Saturday, April 24, 2010

Clayton Exhibit

This house sits off the road that goes from Port Haywood to Onemo. I would have zoomed in a little closer to avoid that hateful chain but the car was stopped in the middle of the road and I was shooting with one hand (the other of course was on the wheel), plus another car was approaching from behind. Why does taking pictures have to be so stressful?

While we're on the topic of stress (aren't we?), remind me to tell you what happened later on after I took this picture. The law, Chesapeake Bay Children and a near stroke are all key elements of that story.

Speaking of old places (which we were, back in the first paragraph before I became sidetracked by yet another trespassing story), today at the Clayton Building on the Gloucester Court Green you can take a look at some of the artifacts unearthed by archaeologists Bob Harper and his wife Lisa, who have been working at the site of Clayton's home for five years. John Clayton, clerk of the court from 1720 to 1773, was also well known for his work in botany.

Preparations for this exhibit and the associated lectures today have not been without a case of the hiccups.

Yesterday Bob sent me an e-mail explaining that the electricity had been cut (accidentally) to the building; the power point presentation is in jeopardy due to equipment malfunction, and the building had not been cleaned for today's soiree.

Below is an excerpt from that e-mail which made me chuckle. A lot. Poor Mr. Harper has the same luck I do, which is essentially Murphy's Law no luck at all, unless you count bad luck.*

Here's how he summed up the John Clayton Exhibit preparations:

When I cross the street now and the sign says "Look Both Ways" I have to remind myself that really means up and down because the ground might inadvertently open up or a helicopter might land on me! Ah, the joys of public speaking! Thanks for all your blog on Clayton and now when I ask "Who Cares About John Clayton?," I can say, me and eight other people instead of seven! If you come bring all the guests you want and please, please, please come up and introduce yourself to me. Hope you can be there. Bob

I can't wait to meet my long lost kin him and will indeed be there early.

The exhibit will be open all day, and there will be lectures at 2:00 and 7:00. I'll be attending the 2:00 session and will be the one who looks as though she's doing anything except the pages of chores on her Procrastination List To Do list.

If you happen to be in the area and have some time, please stop by. BYOF. Bring your own flashlight. Just kidding! He said he has a back-up plan in the event that current isn't restored by tomorrow.

*For the two other people besides my father, and by default me, who ever watched Hee Haw, this comes straight from the song that went:

"Gloom, despair and agony on me;
deep dark depression, excessive misery;
if it weren't for bad luck,
I'd have no luck at all.
Gloom, despair and agony on me."


nativedevil said...

The Clayton house exhibit sounds very interesting.
We watched "Hee Haw" every Saturday night, along with the "Lawrence Welk Show", then "S.W.A.T." and "The Love Boat".

Annie said...

Yes, I was going to say it sounded like Murphy's Law in operation for the presentation. Always happens to me!

Gosh, and you left us hanging on the photo of the house story and the cb children and the stroke.You do know how to keep us on the edge of our seats.

That poem/song at the end reminds me of a Happy Birthday song that goes...

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
pain misery and despair
people dying everywhere
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday.

..all sung to a mournful dirge of course.

Don't know whether my kids and their friends made it up, or whether it is sung wider than our family.

Hope your weekend is a great one!

Kate said...

Ha! I knew! I knew Hee Haw was going to make an appearance in this article when you started talking about bad luck! LOL I loooved hee haw! Remember the skit where the barber was telling re-invented bed time stories and the one he told was about RiderCella and how she slopped her dripper? Priceless! How come that show didn't last? I guarantee ratings would go through the roof if prime time tv decided to do hee haw reruns!

Daryl said...

What happened to the trespass story?

Can we go there in July?

WV ferop .. its code for feral photo ops ..I was going on a ferop w/CBW but the law intervened

Pueblo girl said...

What an absolutely gorgeous house. So lovely to look at, so sad to think of so many empty houses.
The exhibition sounds interesting - looking forward to hearing about it.
And love the Hee Haw song.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I, too, felt left hanging when the promised trespassing story was not delivered. I might not be able to sleep tonight.

Country Girl said...

I wasn't a big Hee Haw fan. Loved Laugh In, though.
And the exhibit sounds interesting, actually.

Grandma J said...

One more reason to move to Mathews! I'm holding my breath about the law, kids and stroke stuff.

Ann Marie said...

DUDE YOU are channeling me AGAIN... Friday night at roughly 9 or sometime or another .. it was in fact Friday night Sister person and I were SINGING the Hee Haw song.. OUT LOUD.. granted there had been wine consumed but still..
oh and fyi that house.. doesn't have a back.. at all.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

so did i miss the part as to what happened after you took the picture