from the other two Blog Fests.

No way! Get out of town! 

It's true.

2.  Whether you're contemplating a trip to Mathews for Blog Fest 2013 or just need a week, a weekend or even a night away from it all, please check this vacation rental out.

3.  Son, Daughter and I are traveling today to Dewey Beach to visit my college roommate Iris, who has a vacation house there.  It will be great getting away and seeing her and her family.  It's hard to believe I've known her for over 30 years.  (Click here for a post about the last time we visited her.)

4.  (Because three is merely a suggestion.)  With various trips out of town, back-to-school stuff, major family celebrations (Son's 18th birthday and parents' 50th wedding anniversary), and Blog Fest 2013 to prepare for, the months of August and September are more than full.  One blink and I'll be applying for Social Security  it's going to be October.

Now it's your turn.  Please share three or more things. Whatever happens to be on your mind.

5. p.s.In case I don't have the opportunity to post from Delaware, have a great weekend.


Deltaville Jamie said...

1. In the mess that is my life currently, I waffle between saying I'm going to Blogfest '13 and saying I'm not going. Don't worry I'm going to be there- I know it's probably exactly what I need to feel normal again.

2. Is anyone else amused that Blogfest could even remotely make someone feel "normal"?

3. I'm thinking hearing CBMumma belt out "Shake Your Money Maker" over outdoor speakers at 11pm will be rivaled only by the Brat Child's rendition of "I'm Hexy and I Know It" (Please, God, make him keep his clothes on)

growing wild on waverly lane said...

OMG! LOL! After I text someone, I'm gonna tweet.

Meg McCormick said...

2. GRAPEFRUIT CRUSHES AT THE STARBOARD. Find Mattie or Shelly at the bar.
3. JUGS!!!

Kay L. Davies said...

1. I have my airline reservations.
2. I have my Amtrak reservations.
3. I have my hotel-near-the-airport-in-DC reserved, too.
4. You probably won't get my e-mail because you're away, but I e-mailed your mother, too.

Annie said...

Love you are having another Blogfest. Good on you!

Wish I could be there, one day!

Love having fish and chips with the little family on Friday night. Even though we are not quite at the beach, it is nice to be with family more often.

Debating whether to buy an OLD house, five minuets up the mountain from here. Decisions decisions.

Have a great weekend.

Annie said...

That should be five MINUTES up the mountain..haha, not minuets!!

growing wild on waverly lane said...

Five Minuets up the Mountain, sounds like a great title for a book. Maybe an intimate look at the dance habits of Thomas Jefferson.

Annie said...

yes, I'll have to remember that for my next book...well for the book I always wanted to write!

Daryl said...

hope your weekend was super ..

Anonymous said...

when is your blogfest '13 ?
I may have a housing suggestion.