Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Town Crier

This is the bell at Mathews Baptist Church (aka Old Baptist) at Hudgins. This particular day I had pulled into the parking lot more interested in the neighboring house's wisteria than the church, but the sunlight hit the bell so beautifully I couldn't resist snapping a shot.

Mathews Baptist Church and wisteria are topics for another time, there's plenty to say about both.

Today, however, I would like to make a few general announcements.

Consider this a Town Crier post, where the crier is exceedingly tired which of course guarantees her writing will have you crying before too long.

My apologies in advance, it's been a long life day.

Hear ye! Hear ye! Oyez! Oyez!

1. On Saturday, April 24, there will be a grand opening of an expanded exhibit at the Clayton Building on the Historic Court Circle in Gloucester.

The building honors botanist John Clayton and is home to a collection of artifacts from his residence, Windsor, and his office. The exhibit will be open from 10-4 and 6-7. Lectures at 2 and 7 p.m. (I'll be attending the 2:00 lecture if anyone wants to join me. )

Archaeologists Robert and Lisa Harper will be available throughout the day to answer questions. Robert recently told me they're always happy to provide tours of the site. If you are interested in a tour or wish to volunteer at the dig, please stop by on Saturday or e-mail me and I can put you in touch with him.

2. Sandpiper Reef will be hosting Toby and Larry, a very popular duo, this weekend.

The last time they played was when Miss Pookie, Mathews Mark's mother, was celebrating her birthday. I can personally attest to the fact that they're good, plus the atmosphere is conducive to old folk those of us who want to hear ourselves think wish to be able to converse while enjoying the music.

Mrs. Anonymous Hallieford Resident may not be thrilled with my mentioning this because they usually sell out, but give them a call anyway and see if there are any tables/seats left. If not, be sure to pre-reserve for next time.

If Chesapeake Bay Woman is carding at the door, be sure to slide her a telescope magnifying glass so she can properly read the fine print on those driver's licenses.

3. The Mathews Farmers Market continues every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

If you have even the slightest desire to sell something, I can't encourage you enough to go and try it on for size. The fee is only $5, and the Chesapeake Bay Children made $75 in only four hours of selling daffodils.

You just can't beat that. Not with a stick.

If you "bake it, make it or grow it," you can sell it there. All you have to do is show up by about 8:30 that morning, locate the organic farmers who have the gorgeous plants (both of them wear hats so it's pretty easy to spot them), and tell them you want a spot. Pay your five bucks, and have at it. It's great fun.

4. In other news, Chesapeake Bay Woman ran into a rusty clothes line this weekend while chasing after her aggravating, ornery mutt of a stinkin' dog with all the sense of a small kitchen appliance her children's beloved pet in the comfort and serenity of her very own back yard.

Although she didn't quite hang herself, she did walk away stunned and now boasts a scab on her lower left chin which, she supposes, is better than some of the other alternatives such as CBW is a magnet for disasters a scab around the larynx.

A couple of years ago, she made fun of Chesapeake Bay Son for doing the same thing and said, "How in the world could you run into a clothes line without seeing it?"

Easy, that's how.

Daggone karma dog.

What's going on in your town, village, neck of the woods, state, hemisphere, back yard or neighborhood in the near future?


Grandma J said...

I have to take a raincheck on all those social events, and that makes me want to move to Mathews asap.

All the excitement around here centers on discussions about who's staying in TX a month longer than Dad. We also have round robin discussions about the fate of JJ. The State Fair could be going on right around the corner, but we are too embroiled in family issues and passing crying towels around....ugh!

Annie said...

That story of you and cb son running into the clothesline so reminds me of such a funny advertisement they have on tv here for an insurance company.

There's a fellow in the yard in front of his house talking to the camera ..saying.."the other day I ran into a charter boat..." when his wife who is in the background hanging up the clothes says..."charter boat...how can you run into a charter boat"...and as he tries to continue his speaking, she is running around the backyard with a sheet over her head and arms out saying 'charter boat...what charter boat"...very funny!

[but I guess you probably have to see it to appreciate it].

Just what I thought of when I read the last bit of your post!

Hope you are OK!!


which is short for why cry over...spilt milk? anything?

Bayman said...

Sounds like fun, I'd like to go. Always wondered where my botany was.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out for Sandpiper Reef. Can I also mention that not only are seats still available for Toby Calloway and Larry Heatwole, but on Friday night William Earl Sadler will be playing. This is the first time he has appeared as a solo instead of with the entire band and we are excited to have him with us as well.

Ann Marie said...

You did numbers and it is only Tuesday.. there is still WTF left of this week.
I am trying really hard to put myself back together... really I am.
have i mentioned I miss you.. and the rest of the crew..

WV emoti.... snort.. just snort.

Mental P Mama said...

All I have is neighbors to spy on. And a dog to walk. And, um, OUCH! That Buddy.....

big hair envy said...

I just might see you at 8:30 Saturday morning...unless it rains;) Want me to bring you a Hello Kitty bandaid?

Diane said...

Our farmer's market doesn't start until June. Even then, it's produce grown on the other side of the mountains... meaning it's trucked over and the price is pretty dear since you have to pay for their gas as well as their produce.

I'm sorry about the clothes line. I understand your embarrassment as I cut off a chunk of my finger while I was shaving onions on the mandolin. Something I told K3 she should never worry about. Sigh...

Daryl said...

First .. I know that church bell and took pix of it ... I wanted to get a shot of the church but you know its not all that easy to do so I settled on the bell .. Kate got pix of the church so the issue clearly isnt the church but me .. SECOND .. I know there was a second but I was so long-winded I forgot what it is .. OH wait I remember .. I took a photo of a t-shirt drying on that clothes line .. maybe you need to keep something on it all the time so you remember its there ..sort of like the flag you're (not you specifically) supposed to put on anything hanging out of the truck of your car so no one rams into it .. which if they drive properly wouldnt anyway .. hey MM... I can ramble on too .. come poke me.. after all fair play is all about something .. stopping now ..

WV .. hysors .. you can get a hy sor from running into a clothes line .. that's it I am outta here

Julie said...

That is a very nice picture of the bell tower. Sounds like you have lots to do around your town this week.

foolery said...

I have nothing to sell at a farmers market, darn it! Except maybe cats . . . wait, I have an idea . . .

Tetanus shots up to date?

Mrs F with 4 said...

In breaking news, I have LEAVES on trees! Not many, but enough to give me hope.

Also, still have stranded visitors who have as yet, no prospect of getting back to the UK. On a positive note, the children are exceedingly happy to have someone to play with that is NOT their mother.

On the slightly LESS positive side - the GROCERIES, my dear, and the LAUNDRY?!

ghostless said...

Gosh! is there a neighborhood around here????Maybe if I peek over the very last box I have unpack..wait...I think I see trees and a road...there is a life after moving??!! Almost all the renovations are done, almost all the boxes are unpacked, all my horses are home,,,,and I can now find my computer!!!! hi Guys! I missed ya!

nativedevil said...

I used to ring the church bell every Sunday morning. You had to be careful, or the bell could flip over and somebody would have to go up and turn it back over.Thank goodness I never flipped it.
Everything sounds fun, but being almost five hours away, I won't be able to attend.
When I do get back, I really do want to go to the Sandpiper Reef. Sounds really good.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

GJ-JJ needs to stay with you. Please bring him to Blog Fest. You can leave him here and take Buddy back if that works for you...

Annie-Although I've not seen that commercial, your description of it did make me laugh. Thank you for that.

Bayman - 2:00 at the Gloucester Court Green. Be there or be square. Aloha. p.s. Are you doing the Womanless Beauty Pageant?

Anonymous Hallieford Resident-Thanks for that. I saw William Earl listed on your website but was corn-fused because he just played the night I was bouncing. Didn't realize he was flying solo. I just might be there for that one.

AM-You'll pull through. Just keep plodding forward no matter rears its ugly head to try to slow you or drag you down. The numbers so early in the week do throw things off, I agree.

MPM-Buddy said he'd like to come home with you after Blog Fest. He says he's good at barking at neighbors, at all hours of the night even. BTW, when are we going to hear more about those neighbors?

BHE-I'd prefer a Sponge Bob band-aid, por favor. Also, I'm not sure if I"ll be there Saturday. I don't have anything but photos to sell, and I can't seem to get them printed. My home photo printer has died. That leaves Wal-Mutant for the quickest turnaround, and I'm not sure I have the money to throw around up there. Don't let that discourage you though. I'd be happy to come down there and help you sell your wares. I'm very good at getting people to stop and chit chat, then you go in for the sales pitch. Hey, $75 on a bunch of free daffodils was pretty good. In unrelated news, I hope you're up for an Earth Wind and Fire concert in Richmond in June. Because I've already signed you up. SEe if Noe Noe wants to go.

Diane-OW. That hurts me to read. In fact, I'm running to get some Bactine right now.

Daryl-I would love to see your shots and Kate's too. You all got some really great pictures of the county last summer, including one of you in that great big pink chair outside of Lynne's Restaurant.

Julie-Thank you. And for a small town there really is a lot to do.

Foolery-Almonds! You could sell almonds. Or eggs. You have aplenty of those. High heeled shoes that double as farm boots? (Foolery's stories about doing farm chores in heels are world-renowned--and hilarious.)

Mrs. F - Congratulations on your greenery, but sympathies on your laundry. Deepest and sincerest sympathies.

ghostless! Long time no hear. Glad to hear you're settling in. How is Tonic the Donkey? When can a few local bloggers descend on your farm for a photo op? I'm not very shy about inviting myself over to places, and Big Hair Envy and Noe Noe would happily join me. Maybe we could combine this with another gathering that Big Hair says she's having - to coincide with the opening of her pool--which I have also invited myself to. Glad to hear from you and hope all is going well.

NativeDevil-This bell makes the most wonderful sound. It brings back so many memories and just makes me feel good to hear it.
BTW-how on Earth would a person reach the belfry for turn the bell right side up? Was there an access from inside or did they just toss a ladder up while wearing their Sunday finest and hope for the best?

Thanks to you all for commenting.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Our Town Crier is named Daphne!