Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Road to Haven

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  I don't know what the road to heaven is paved with, but the road to Haven isn't paved at all, unless you count dead fiddler crabs in the summer time.  I don't.

Haven Beach is located very near the infamous, haunted Old House Woods.  There's even an old house on the way to the beach.

But it isn't The Old House.

It's a great old house, though.

The road twists and turns.

And you see a lot of this.

And that.

See all that standing water, below? Imagine what this road is like after a good storm.

 In case you can't imagine that, just know that all you'd see is water.


Water, water everywhere.
Just pray you do not sink
And not a drop to drink.

The road bends to the right and then to the left just as you reach the end.

And there waiting very patiently and quietly is a ghost or a floating pirate ship Haven Beach and the Chesapeake Bay.

The End.


deborah said...

Just how often do you see pirate ships?
Inquiring minds do need to know:)

A lovely drive to an even lovelier destination. It looks so peaceful and relaxing!

Lynne M said...

Yesterday and today's posts have been like comfort food for me.. I always love your posts, but these have left me warm and fuzzy. Thank you, CBW.

maria_nj said...

Ahhh, the beach, I swear I could just sit there all day long, I love it.

So CBW how was your game day seafood feast? Today I am making crab cakes for dinner, but the crab is coming out of a 1lb can. You know not the same but still good.

so girl, what is that brand of camera that you are using?? I just have to know cause your pictures are so great...

Daryl said...

I like this road .. sadly we wont be driving it this summer .. I cant think about that .. I'll think about it tomorrow ...

Deltaville Jamie said...

According to the brat child there is a creepy girl on that road. I'm pretty sure he meant one that no one can see.

WV: unfimp- I am completely unfimp to be in public

Caution Flag said...

I suspect that is better than the road to Hell. I might have to drive through Hell, Michigan this summer and see what that road does look like. I'll send you a picture if I do.

Trisha said...

That road just begs to be wandered up on foot on a nice, cool Spring day.

maria_nj said...

I agree Trish.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Deborah- People have seen them. Not me but people. Supposedly there's buried pirate treasure around there somewhere. People have seen flying ships, strange lights, heard clanking and digging and all sorts of stuff. I have a friend who claims to have seen people dressed in 16th or 17th-century attire walking up and down these roads at night. I can't attest to this individual's sobriety, but I can tell you he was very much convinced of what he saw and had another person there with him as a witness.

Lynne-You're very welcome! Glad you enjoyed them.

Maria - Sorry for the delay in responding...my camera is a Canon Power Shot S5IS. I barely know how to operate it other than in Auto mode, and that is no lie. The camera does all the work, all I do is point and shoot. I love it. It's hard to take a bad picture around here.

Daryl-There, there. This summer will be chock full of good things, including a trip to Seattle!

DJ-Was that before or after the chockit shake from Hardees? I think he's probably onto something though. Also, I feel unfimp too. It's those winter blahs.

CF-I'm pretty sure the road to hell is lined with geese and Gustav has a throne at the end, but would still love to see your photo.

Trisha - It really is a great road to walk on, at least now that the weather is cold and there are no insects. In the spring and summer the horse and may flies will carry you away from here, they dive bomb and attack. It's awful. But it is a nice road for walking as are the roads leading to the other two beaches just south of here.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I truly enjoy reading your words.

maria_nj said...

as do i...

thank you for the info on the camera, I will have to keep my eye open for a deal!!

have a wonderful evening everyone...

Country Girl said...

I liked this drive. And I didn't even get dizzy.

Country Girl said...

I liked this drive. And I didn't even get dizzy.

Audrey at Barking Mad said...

That house looks like it has a story!

I'm really missing Mathews right now. I keep wishing Meg would have her baby here, in the states this summer. Maybe even at BlogFest...I mean it's not like there won't be enough of us around that we couldn't figure things out!