Friday, April 9, 2010


Friendship needs no words.
-Dag Hammarskjold

A friend hears the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.

A friend would understand that Chesapeake Bay Woman couldn't be more tired if she had just ascended Mt. Kilimanjaro before swimming the Suez Canal and then running the length of the Sahara Desert.

However, she's not sure that swimming the Suez Canal is really a big deal, so she'd like to substitute the Atlantic Ocean for the Suez Canal in the swimming portion of this Exhaustion Olympics.

While I crawl into bed for a few hours of precious sleep, tell me your caption for the photo above.

Happy Friday!


Ann Marie said...

Understood and Understand ... those are the words to your song your forgetting today.. heck I posted Happy Friday on Wednesday so I don't have to post again until tomorrow... hehehehe
Worked liked CRAZY yesterday in the yards.. I took vacation to work.. really smart.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think your title sums it up. Or else you could call it: Secret Three, Childhood Retreat and Snail Hospital. Although, it isn't really Secret Three, nor does it really look like ST because of the dock and shoreline, but maybe it is somemplace like it for those two....ummmm.... plastic dolls?

Anyway, the open house was very slow. So, a lot of the time I was trapped in my room with an older gentleman who needed to talk...about everything. At times it was painful, but there was some interesting stuff that came out. He is brilliant and had a lot to say. I don't support his group. But, I learned how the DoD used to photograph terrain during the Vietnam war for intelligence purposes. And then an eagle's eye view of how we do it today, to get info to soldiers almost real-time....which is quite amazing. So, when he left the room, it just happened that someone who writes the code (very rare skill) for the type of software used on this project walked in looking for a job! Even though the older gentleman was gone, I was able to get him the resume and he was thrilled. Highlight of the day for me.

And it's off to the office again today and then flying home tonight.

Ahhhhh....can't wait to get to the airport, have a glass of wine and people watch!

-Middle Sis

nativedevil said...

"Well, just take down your fishing pole, and meet me at the fishing hole, we may not get a bite all day, but don't you rush away" (insert whistle here)
Have a great weekend, and drop me an email when you can. I have a question about blogs

Deb said...

" is like a box of chocolates..."

I think I want to run away to there

Mental P Mama said...

Mark Twain Meets Mathews

Caution Flag said...

I'm too influenced by the boys who live in this house. I would call it: invitation to pee.

How come I missed three thing Thursday??? Why didn't you come over and get me?

Breezeway said...

I was thinking that my comment for today really had nothing to do with your post for today...however, after rereading the title, I think it's quite well related. (Bear with me!)
I tend to ready your posts a couple at a time, mostly because I miss days so have to catch up. I just wanted ALL of you to know how hysterically funny you are! Nothing makes me feel better than laughing until I cry (weird eh?), and that's exactly what I did while reading the comments from Tuesday's (I think) post. Anyway, I was just thinking, there are all types of "friends" some you truly know and some you just look forward to seeing a comment on a blog from. So not to be mushy, but thanks for being my "friends"!

Meg said...

You know we expect a full Bossy write-up, right? Wake up and get busy, woman! :-)

foolery said...

"They was these 2 fellers standin' on a bridge goin' to the bathroom. One feller said that the water was cold. The other feller said the water was deep... I believe one feller come from Arkansas. Get it?"

Big Hair Envy said...

"Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life."

"Give others freedom to be themselves. Appreciate the differences between their ways and yours."

Thanks for being my friend:)

Daryl said...

My first reaction was not very PC so I had a lobotomy and came back ... wait.. listen .. its Otis Redding ... sittin' on the dock of the bay wasting time ... yeah that's the ticket.

Mrs F with 4 said...

Tried and failed to come up with a smart-arse caption. Or a clever one. Or one at all.

But friends?My grandmama told me that only a friend would tell you when your face was dirty, you had spinach in your teeth, and your skirt tucked into your knickers.

Presumably not all at once.

Grandma J said...

You and me and a dog named Boo, or a crab named Crusty....

deborah said...

Nope can't say that or that...hmmmm..."Friends" is the perfect title. (I live in a male-dominated household and I KNOW what two boys/men talk about while fishing:)
Anonymous- does that house have a water view and two white chairs on the deck? I might just be interested lol

Country Girl said...

Fishin' and a wishin'