Thursday, February 24, 2011

Three Things

If it's Thursday--and I believe 'tis--that means it's time for me to share three things and you to share three things.  These three things can be related, unrelated, random, purposeful, ridiculous, marvelous, insane inane or mundane.  Whatever you want.

Let's begin.

1. The time is drawing nigh when I will be cutting back on the frequency of blog postings to focus my attention on the book.

2.  What kind of person in this day and age--in this century--says something is "drawing nigh?"

2b.  Probably the same person who suggests to someone at the paying job that they should put the sandwiches in the icebox before they spoil.

2c.  When CBW That Person caught herself saying icebox instead of fridge, she said, "Oh, sorry, I just call it that because that's what my grandmother always called it."

2d.  Then the Twenty Something laughed and said, "Oh, Chesapeake Bay Woman, you're showing your age."

3.   When Chesapeake Bay Woman reflected upon her age in relation to the others she works with, she wondered if she ought not put herself in the icebox before she spoils any further.

Now it's your turn to please share three things, whatever happens to be floating through your mind at the moment.  If it's nigh on impossible to keep it to three things, feel free to share more.


Annie said...

1. Brother in law in Chile facing surgical procedure in Chile tomorrow.

2. Prayers for the people of Christchurch, New Zealand after their terrible earthquake.

3. Plans going ahead with trip to NYC. Wondering whether it will be with a side trip to Chile.

Ann Marie said...

1. I still icebox because that is what your boyfriend still calls it.. fridge sounds too close to frigid to me and well I just ain't that.

2. Today is Friday Eve and that means Zumba tonight, half day tomorrow and plans with the Sisper on Saturday for new shoes. New shoes are exciting now as when I used to go school shopping at Huberts for new Kangaroo sneaks (you know the ones with the pocket in the side) or Chuck Taylors. Only now I am excited cause my feet hurt LOL.

3. I will end this with the typical I miss you cause well I do.

Hannah said...

1. I wonder if I ought to just go buy corn for the deer that wait for me to fill up my bird feeder and then come right up on the patio and help themselves.

2. I saw a dust bunny under my bed that I swear had teeth. Time to do some cleaning!

3. I say icebox...and I also say supper. That gets me strange looks from my New Jersey co-workers. I sometimes like to throw in a "y'all" to keep 'em on their toes.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Hannah said...
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Lynne M said...

1. I love the "ought not".. people really look at me sideways when I say "I reckon maybe you ought not say something like that". hmmm..

2. My grandma always called it an icebox, too. She also called a dog a "doog", and faithfully took off my grandpa's shoes and socks every night, and also went into the bathroom to wash his back in the shower when he called for her.. hehe

3. Saw a license plate on a truck this morning that I really loved..
... "HUE DOGY". I love it!!

maria_nj said...

1. gunna miss your blog when you are gone...but I know it is going for a good cause.

2. funeral for my cousin was very sad, cried too much. Made me wake up this morning and go outside to a beautiful sunrise, with the moon still up and thank the Good Lord for this wonderful day...

3. its a work day for me today, and even though I don't like my job anymore, I am thankful that I have one. I will make the best of it, and do the best job that I can today.

I also find myself saying icebox now and than (so does the DH) but from the looks of things I think I have a good 10 years on you CBW, I will be 56 this September...


Deltaville Jamie said...

1. Discovered this weekend after my large move into the commune that commune living means everyone gets a nasty stomach virus AT THE SAME TIME. Luckily, we have 2 1/2 bathrooms.

2. I also learned that dogs who eat too much horse poop throw up- on the carpet- not the tile floor.

2b. Why is it that dogs feel the need to soil the carpet in some way? Why is it that they purposefully move onto the carpeted floor prior to heavage?

3. I promise, not another word about heaveage.

Mental P Mama said...

1. I think you need a little trip north.
2. We will have sandwiches in the icebox for you.
3. We will also have wine. Lots of it.

Anonymous said...

3 weeks and 3 days until the first day of spring. awesome.....

I went to the grocery store on Friday night (6 days ago) and spent about $280. Where does it go?? By Wednesday night, I was down to "chicken surprise" for dinner and racing around from bathroom to bathroom to find one that has toilet paper. Amazingly, we still have a full supply of wine and diet pepsi, though.

Playing tennis on my lunchbreak today. Life is good.

-Middle Sis

Trisha said...

1. Kitty paws lightly walking across the office chair mat are fun to listen too.

2. Everyone should walk in the rain now and again. It keeps you real.

3. Nothing is more welcoming that a loving pet waiting for you at the door (well, possibly TWO loving pets . . . .).

Daryl said...

I think Mama is right, a trip north now that I dont need you (I take that back I always need you, I just didnt want anyone ... you understood) is a great idea.

I need a get-away .. come on up and lets get-away

We could all meet at Kate's .. I am sure she wont mind me volunteering her as the rendezvous

And one last thing: MEN .. why do they never listen? I could explain specifically what I mean but generally speaking I think it needs no explanation ... GAH

Anonymous said...

1. I would rush off and not comment, but that would mean passing up a word verification like "scoodsm" and really, who could pass that up?

2. If I rushed off, I would be passing up an opportunity to plead that you not take TOO much time off from the blog, because the internet without CBW would be like corn on the cob without butter and salt -- NOT AS GOOD.

3. I can't think of anything else to say, except I'm hungry.


judi said...

I always learn something new here..
1 Heaveage
2 icebox
3 ought nots.

Kay L. Davies said...

1. Made me laugh.
2. I don't say icebox, but I remember having one. We (all the kids in the neighbourhood) would run behind the ice delivery truck in the summer, hoping to grab hand-size pieces of ice to suck on.
3. Sandwiches of homemade bread will still spoil if left out. Store-bought bread never goes mouldy.
3a. (Canadian spelling of neighbourhood and mouldy.)
3b. No, that doesn't mean I'm a mouldy ouldy. We spell old the same way you do, and we leave out the "u" when we say moldy oldy... never thought I'd live to be one, but here I am.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...
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Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

I'll try that again. it's going to take me forever to get used to this new keyboard.

1. It's cold and raining today but you don't have to shovel snow so I'm not complaining......even though I can't go out and play.

2. It is rumored that the sun still exists, just not on this side of the planet. I'll believe it when I see it......literally.

3. I used to say my old pal Sam was the only Labrador Retriever in the world who didn't like getting his paws wet. Now I discover that Buddy doesn't like it either. I think my wife must be somehow to blame.

deborah said...

1. If you go north, can I stow away in one of your bags?
2. Long long day, Terry had tests at one hospital, his sister had surgery at a hospital 25 minutes in the other direction. Whoop, I'm tired. Surgery went well...testing, well that's a whole story. Lets just say we have to go back tomorrow.
3. Even if you just put up a picture once in a while, I'll be happy:))
Our food spoils if its not in the icebox.

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. I use 'ought' all the time, but heavage is a new one on me. I confess I misread it slightly and thought it said 'cleavage' , which made me blink slightly at the thought of a dog with cleavage but...

2. Puppy is not hurling (or heaving) but is peeing everywhere. Mainly on the (formerly) cream rug. I am keeping Scott Towels, or Bounty, in business;

3. Surprise dinner party for Mr F on Saturday night. I have a bunch of crusty old pilots coming for supper. I adore them, but I will be the only woman. Also, I have no earthly idea what I will be feeding them all. Can you see my arm reaching for the brandy bottle, yet?

3a) Escape further north, to me, CBW? Given the above, I can see that might not be the most irresistible offer you've had lately.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie - I'm sorry to hear of your brother-in-law and hope all goes with with his surgery tomorrow.

Thank you all so very much for these comments.

They have made a very worn out person extremely happy this evening.

word verification: polyani. Polyani would probably say today was perfect and wonderful even if her icebox was broken and she ought not to.

foolery said...

1. Supposed to snow this morning in the valley -- I predicted it would be slim to none. I win. What do I win?

2. Looks like there won't be much of an almond crop this year; orchards in full bloom with weeks of cold, wintry weather. Bees won't work until about 60 degrees.

3. Mushy apples suck.

Bluebird49 said...

1.Maybe you should have told 20-something who thinks you're so quaint (does she know that word either?)to put the sandwiches where the sun doesn't shine. She'd probably understand that better than "icebox" anyway. Of course, were I you, I wouldn't have eaten the sandwiches--just in case.

2.My 84-year-old next door neighbor/second mom/goodfriend of 44 years passed away Saturday morning, and I don't know how I'm going to get through the funeral Wednesday. I'm not sure I have any tears left, but I'll bet I do by then. I don't do the "pretty cry", I'm afraid, as so many do.

3.When I was growing up we had an icebox--and every time we touched the handle--it would give us a little shock--or sometimes not so little. Maybe we should have avoided standin where it leaked? Nah!