Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Right Light

Believe it or not--in spite of all outward appearances--this beach is not in Florida or the Caribbean or some other popular tourist destination. Nope. It's here in Mathews County.

Last weekend or some weekend recently, on a hot day, I forced encouraged the Chesapeake Bay Children to get in the car because, "You WILL enjoy this!" accompany me to Bethel Beach for some Nature Appreciation 101.

(The good thing about Nature appreciation lessons? Nature does all the teaching. All I have to do is fling them onto the beach or out in the forest or in the middle of a daffodil field, and Nature takes care of everything else and asks for nothing in return.

If this is the one lasting impression I can leave on them, aside from viewing humanity and this planet as one (one planet, one people) instead of "us" vs. "them," I feel I've done my job as a human being. If I could teach them not to leave ice cream dishes under their beds and dirty socks in the yard, that would be an achievement too.)

Most times our public beaches don't quite look like this with the white sand, blue sea, and blue sky. No, often times the sand has more of a brownish hue (due to being damp) and it's covered in seaweed. Although still beautiful, they sometimes take on a drab tone, especially in the winter.

The water, at least from this vantage point, typically looks darker, with shades of green and brown. On stormy days it's gray.

But this particular day the sun scared off every bit of cloud cover, and she did her level best to highlight the water as well as the sand.

I think she did a darn fine job.

All of the above applies to us as much as it does this beach. We may weather some storms and take a beating; we may wonder if we're going to make it through the rain and heavy winds. Even without a storm, some days we may look and feel rather ordinary, perhaps forlorn.

But when the dark skies clear and the sun shines bright, we're better than ever. Sometimes we're better than we ever thought we could be.

p.s. As Chesapeake Bay Woman writes these Deep Thoughts she is deliriously tired and may even be asleep for all we know. If none of the above makes sense, just know she wishes you a happy Saturday and a life filled with mostly brochure-like beach scenes, with only the occasional storm--to make you stronger.

p.s.s. I don't know why Chesapeake Bay Woman slips back and forth from third to first person so often, but she does, and I ask you to see above about the strong possibility of being completely asleep as she writes this. She and I both thank you

But wait! One more thought/question:

Can you remember and/or describe an experience in your life which was particularly horrific at the time, but which made you stronger, with time, for having survived it?


Jamie said...

Thanks for the nugget of wisdom, CBW, rather profound for the choices I've decided to make in my life which will be bringing the mother of all storms for a while I think.... I would have to say yeah, weathered horrific storms before, most notably Hurricane Chuck which would be my first husband.

Pueblo girl said...

Lovely post. So hard to remember, in the middle of a storm with no umbrella, that the skies will clear again.

Bayman said...

I have had my share of "bumps and stuff," in the road of life, some were more like giant craters which seem to "blockade" any chance of ever climbing out. But I have tried to overcome them and I will always try to smile and be kind, just like a Golden Retriever. When you think you've hit rock bottom, the Titanic will fall on you.

Trisha said...

My entire "dance" with SD has been an experience which was completely horrific but which has left me stronger and with a much closer relationship with God.

Ann Marie said...

Quite honestly the "horrific" still has me down.. i am still trying to muddle through and find my footing.. will let you know if I make it out the other side.

nativedevil said...

a horrific experience-well, the eight years of Bush/Cheney--LOL

Guess I'm still going through mine, or at least the very close after-math. I have a peace about death now, but I am still scared about my health in the future. I value each day more, and really enjoy the good, pain-free times. Small stuff does not bother me as much any more.

nativedevil said...

CBW-please post or send mrs. Trusch address. I'd like to send her a birthday card-maybe I can encourage others as well

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

It makes me feel good that you, too, find dishes under your kids' beds and socks in the yard. I just excavated and removed about 3 pounds worth of flotsam & jetsam from under my 11 year old's bed.

Horrific storms I've weathered that made me who I am? Oh, yeah. My father's death when I was 14 was one... and my son's stroke 4 years ago was another. And then there was the job with the boss whom I came to simply call "Cruella." They say whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I firmly believe this. I also believe things happen for a reason. Otherwise there's just no explaining some things.

Bayman, I have a big ole fat golden retriever and he is the nicest, smiley-est dog ever. I know exactly what you mean.

CBW - that photo is awesome.

deborah said...

Gorgeous picture! Horrific storms I've weathered, nah don't want to go that route on this beautiful day. Let's just say I've been thru a couple of tsunamis, and can't believe I made it. Wisdom brings more options, even if they seem impossible.

Fighting Mermaid said...

I love Bethel Beach. Some of my favorite photos were takien way down there at the end with a storm rolling in at sunset, and knowing that I'd have to make a long dash back with a kid who'd be thinking I was trying to get us struck by lightening.
Horrific experience that made me stronger...ruptured appendix and peritonitis in Italy when I was 21. Nine days in an Italian hospital. started out miserable, but I learned to speak Italian there, and got a megadose of learning about the generosity of humankind in the strangers that helped me out including one older woman who brought me eating utensils (you have to bring your own)and pajamas.

Grandma J said...

Every storm in my life has had an even better rainbow. The truth is, my life has bas been full of blessings. Now, I have to go retrieve all my ice cream bowls from under my bed.

are we going to that beach at blogfest?

foolery said...

I think I'd be a much better person if I had had a lifetime of awful horrible stuff to deal with. I've been very very fortunate to have a mostly bland and charmed life.

This must mean it's all ahead of me . . . grand. : )

Are you SURE that beach isn't in Florida?! Wow!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

hmmm...where do i even start? I think i'll start by looking under Little t's bed. it's been awhile!