Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Weather

Last Thursday when we had that dusting of snow, I drove down to Bethel Beach and then made a pit stop here at the public landing at Onemo.

 Heck, I'd driven that far, I may as well stop in here and make sure everything's OK.

For the record, everything was OK.

This was a weird sort of snowfall.  It stuck to the dock, for example, but not to the road.  It was on the sand at Bethel, but not on the grass.

Strange, I tell you.

It was right about this time, as I was getting comfortable on the snow-covered dock, taking in all the sights and marveling at the quiet, that I felt those eyes on me.

Those eyes. The beady ones you can't really see well in this photo.  But trust me, they're there.  And they're piercing.

Then, as I said in Saturday's post, I quickly left due to the bitter, brutal cold.

In delightful contrast to those frigid temperatures and light dusting of snow, yesterday's thermometer reached 70 exquisitely warm and perfect degrees. At work I went for a 45-minute walk during lunch and luxuriated in every precious breath of warm air and sunshine.

Later in the day I reveled in the breeze made when my daughter swished a hook shot in the first game of her basketball tournament.

I'm not just saying this because I'm her mother, but Chesapeake Bay Daughter needs to join the Harlem Globetrotters.

OK! Granted, maybe that is something only a bragging mother would say. But I still stand by my statement. This 12-year-old daughter of mine can play some basketball, and she has moves you cannot teach. It gives me chills, even on a 70-degree day inside a gym that's so hot and sweaty you want to dive headfirst into an ice bucket and then wallow in talcum powder. Do they even make talcum powder anymore? Is anyone still reading?

Today I brace myself for a tsunami of emotions a new climate known in the weather books as Clear Air Turbulence, or turbulence that may occur in perfectly clear air without any visual in warning in the form of clouds.

In other words, today Chesapeake Son gets his Learner's Permit when just yesterday he was a baby who nearly choked on talcum powder, which is a story for another day.

Or, in the words of my favorite grandmother, uttered slowly and with emphasis on all the nouns,  "Lawd have mercy on my soul and body."


Kay L. Davies said...

I really must get my basketball referee husband out there to play some one-on-one with your daughter and check out her moves. He has absolutely no influence in the basketball world, but he is a good referee, so he can tell her if any of her moves are illegal. LOL
Maybe this summer, although all of my relatives are threatening to descend on us this summer, at long last, just when we want to go on a driving trip.
Time will tell.
Best regards to your family, especially your mom.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Mental P Mama said...

If I can survive the learner's permit phase, then you are a shoe-in. Namaste.

maria_nj said...

Good morning all...

good luck to your boy today, drive safely son, I hope you don't mind a little advice..

Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly...

CBW your writing is grand, I really enjoy your words and the way you put them out there. Do you have a working title to The Book yet? ps your picture aren't bad either ;^)

Anonymous said...

Dude! should have written yesterday and congratulated you on 1000 posts! Keep it up!

One of your biggest fans
(at least tallest !)


spindrift,me said...

Came to visit through Country Girl and your comment. I love your blog--the photos and the writing. I visited the Eastern Shore once when my son was visiting colleges. I loved its serenity--those long, long driveways to what this Maine person thought must all be Gone With The Wind houses! Enjoy your kids and their activities--you made me remember years of ice hockey games and ski competitions. Good luck at the tournament! ;o)

Trisha said...

You can survive the new driver - just remember . . . .breathe!

Anonymous said...

If at all possible, can you put "WHAT DO BONES TASTE LIKE" on CBSon's license plate? Maybe this will fit: wdbonztstlke..maybe not, or maybe in another state. Just a thought.

Baby Sis

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

You tell CB Son to keep his eyes on the road - I've seen him drive the gator, all grins & giggles, while looking all the way over his right shoulder at his passengers.

Also, I will pray for you!

TSannie said...

Uh oh...another kid growing up WAY too fast! Good luck, and may his guardian angel always be pearched on his shoulder!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Kay-Hope you're able to make it out here. Tell your husband to bring his whistle, we're a pretty aggressive/competitive bunch of basketball players.

MPM-I will be calling you for advice. I have you on speed dial just so you know...

Maria-Thank you! The title of this book I'm working on is determined by the publisher. It's a comparison of local scenes, old photos compared to my modern photos of the same place with a brief write-up of the significance of the location. I have to have 80 such pairs. Taking the current photos is not a problem; acquiring decent older shots is the challenge, as well as researching the areas and coming up with the write-ups. That's a really long way of saying the title will likely be something along the lines of Mathews County, Then and Now. I hope I live to see it get published! It's draining every last bit of life out of me.

AMN-You're definitely among the tallest, that's for sure. It's always nice to hear from you, glad you're still reading. Would love to have a guest post from you some time...I know you're full of them! Maybe I'll repost your cow herding in the middle of the night story....hmmmm.

Spindrift-Thank you for visiting. I love the Eastern Shore - it's very similar to Mathews in many ways. Once while I was looking for a place called Eyre Hall I accidentally traveled down one of those long lanes you describe...and thought I was at Eyre Hall. Got out, walked around, pressed my nose up on the window of this huge old mansion, wondered why the grass was overgrown, but loved it none the less. Come to find out that wasn't Eyre Hall (which is also gorgeous but definitely well maintained).

Trisha - I hope so.

Baby Sis/Fish-Eyed Fool - That is one of the funniest CB Son stories ever. He probably doesn't remember since he was so young.

Meg-Mamma Mia, don't remind me. Serenity now.

TSA-Thank you!

The posts these next two days will be light based on everything going on around here.(Unless i repost Anonymous Mathews Native's cowherding story, which I just might do!)

I hope to announce the winner of the Dr. Dyer DVD Thursday or Friday. I am sure you're all just sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for that!

Have a great evening, I'm off to another meeting/event.


maria_nj said...

CBW ya got my gander up, would you mind sharing the story about how bones taste...I think that could be very interesting...

Have a wonderful evening, and remember it will get done, take it slow, one day at a time...

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

maria - Since my Baby Sister was the one who actually witnessed the event, I'll have to let her tell you. But I may have to videotape her telling the story because half of the amusement comes in her imitation of how he asked the question. (Just to clarify, he was eating fish so it was fish bones he was referencing - that's a pretty important piece of information there, I now realize.)

I need to learn how to take and upload videos, that would be a good way to fill in the gaps on days I don't feel like writing...like tonight. Just way too much going on and no time to get it all done.

Enough complaining - I'm off to work on tomorrow's post, which hopefully will be a reposting of Anonymous Mathews Native's hilarious cow herding story.