Thursday, April 22, 2010

Three Things

Is it Thursday already?

Evidently it is, and that means it's time for Three-Thing Thursday, where I share three things and you share three things--whatever you want, anything at all.

Here we go.

1. That picture above is from Bethel Beach before things started turning fly-infested green around here. What I find particularly interesting is the lack of bird-sized insects sky formation that looks like mountains just above the horizon.

1(b) Mountains and Mathews County are antonyms; the closest mountains are about three hours away unless you count Mt. Laundrest, elevation 2,387 feet, which rises straight up from my laundry room floor (if I had a laundry room). Neither man nor beast has ever survived attempts to scale this Bermuda Triangle of mountains. Socks People Things go in, but they don't come out.

2. I don't have the luxury of watching much TV, and if I do it isn't until I'm halfway comatose after tending to bare-bone tasks such as breathing, eating, acknowledging children, paying bills, losing bills, forgetting things, taking a bath, and writing blog posts.

2 (b) When TV is an option, my new favorite show, which is anything but new since I'm watching reruns from earlier in this century, is The Office.

2 (c) Since Columbus sailed the ocean blue 1987 I've worked in an office environment, counseled supervisors and employees in an office environment, and likened the office environment to an adult kindergarten. The show does a great job of capturing all that ridiculousity.*

3. Today I must squirrel myself away at the Mathews Memorial Library. There is a project that requires my utter and complete focus. It was due in March. It's now almost May.

3 (b) Hopefully while I'm there I can use their internet to access Facebook to delete some spam which, according to sources, is on my wall.

3 (c) I can't access Facebook from home due to my computer that has the technical capabilities of a Singer sewing machine, circa Ben Franklin 1903. Also, am I the only one who wonders when "spam on my wall" became anything but a can of processed meat improperly placed in one's home environment?

Now it's your turn.

Please share three things
or four things;
two things
or more things.

Whatever you want. Anything at all.

* Yep, it's a word. You'll find it in the dictionary right after "favoritest."


nativedevil said...

1. I want to come home to the Mathews Library sometime and do some research on ghost stories in Mathews besides Old House Woods. Someone once shared with me copies of stories of a house there that was so haunted, local officials called in ministers to exorcise it.
He had found it in an older paper that preceded the Gazette-Journal

2. Going to Lynchburg this weekend to see old friends.

3. Today marks six years since my dad died. He suffered alot, but he was a wonderful father. I just hope to be half the man he was.

Annie said...

1. I got the wireless to work better in here (bedroom) by closing all the doors along the hallway.

2. I'll see if it keeps working now. Usually at this time of the day it goes off. Must be when all the teachers get let out of school.

3. Just home from lunch with a nice bunch of ladies. And the podiatrist after.

4. Ridiculosity sounded just fine to me. I must be used to such words. If only I could spell. Hope you have a great day at the office...I mean library. I love doing research. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I,just can thank you enough

platos malaka.

Kate said...

1. I love chocolate milk
2. I hate doing laundry
3. I have a love/hate relationship with exercising.
3a. I don't have much to say lately!

Anonymous said...

Have fun at the library today...mind your Ps and Qs and you will be fine!

My oldest two love going to the haunted nursing home. Me, I find it kind of creepy.

I was rudely reminded why I hate this time of year when I looked at the schedule and saw that pretty much everyone requested off. Little League, high school sports, SATs will make for a very challenging weekend. How are your waitressing skills? MM will be bartending Saturday and bringing in his Mystery Date on Friday. (ahh...remember that game???...all of my future dates highly resembled the Dud).


Jamie said...

1. Salivating at the thought of a house so haunted it had to be exorcised...

2. Will now be spending the greater part of my work day looking up information on above house.

3. Is happy that along with 3 Thing Thursday it's also Eye Candy day

Ann Marie said...

well.. let's see.
1. Today is Monday for me.. I actually posted a blog post so good for me from peeking out from under that rock.

2. The rock was very large and it took tremendous effort to actually get out from under it. But I have been missing too much life while hiding.

3. There is a post on the old waterman's wife blog that constantly is getting spammed it is incredibly old so I don't think anyone else gets the emails I find them funny and just leave them.

4. I am thinking of going to the beach this weekend just to be going to the beach.. the sun isn't even supposed to shine.

5. What haunted nursing home is AHR talking about?

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. MM has a mystery date?

2. Our unexpected (and immensely welcome) guests left last night... after trying to change their flights so they could stay LONGER;

3. There were many tears shed, not least by me;

4. Now I have The Evil Headache - and today is the busiest day of the week.

Caution Flag said...

Firstly, I am inordinately proud of the fact that I remembered three thing Thursday this week.

Secondly, I am taking my 6th grader to work with me so that he, too, may enjoy my students' visual argument presentations.

Thirdly, I'm getting kind of tired of blogging.

Daryl said...

1. my maiden name was Singer ...

2. spam on FB? weird ... but then FB is weird

3. Did I read you had ants in your popcorn after using that amazing anti-ant stuff?

I wanted to be clever and witty but I have a headache .. again... but I take comfort that May is closer to July ..

Fighting Mermaid said...

1. I just love Bethel beach...and I love how that beach can look like ten different beaches in any group of pictures.
2. My laundry pile got so bad I started throwing out socks... we will just start over. Summer around the corner and time for bare feet unless you are David who just cut a 1" splinter out of his that the ER missed.
3. David and I decided to forgo the wedding planning and just get married next week, so I ordered an organic dress (not gown) that was made in the USA online because I don't have patience for shopping. Forget the cake, we'll make brownies, LOL.

baronessvonb said...

1. I like the sound of Mount Launderest; it sounds very civil and multi-tasking friendly - you know, hike up, put in a load of whites, have a nap in the wildflowers....ahhhh.

2. Do you ever have so many many thoughts in your brain that you worry that if you think any more, the top of your head will literally blow right off?


Well, aren't you the lucky one, then.

3. I'm thisclose to writing again - once I get rid of my squatters. Jeez, you leave the house empty for a few weeks, and it's like a hobo alert goes out. Screw you, Twitter!

wv: coism: Sometimes I can be quite direct, other days I'm coism.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

ND-The library--especially the room upstairs--is absolutely, positively amazing. I need to write a post on my experience today. So sorry about the sadness of today, but there is no doubt--none--in my mind he would be exceedingly proud of you. Everybody is.

Annie-Lunch sounds wonderful; the podiatrist sounds painful.

PM-I, just can thank you either.

Kate-I think you said it all. What else is necessary after chocolate milk? Love it.

AHR-My waitressing skills are as follows: scatterbrained. I'm good at repetitive, menial tasks, but if memorization is involved, forget it. If you're in a pinch, I could try but I'm afraid I'd scare off business. And where IS this haunted nursing home? Loved the Mystery Dates and experienced the dud many, many, many times.

Jamie-Maybe we can get NativeDevil to do his research before Blog Fest since he is hopefully coming to at least one night of the festivities...

AM-I've been getting lots of interest from Malaysia, which seems to be Spam Central. Glad you're out from under, and I'm right with you on the haunted nursing home, never heard of it. Go to the beach, it will do you good.

Mrs F. - Yes, Mathews Mark has a date, Anonymous Hallieford Resident confirmed it this morning! I think I'll go over there and sit in disguise in a corner and report live from the scene...wearing sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat tilted to one side.

CF-Blogging can be exhausting. Maybe you just need a short break? I'm considering taking one myself so that I can get things done around here, including the project I was supposed to focus on today that remains incomplete. In any case, hope your son enjoyed work today.

Daryl-The amazing TErro stuff the kitchen where I put the bait. However this opened bag of caramel popcorn was in the TV room, where the CB Children and their Weekend Friends convened..when I went in there to clean it up this morning, ants, ants ants everywhere. There is now loads of Terro down, so hopefully in the next day or so they'll be gone. Pretty soon I'll be a walking human Terro dispenser. Pretty sure I have it oozing from my pores now.

Mermaid-CONGRATULATIONS! That is fantastic. Please take lots of pictures and post them on your blog. If there are festivities, I'm happy to invite myself, it's something I do exceedingly well. This is happy news (your wedding, not my inviting myself to any festivities).

Baroness-Yay! Hope you get back to writing soon, you're brilliant. Also, the answer to your question is YES. That's my problem - way, way too many thoughts and an inability to prioritize them and express them succinctly or properly or at all even. See?

deborah said...

Is a Terro dispenser anything like a Pez dispenser?
I've been busy all day and haven't accomplished a thing.
I am going to walk the grand dog one more time before bed (wishful thinking, I'm sure).
Congratulations, Fighting Mermaid, for your wedding plans and for your guest list.

TSannie said...

1. I think ~rediculousity~ is one of the very best words I've ever heard.

2. I'm with Daryl - "spam on my walls" should only mean the spam you fed your dog because you could not abide the stench of it to eat it, is now on your walls because your dog felt the very same way. Of course, your dog did not discover this fact until after said spam had been eaten.

3. My maiden name was Bumgarner. My college nickname was Bummer. Bummer!

Grandma J said...

Oh em gee! The Office is my favorite sitcom ever. Well since Seinfeld and Cheers left.

My three things have become daily rituals. Not all good, not all necessary:

1. My daily aqua aerobics for $35 a month..GOOD

2. My new car wash decal that enables me to go through the car wash EVERY DAY for a mere $19.99 a month....and I do! WEIRD

3. My daily drive through Jack's for a 99 cent Breakfast Jack. BAD (but good).

Annie said...

yes, lunch was good, podiatrist was very helpful. Maybe she is making some inroads,and my foot/heel and back will feel better soon..I hope!

love Grandma J's comment. Drive thru the car wash and then drive through breakfast. Pity you can't drive through the aqua aerobics class eh? Perhaps not!

love the baronesses comment...the top of your head blowing off...very funny. Reminds me I used to read a funny blog where the lady kept on saying..."and then my head exploded". I think I know what they mean!! Just how i feel sometimes. sigh.

wv rabensl...twin sis of rapunzal? or was it her brother?

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1. I'm late again.
2. I'm so glad it's friday.
3. I got nothing.

foolery said...

I missed Thursday until Friday, which I missed because I had a reeeeeeeally good excuse, which I can't remember anymore because Saturday ate my brain, and Sunday was spent cleaning, yelling, weeding, hosing, laundering, and procrastinating.

I'm here on Monday, though it's almost Tuesday where you are. And now I can't remember why I came.