Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jetties II

Although it's a much anticipated long weekend here in the Chesapeake Bay household, with no school or work on Monday, we are as busy as ever.

Since there's no time to think or even breathe write, I'll just leave you with more photos of Gwynn's Island jetties, taken several weekends ago in frigid weather.

The temperatures here yesterday were in the seventies. Daffodils are sprouting. Birds were singing. I was able to open the sliding glass doors and let fresh air inside. Most importantly, my bare feet touched the Earth for the first time in ages.

Shoes and Chesapeake Bay Woman do not get along at all, and if she were Queen of the World going barefoot everywhere, weather permitting, would be perfectly acceptable.  On such occasions when going barefoot might prove impractical, the official national shoes--flip flops--could be worn. 

Also, she'd declare a mandatory 12 weeks of annual vacation  for all workers. But she must stop now before she cannot reign herself back in to the blog post that was already in progress having nothing to do with CBW being Queen of the World.

In short, yesterday I felt like a human being for the first time in months was heavenly.

May your weekend be as refreshing and rejuvenating as yesterday's fresh air and warm beams of sunshine were here.


Annie said...

Thank you. And I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend too.

Wonderful photos!

Country Girl said...

Yesterday was crazy warm here in Maryland, too. Too warm for even a light sweater. Wind today. Huge gusts up to 60 mph. Wonder is MPM is having a morning bloody mary at the chichi resort?

deborah said...

It's been nice and warm here, too! I'm going to try to go out and walk some today - fighting a nasty cold/sinus thingy that is so aggravating.
Enjoy your weekend, even though you are busy, busy!

Ann Marie said...

I am telling you.. again.. the family thing. I HATE SHOES.. HATE HATE HATE SHOES.. I don't want anything on my feet. I want to feel sand, earth, mud, even gravel is sometimes ok, smooth surfaces are nice, carpet.. you name it my toes like it.
Ask anyone else in my "family" to walk around barefoot and there is an audible gasp .. and WHY WOULD I DO THAT..


signed the missing vogel.

Kay L. Davies said...

I remember when I liked to go barefoot. Now I'm old and have nerve damage in my feet, so I like to wear soft open-toed bedroom slippers. What I hate to wear are socks. They're too restricting.
Love your jetty photos. Won't even mention people who have warm weather already. Well, okay, I'm happy for you, but it is frigid here and I feel sorry for the birds who have already arrived here.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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