Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sit for a Spell

These Adirondack chairs are perched on a gorgeous spot of land down Redart, the same place I was talking about yesterday. All that brown grass out there is a marsh utterly and completely infested with fiddler crabs, but don't let that stop you from enjoying the view. Beyond that marsh is a lovely creek.

Aren't these chairs inviting? Don't they just beg you to sit and rest for a spell? I took them up on their very generous offer. Taking photos on somebody else's property is illegal takes a toll on a person.

There is nothing I love more than sitting and staring at the peaceful views around here. My favoritest (it's a word) thing to do at my own house is to sit on the front porch at sunset, or on the back porch at sunrise. Or underneath one of the pine trees before the ticks start dropping from them like rain from a nor'easter.

The shot below is from one of the county's public beaches, Haven, home of the infamous Old House Woods, ghost stories, flying pirate ships and Senior Skip Days in high school buried treasure, or so they say.

These Adirondacks didn't really beckon me to come sit because I couldn't remember if this dock belonged to the county or if it had reverted back to private property, so I erred on the side of wimpy caution and admired them from afar.

After yesterday's talk of snakes, raw oysters, strings and savages, I thought I'd post something a little more relaxing today. Something peaceful is really needed because the things that have happened here in the Chesapeake Bay household would rival what goes on over at Sandpiper Reef on any given night, and based on yesterday's post (and comments), that's saying something.

As I write this, the Chesapeake Bay Children are having to sleep downstairs (which is about 10 degrees cooler than their 110-degree bedrooms upstairs) on inflatable mattresses because our HVAC system decided to go on strike, and it was 98 degrees in the shade today, quite literally. (CB Daughter quoted the temperature from the car's dashboard, and at the time we were parked in the shade.)

We won't talk about the ants swarming in the kitchen in spite of the Terro I purchased from Sutton and Kline (aka Moughons), because otherwise I'd have to start twitching crying.

If you could please ignore those last two paragraphs sit in either the marsh-view Adirondacks or the bay-view Haven Beach ones, which would you choose, and why?

More importantly who would you want sitting next to you and why?


Pueblo girl said...

What a fantastic little spot (the first; I would feel a bit on display at the second place).

Sounds like someone suddenly switched summer on where you live.

Ann Marie said...

Oh that is easy peasy for me..
Bay view... why you ask cause I have that marsh view every day when I walk out the door. So the nice straight on bay view would be a nice change up.. one of these days when I am rich I will have a bay view vs a creek view but for the moment a creek view is better than NO VIEW.. ok enough of that part..
who would I want sitting with me.. that all depends on the day the mood the thought processes..
could be many many people for different reasons. If I had to pick one that would sit with me no matter what my mood or my topic of discussion I would say Sister Person or you.. I think both of you would take me how I am no matter what..

As soon as I saw your shots go see the pic I posted on my blog cause I didn't have one for today and it was TOO FRIGGIN FUNNY! So this time I DID read first..

Mental P Mama said...

Ugh. I mean, ugh for the broke down A/C and ants. But yay for the views chez toi! I cannot wait to come back!

Jamie said...

I pick Haven Beach, more water to look at... I've seen people from the beach walk over and sit on those chairs, I always wondered if it was private or park of the beach... and as for someone to sit with... I'd choose the hunky fire fighter I've recently gotten to know... gotta have some eye candy to go along with the gorgeous view

Daryl said...

LOVE those chairs, love love love them ...

Have you tried to use boric acid in powder form? You can line the closets, cabinets with it . .if it deters the infamous NYC cockaroaches it will deter ants ... I do believe you can buy it in a hardware store

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I would perch on the end of that pier and honestly, would choose to have my husband there, but only if he brought a six-pack of a nice IPA. And a cooler. And a bottle opener. And bug spray.

I would actually pay cash-money to be sitting there right now.

foolery said...

Haven beach. But not for the reasons you might think.

Being from the west we have black widows like some people have air molecules. Those first chairs, if in a yard around here, would have several widows under them. White chairs have fewer (they ain't dumb, they know they can't hide on white).

Did I mention I'm neurotic and a total chicken?

Mrs F with 4 said...

So, this week we have snakes, oysters, string, fiddler crabs, a brief mention of ticks, and some ravenous ants.

You didn't mention mosquitoes - does the marsh not have buzzard-sized, vampirical mosquitoes?

So I think I choose beach. Oh, except for the crabs. Only I have never knowingly seen a fiddler crab. Is that a good thing? Can you eat them?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

PG-Someone did flip a switch. We rarely have a spring any more. It goes from winter to Amazon in no time flat.

AM-I like the ocean view on your blog better.

MPM-Hope the worst of your move is over. July will be here before you know it.

Jamie-Of course you will be bringing this firefighter to Blog Fest, right?

Daryl-This stuff I have is liquid but believe it has boric acid in it, or something similar. Although yesterday they were still swarming, this evening when I came home from work there were only one or two ants marching. So we may have a winner.

Meg-Hopefully you can do it soon.

Foolery-Anyone who chases cows in high heels is anything but a chicken.

Mrs.F. The mosquitoes are The Worst but haven't hit yet. Yet! They're awful. As are the ticks, horseflies, May flies, house flies and fly flies. Fiddler crabs are teeny tiny crabs with one giant claw, and all you'd eat would be shell, there's so little meat on them. Herons eat them, I do believe, but we humans don't at least not in this county as of this writing. Don't let all this stop you from a trip, though. You'd love it here, pests notwithstanding.

nativedevil said...

I wish I could sit and talk with my Dad. He has been gone five years now, and I wish I could just talk to him again. Lots to tell, lots to ask. If you still have your folks with you, don't put it off, or you will regret it down the line.

Jamie said...

CBW- I can certainly invite him... as long as we're clear I saw him first...

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

ND-I wish you could too. Those are very, very wise words.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Jamie-Deal. (But make sure he's OK with his picture all over the internet, because with all the lady bloggers here, that will be a given.)