Thursday, February 17, 2011

Three Things

Boat house on Gwynn's Island, January 2011

Welcome to Three Thing Thursday, where I share three things and you share three things, related to whatever topic happens to spring to mind.   

I'll start but hope to be brief since I'm half dead a tad winded from all the goings on the past several days.

1. On Tuesday, Chesapeake Bay Son was granted legal permission by the state of Virginia to drive--as long as someone in the passenger seat has a valid driver's license. That means he can drive over the bridge which spans the Rappahannock River, which is about four thousand miles long and about ten Mt. Everests high with pipe cleaner for a guard rail the last time I checked. He made out just fine. Evidently.

2.  Chesapeake Bay Daughter, who is all of 12 years old, is asking permission to attend a party tonight.  Last time I checked, tonight is Thursday.  When I was 12 the only parties I attended on any night much less a Thursday night were these:  I seriously cannot believe they just push you out the hospital in a wheelchair and wave happily goodbye when you give birth. They must cackle like hens as the parents drive away with the newborn, knowing full well that when the baby turns 12 they're going to be talking about parties on a Thursday night, when the parent is so worn down from a demanding job; a book deadline; an older brother who is driving; and other assorted traumas that the overwhelmed mother doesn't know if she's coming or going.

CB Daughter doesn't have school tomorrow, and the party is fine, it's just that One Last Thing at the end of a very long day; that one straw that breaks this a mother's back. 

3.  Yesterday, just like the other days this week,  I awoke at 5:15, drove 50+ miles to work; worked; drove 50+ miles to a basketball tournament; screamed for at least an hour; felt as though I'd played a basketball game instead of watched one; and came home very late at night to finally write this blog post. Well, OK, Tuesday night you can substitute a spring sports meeting for a basketball game and sighing instead of screaming.  Still.

3b.  Baby Sister traveled from Richmond to watch Chesapeake Bay Daughter's final basketball game last night.  Although we lost the game, it was close.  It was good seeing Baby Sis, even if she did call me a Fish-Eyed Fool.  Just so you know, Chesapeake Bay Daughter reminds me of Baby Sister, who scored over a thousand points in her high school basketball career and has her own basketball in the trophy case at Mathews High School to prove it.

4. As long as I'm bragging, Chesapeake Bay Mother confirmed after the game last night that she was the first female ever to earn a four-year varsity letter in basketball at Gloucester High School back in the 1950s.  

Now it's your turn.  

Please share three (or more) things on any topic whatsoever.  

Thank you for reading and thank you for commenting.  


Kay L. Davies said...

It says posted at 12:01 am. Good grief! I used to have a one-hour commute to and from work, so I know how tiring it is.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Annie said...

1. Kay, all cbw's posts are at 12.01. You can set your clock by them. Let's hope she isn't always awake and posting meticulously at that hour every night.

2. I have my travel insurance sorted. Hooray.

3. I'll be in NYC in 24 days, says my daughter.

Ann Marie said...

1. Tonight I get to see my dear friend Anthony.. I will be attending the 1981 class reunion planning dinner... Keep in mind I was 10 in 1981. Either I was a very smart 10 year old or people just love me.

2. I am FINALLY feeling like myself.. it only took OVER A WEEK.

3. It is almost the weekend.. another weekend of I don't have many plans at all.. YAY!

Lynne M said...

1. Your welcome for reading. Your welcome for commenting.

2. Tomorrow is Friday.. finally.

3. The moon is full. I love full moons and low tides (marsh mud..)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Kay - I schedule all my posts to go up every day at a minute after midnight, so most of the time I'm not actually up that late. Last night, however, I was...sigh.

Annie - Safe travels. Wish I could get up there to finally meet you.

AM-I will likely stop by Sandpiper tonight too, see you tonight.

Lynne - This week I walked along the York River and don't remember ever seeing the tide that low there, amazing. The full moon messes with my sleep cycle and makes things crazy at work usually, but it is beautiful.

Have a great day. It's supposed to be warm here, and I cannot wait.

Deltaville Jamie said...

1a. I am moving into my parents' house with my two kids.
b. My brother also recently moved home so I suggested to my mom perhaps my sister and her boyfriend and his kids should move home too.
c. Mom said if my sister comes home,she and my dad are leaving and we are welcome to stay there in our happy little commune.
d. I find the idea of a commune oddly appealing. I think we should get some chickens.
2. Basketball is over here and there are no spring school sports planned for the first time in forever. Except Ethan's teeball which should prove to be rather hilarious.
3. I've been having an issue with laughing so hard that liquids come out of my nose. I think it's a sign of sleep deprivation and near hysteria.

WV- famic- the type of panic an adult child gets when they realize they are going to have to move back in with mom

maria_nj said...

1. I think my 16 week old boxer puppy Zuzu is finally getting this potty training thing!!! thank the Lord (Lawd, gosh I just love that!)

2.I wish I was going to NYC! I love to go, and don't get me wrong, I go quite often, go into AC and hop on a Greyhound, and am there in 2 hours, its fabulous, there is no other place in the world like it. The energy is exhilarating!
3. Its a work day for me, sigh... sure right, when the weather is supposed to be in the 60's, just my luck...


deborah said...

1. Thank you for posting!
2. So sweet that CBD is following in the footsteps of your family's outstanding sports history!
3. Full moon and very warm here - the moon is so full of itself it is even hanging around during the day. The pull of the moon makes me crazier than usual:))

Anonymous said...

1. I got to work 15 minutes late, made breakfast, sat around and talked, checked emails and returned none and will be on fb for the remainder of the day.
2. CB daughter is such a great player..CBSon is absolutely hilarious, even without saying a word. I would love it if they could both come stay with me one weekend. CBSon can drive me around while I enjoy a mystery drink.
3.Looks like the wind blew the patio furniture into the pool here at work. I have told no one, and am thinking of throwing this computer in there with it.

Have a great day!

Baby Sis

Daryl said...

See what you'd have missed if I did let you come up here to keep me company? Love you to pieces.

Toonman is coming home tomorrow ... and I need to figure out how to get him clothes ... I can schlep them with me to the office and then up to the hospital OR I can just go from home to hospital with them OR I can go to work, then come home and pick up clothes and get our pal Bill who offered to drive Toonman home to schlep ME and the clothes up to get Toonman ... decisions, decisions, decisions.

Congrats to the entire CB family for having such great female athletes and a new driver!

judi said...

1. spiking glue makes mouse stick to hands.

2. I mailed my tax stuff off to the CPA yesterday.

3. 12yo girls...arg. whose car is CBson driving?

foolery said...

1. I have five years to go before there is a new driver in the house. Five years of relative sanity.

2. My great aunt turns 93 Tuesday and will give up her driver's license. But she's still driving all this week, of course. Having trouble seeing the logic, but I can't say I'm not relieved. She's a better driver than Chas, though, pretty sure.

3. All I can think of is brownies.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. There were two perilous bridges in my part of the world that, if you could drive across them without plunging into the Susquehanna River, indicated mastery of the skills needed to safely operate a motor vehicle. Just the same, I was happy when both bridges were replaced with wider, safer spans.

2. I have often remarked about the things "they" don't tell you when they let you bring a baby home. Or the parts they leave out of the manual. Let's be real - these are really the things that they should be teaching our adolescents in the euphemistically-titled "health education" class in middle school, don't you think? Talk about effective birth control!

3. File all of that under "if I'd known then what I know now..."

Anonymous said...

1. Had a vigorous walk this AM.

2. I got that award back in 1960 when we played half court and couldn't dribble but twice. Obviously, girls were considered fragile and running might make their uterus fall out. I wasn't that great and the school was only 8 years I was the best in 8 years.

3. Word verification is "puties," and I could not let that pass. As in, "My daughters are cuties,
But sometimes they're puties!"


Mental P Mama said...

1. I would like to be at Sandpiper tonight.
2. I would like to be at White Dog tomorrow.
3. Wait. I will be in Puerto Rico, instead.

wv: crudommo
You do the math......

big hair envy said...

1. New driver? Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!

2. I've worked my 40 this week. I have to work the second job tomorrow, and the third job Saturday. DELIVAH me!

3. I think I need a day of hunting for sea glass and drinking wine...can CB Mom join us??!!

WV: misses BHE misses her CB family!!!

Bluebird49 said...

1. I actually cooked dinner tonight.(Of course, it wasn't something hubby likes, but whose problem IS that?)

2. My mom is 96 and in a nursing home. I don't have anything good to say about the nursing home.

3. Hence, I get angry. A lot.