Saturday, April 10, 2010


Photo above is from New Point, Virginia. Text below is from No Point, Whatsoever.

Today's post will be different in that instead of rambling and veering off an actual topic, I will ramble and veer off no particular topic or rather several unrelated topics. It's just a running list of things jumping around all the cobwebs and tumbleweeds in my head, which is a very frightening place indeed.

First of all, Thursday night's trip to see my favorite blogger Bossy was grand. I would share pictures but that would have required a functioning brain cell a camera, which was inconveniently left at home. So instead just picture a group of about 10 or 12 folks gathered around a table filled with Greek nachos and fried green tomato lasagna at a place called Kitchen 64 in Richmond. To make the picture realistic, be sure to toss in several glasses of half-filled wine glasses. (Sprinkle these generously throughout. Rinse. Repeat.)

Among the cast of characters Bossy will be seeing on her cross-country tour are Grandma J.'s daughter and Foolery. If anyone reading this is in or near one of the cities she's hitting on her cross-country tour, please try to go see her, you won't be sorry. She's amazing--friendly, funny and fun.

Next up is an update on my everybody's favorite topic, the War on Ants. On the advice (given to me two years ago and only now acted upon) of our local pediatrician, I purchased some Terro and placed bucketfuls little drops of the liquid all over the kitchen and doorways. The first 24 hours were awful - there were ants everywhere, swarming. But now? Not a single one. Best of all, these bottles of Terro are under $3! Can you believe it? Three bucks to annihilate killer mutant ants.

I heart Terro and want to be their official spokesperson, not that they're looking for one, and not that they'd want me even if they were looking for one. Still, the offer's out there, Terro People.

Get some from your local hardware store, which for us is Sutton and Kline/Moughons, today. It really works.

Unrelated to any of that, I received an e-mail from Bob Harper, who is the archaeologist in charge of the dig at the John Clayton site which I wrote about here. He explained how one of his main goals is to keep the name of John Clayton, a local botanist, alive. He also very generously offered to give tours of the site any time.

If you're interested in a tour or volunteering at the dig, contact him at

Lastly, the Chesapeake Bay Children, Chesapeake Bay Mother and I will be participating again in this week's Farmer's Market on the court green. We'll be the ones looking dazed and confused with the sign that says Royal Colony Farm, the original name of my grandfather's daffodil business back in the '60s and '70s.

CB Mother is bringing some of her artwork and freshly baked bread, and the CB Children will be selling white daffodils which are gorgeous and smell as sweet as perfume. I will be supervising, which translates into "sitting in the background guzzling sipping coffee and yacking with the other vendors."

Most importantly, have a great weekend!


Mrs F with 4 said...

We can't buy Terro here. Rats. I have resorted to 'Extreme Ant Murderer 2.0". Or something similar.

I wish Bossy was coming near me, but sadly not. Bill Clinton came.. but I didn't get to see him. Oh, and the Olympic Flame. Not together though.

Your weekend sounds lovely... mine will be ballet, soccer, bathe Dog, take plane to mechanic for fuel pump repair. How exciting is that?

Can you tell I have not had a cup of tea yet?

Mental P Mama said...

What fun you all are going to have today! And I wonder if we can buy some stock in Terro. Your praise id going to cause a run on the stuff!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

That sounds like fun, the farm market. Perfect day for it.

I wonder if Terro will kill our stink bugs too?

nativedevil said...

Wish I could be at the farmer's market-work on a Saturday should be outlawed- It should offically be "Sit around, drink coffee, and talk to your neighbor Day"
We have to clean house today-yuck. I prefer filling the whole thing with water, then opening the doors and windows to rinse it out.
Sound good?

nativedevil said...

Stink bugs seem to be a problem in lots of places this year. Many friends on FB have been complaining about them

Trisha said...

Ants are horrible! Here we have fire ants - so named because when they bite you (and they LOVE to bite people!) it feels like you are on fire. They are such nasty little buggers!

The Farmers' Market sounds wonderful. I wish I lived close enough to visit!

Grandma J said...

I can't wait to see the pictures from the Farmer's Market!

I'm bummed that you didn't take your camera to see Bossy! look cute as a button in her photos!

Can you believe she'll be seeing my daughter for the second time?

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

The stink bugs are hideous. I believe they may be conspiring with the cockroaches and also possibly a few of the more aggressive mice to take over the world... or at a minimum, my county. GAAAAH.

nativedevil said...

How can I read your posts about Old House Woods? A friend of mine wants to read them as well.

Daryl said...

We adopted a new cat and he needs a name I am going to suggest to ToonMan that we call him John Clayton

WV domplu .. sing it with me: do mp lu, a do mp lu dooo doo doo mp lu!

foolery said...

Royal Colony Ant Farm, I love it! Wait, what? Did I read that wrong?

SOOOOO looking forward to BOSSY's visit. So NOT looking forward to the medieval cleaning I need to do before she comes, even if it will be 11:00 at night and she'll be bleary and may not notice the grime. Gah.