Thursday, April 15, 2010

Three Things

Welcome to Three Thing Thursday, where we share three (or more) random (or related) things. Whatever you want. Anything at all.

I'll begin.

1. The house above sits patiently on a corner on the way to Haven Beach. It's also on the way to Aaron's Beach, but this particular day I was headed to Haven.

Just so you know, I deleted about another two paragraphs relating to this opening statement because it rambled on and on. On and on. Although I personally found the content amusing, I thought it best to just delete it and move on to the next subject. You're very welcome.

2. Last night I sat down to sip some $4.99 Fish Eye Merlot with a screw cap to read the Gazette Journal. Perusing the Glimpses from the Past section, I came across something which forced me to say something I've not uttered in this lifetime in a while:

"Well bust my buttons and buckle my shoes!"

There in plain print was this:

"50 Years Ago
Thursday, April 14, 1960

...Miss Mary Ann Jones, daughter of Mrs. Bernice Jones of Gloucester, was crowned Queen of the Daffodil Ball held at Gloucester High School on Saturday evening, April 9. The ball is an annual affair sponsored by the Gloucester Lions Club."

Miss M.A.J. is Chesapeake Bay Mother and Mrs. B.J. (nee Streagle) was my grandmother.

3. Thanks so much to all of you who comment here-- I truly, truly appreciate it. Although I don't always have time to say so, just know that I value and appreciate the time you spend visiting here and commenting. The comments really make my day.

3b. I would like to officially state for the record that Mrs. F. with 4, who comments here regularly, never ceases to amaze me with her hilarious remarks. I cannot thank her enough for making me laugh on such a consistent basis.

This is also a personal plea for her to please find her visa (she's from Canada) and make the trip here for Blog Fest in July. As long as she leaves her ants (with carvable rumps) behind, everything should be delightful. Actually, to demonstrate how much I'd like her to visit, I'd even welcome her mutant-sized ants with open arms if it meant she would come to Mathews County, Virginia, for a visit. Now that I've discovered the wonders of Terro, I can utter that sentence without wincing.

Now it's your turn to share three (or more) things. Anything you want.

Happy Thursday.


maria from nj said...

1. So you're royalty! "Princess CBW", nice ring.

2. The daffys are fading in this area. Sorry to see they happy little things leave us.

3. Thank gah its Thursday!

foolery said...

1. I am SO with you on the Mrs. F plea. I've been seeing her comments around Bloggywood for a couple of years now, and she never fails to crack me up. As don't you, CBW, and how's THAT for sucky sentence construction?

2. Speaking of $4.99 wine, let's not. Two-Buck Chuck would kick the butt of the more expensive $4.99 wine I nevertheless drank tonight.

3. I think I may have invited another blogger to BlogFest tonight. She's awesome. Probably won't come, but still. Happy Thursday!

Ann Marie said...

1. Oddly I was all over that house on Saturday.. my shots are from a totally different perspective though.. totally.

2. I an not being lazy by not blogging.. I just have nothing that I can say that is nice at the moment.

3. Maybe I will come back one day.. maybe.

Mental P Mama said...

1. The ants have migrated north. gah
2. I am not the least bit surprised about your mother.
3. Do not poo-poo the screw top.

Jamie said...

1. Thursday has become my favorite day because it's payday, it's eye-candy day and it's three thing day.

2. My almost 4 year old son in a moment of cuteness asked if the police were going to get me a new purse and monies. I said no then he said the police should get the bad guys that took my monies and put them in jail or shoot them. Made me want to pinch his cheeks instead of duct tape him to a chair per usual.

3. Screw caps make it easier to get more wine when you've already had plenty. Not to be outdone by the spout on the box of wine... you can sit under the spout with your mouth open then no glass to wash later

big hair envy said...

1. Your mother IS beautiful. The crown seems appropriate:)

2. Thanks to Noe Noe Girl, I am aware that Food Dog has wine on sale this week....three bottles for ten bucks. This rivals Three Buck Chuck, and I don't have to drive to Newport News to purchase it!! You're welcome;)

3. When are we going on that dig??

3a. I have an Al Green song stuck in my head this morning. "Let's Stay Together"....enjoy!

Daryl said...

So you are royalty after all .. did CBM not ever tell you this?

Did Snooty get in touch, she told me she's coming to BlogFest

I am so glad you are ant free .. I know both Middle and Younger Sis both are glad they are Aunts

WV ononi .. on on I go ..

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. At least your wine comes in a bottle. Mine often comes in a box. And I'm not ashamed to admit it.

2. Mrs F had better keep looking - it has to be there somewhere! She's a stitch.

3. My mom also did the "beauty queen" circuit back in the day- I think she was Miss Susquehanna Valley or something like that. And my MIL was the "Flaming Foliage Queen" of 1960-something, a festival still held in North-central PA, and they have reunions and the past queens ride in convertibles in a parade and she goes every single time and waves the wave and smiles the smile. Oh yes, she does.

Grandma J said...

Why am I not too surprised about CBM being crown the Daffodil Queen? she's a beautiful woman....with strong genes!

I say the more Canadians the better!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1. Terro is always a part of my summer landscape.
2. I'm a wine boxer too.
3. Never heard " well bust my buttons and buckle my shoes!" but I have heard "well bust my britches amd bless my soul!"

Kate said...

1. Congrats on finding out you're a princess, now you're free to marry your cousin, or however it works over there in England LOL

2. I haven't had much to blog about lately, but I did put up a post about my haircut. Super exciting times over here!

3. I'm starving and lunch can't cook fast enough!

deborah said...

1. So you are royalty...I'd be asking about that crown!! Maybe you could have one made from fiddler crab claws?!
2. I hate moving or helping someone move. Discovered that this week while helping my BIL move to a brand new home. Always lots of steps involved and way too many boxes of junk. Ugh!

3. If said boxes had contained wine, I wouldn't be in any kind of shape to be writing here today.

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. I am blushing. I am also not half so funny in person, merely quite shy and scathingly sarcastic. Or excruciatingly polite. I don't know which is worse. And I wish I could come to Blogfest.

2. I should clarify.... I'm English, living in Canada, which means, apparently, it looks extra-suspicious when I try to unknowingly enter the US with a slightly expired passport. But I've lost that one too... and the one with the visa in it.

3. I still have a large leaky hole in the kitchen ceiling; the shower is still unusable; the painter is still... painting; the closets are still half-fitted; the contents of said closets are strewn across the bedroom; the sink has developed A Smell; and the dog still stinks of skunk.

3a) All of which to say that, we were supposed to be meeting our Best Friends in the Whole World during their 4-hour stopover on the way from Florida back to the UK. Due to Icelandic Ash, they will now be staying with us for SIX DAYS.

3b) I love them dearly. They are also (unlike me) obsessively tidy and houseproud.


Country Girl said...

I must confess that I read this early early this morning. But I knew that if I left a comment, I'd end up late for work.

And I am just now getting back to you. It's after 9 pm. And there is not enough time in the day anymore.

I don't even have three things.

Annie said...

I can't believe I read this post yesterday, and didn't notice it was three thing thursday?

How did I manage to do that?

I must be going a little crazy.